Deceased Classmates

I will try to keep this page up-to-date as best I can.  The names and dates are approved by the Alumnae Association.  As each obituary is approved by the college, it will move to the top of this page so it’s available for you to read.   If there is news that we can print now, go to Supporting Each Other.  Suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for your patience.   Liz Hottel Barrett, Webmaster

       Class of 1961 Deceased Members

      Name                     Mailing Name          Date of Death

Barbara S Lahage Barbara S Lahage 8/11/2022
Patricia Ure Peterson Patricia Peterson PhD 9/21/2022
Anne G Strauss Anne G Strauss 5/18/2022
Susan Pogue de la Fuente Krock Susan Krock 2/12/2022
Mette Lian Eglinton Mette Lian Eglinton 1/31/2022
Susan King Susan King 11/15/2021
Diane Bement Devitt Kushner Diane B D Kushner 5/18/2020
Louise A Weintraub Louise A Weintraub 4/30/2020
Renee Zwick Rubin Renee Z Rubin 4/24/2020
Linda Loranger Stanger Linda L. Stanger 11/20/2019
Sally Niness Graham Sally N Graham 2/12/2019
Sylvia Beasley Snyder Sylvia B Snyder 11/18/2018
Linda Lee Baldanzi Linda Baldanzi 10/12/2018
Patricia Livingston Pearlman Patricia L Pearlman   7/30/2018
Ellen Culver Cramer Ellen C. S. Cramer 11/4/2017
Melissa Tyler Meyer Melissa Tyler Meyer 6/16/2017
Sally Ginsberg Abraham Sally A. Abraham 10/16/2015
Lynda Elliott (Conway) Bumpus Lynda Elliott Bumpus 6/18/2015
Sally Fulton Burke Tribute Sally Fulton Burke 6/6/2015
Jo-Ann Fine Danzis Jo-Ann Fine Danzis 1/28/2015
Martha Rees Smith Martha Rees McBride 2/3/2014
Francine Collignon Zobian Francine Collignon Zobian 1/19/2014
Kate Mayer Hudig Mrs J Maurits Hudig 1/13/2014
Sarah C Kelleher Sarah C Kelleher 10/6/2013
Susan Langsan Mrs. Susan L Black 12/9/2012
Jane E Kaplan Ms Jane K Yendell 8/14/2012
Barbara J McMahon Mrs Barbara M Forest 2/17/2012
Pamela G Heinl Mrs Pamela G Burdick 7/30/2011
Virginia E Stromsted Mrs Virginia E Glauber 7/14/2011
Janet F Nack Janet Nack Aagenaes 5/15/2011
Dorothy M Eldredge Dorothy Eldredge Jegla 2/19/2011
Rebecca G Maglidt Mrs James G Mead 11/21/2010
Lucinda A Parshall Mrs Klaus Karger 8/4/2010
Caroline M Williams Mrs. Caroline W Loysen 4/12/2010
Sarah-Anne Morton Mrs Gerald S Smith 3/22/2010
Martha D Jordan Mrs Martha Jordan Weygant 11/21/2009
Norma H Farrar Mrs Norma F Good 1/11/2009
Margaret A Bleick Dr Margaret Dillard 11/17/2008
Mary Anne Ashton Mrs Mary Anne Ashton King 10/1/2008
Laura G Bruton Mrs Laura Clausen Coelen 9/5/2008
Kathryn E Firth Mrs Kathryn Glazier 5/9/2008
Roberta M Koop Roberta K Pappas 10/1/2007
Sara Jane Woodward Ms Sara Jane Woodward 6/9/2006
Meredith C Gould Dr Meredith C Gould 3/19/2006
Ellen A Aikenhead Mrs Ellen A Stevens 10/15/2005
Virginia L Smith Mrs Virginia S Jones 7/16/2005
Marguerite J Herschel Marguerite Herschel Mitterdorf, MD 7/9/2004
Joyce A Grinker Dr Joyce A Grinker 11/1/2003
Alison Buck The Rev Alison Buck Cook 5/3/2003
Susan J Mosher Dr Susann M Suzman 10/28/2002
Katherine A Thorman Miss Katherine A Thorman 10/22/2002
Carolyn L Reynolds Carolyn R Sunderman, MD 8/6/2002
Harriet W F Vermilya Mrs Harriet V Zipp 8/8/2001
Nancy A Barnes Nancy B Clark, PhD 3/8/2001
Dorothy A Moore Miss Dorothy A Moore 1/16/2001
Norita I Wyse Mrs Norita I Berman 11/24/2000
Janet A Whitney Dr Janet W Patton 8/26/2000
Margaret V Van Sant Mrs Margaret V Mills 12/19/1998
Jane S Gibson Miss Jane S Gibson 11/26/1998
Ellen Eleanor Samuels Ellen Baar 10/16/1998
Ann W Buffinton Mrs Ann B Terryberry 8/25/1998
Sally C Rutter Ms Sally R Birch 12/10/1994
Sally J Hike Mrs Sally J Mutch 9/7/1993
Irene L Kask Ms Irene K Pink 9/10/1988
Margaret F Burrill Mrs Margaret F Laing 12/7/1987
Mary R Magner Mrs Mary R Miller 6/19/1986
Janet Lombard Miss Janet Lombard 5/28/1986
Anke M S Rose Anke Rose Germain 9/5/1978
Carlyn A Lehman Carlyn L Querbach 10/19/1977
Elizabeth T Gay Elizabeth T Gary 9/17/1976
Ann Kilcrin Mrs Ann Ward 10/22/1972
Brenda M Walters Brenda Walters Wadda 10/1/1966
Carol A Stengel Carol A. Stengel 3/2/1964
Marcia E Read Marcia E Read 10/1/1963
Marjorie L Nelson Marjorie L Nelson 9/17/1962
Donna deGoey Donna deGoey 7/28/1961