Monarch Butterfly

Updated July 18, 2014, sign the petition:

Tom Jegla, the late Dorothy Eldredge Jegla’s husband, sends us this note regarding the serious decline/disappearance of  Monarch butterflies.

“We have preserved milkweeds around our yard and planted them in our gardens for years now and last Fall was the first time I had not seen Monarch caterpillars on our plants since we have owned our farm (over 40 years).  Just last week I sowed more Butterfly Milkweed seeds in Dorothy’s gardens, the front lawn and back yard former garden plots.  In Ohio one sows wildflower seeds on the snow so you can see distribution of the seeds and the freezing and thawing of late window breaks the seed coats for germination as the weather warms.

Help save our milkweed!  Maybe it is too late but I would suggest to all of you to collect Milkweed seeds when you see them and scatter them out in the winter as I just did.  I still have Common Milkweed and Swamp Milkweed seeds that I collected last year and will sow them somewhere on our property (we have 35 acres and it is in a conservation easement but some of it is farmed for crops).  I have been urging people I know to save the milkweed.

I hope it isn’t too late.  I haven’t read the book some people referred to but I have listened to Thom Hartmann on Free Speech TV talk the extinction issue for years now, for whatever good it does.  I would urge any progressives to listen some to Thom Hartmann either on radio or watch Free Speech (a non-commercial channel) on satellite TV.  It is channel 348 on DirecTV.  NPR is too much like the corporate channels for my blood so I don’t tune in but Free Speech and Thom Hartmann are right on for me.”

Editor’s note:  I’ve been looking and asking but I can’t find milkweed seeds.  Locations where I’ve seen them in the past, on the golf course, are now cleaned out.  If you know where I might find them, please let me know.

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