50th Reunion Report

Chris Hamilton took this Unofficial 50th Reunion Class Photo.    WHY can’t he be our official Class Photographer!
Unofficial Reunion Class Photo

I love this photo.

I have left this reunion stuff in here just in case someone wants to refer to it.  It is really a place-holder for our 55th.  As soon as Sue Wheatley Carr and Marion Strong Moore give me some information for our 55th, it will be added here, and our 50th will disappear.  I wonder if we should keep it?  1/16/14:   I think I have just answered that question to myself.  I will keep the 50th and simply add the 55th.

A set of reunion videos from “Kim” Kimball Holmquist can be found at http://gallery.me.com/kimandclem/100057



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