Website Submissions

We welcome your input — anything that you’d like the class to see or read.  It’s easy — all it takes is an email.  Here’s how to do it.  


  • Your full name – first, birth, last
  • Date and title of the event you want to tell us about
  • Description of the event/occasion.
  • If you’d like to include photos (always more interesting), the best format is .jpg, but I can use others.
    • Please label names of people 
  • If you are sending a submission about MINI-REUNIONS (see Keeping Connected), please submit a photo,  the names of all those who attended, location, and a description of what went on. 
  • Send it to Liz
  • On the “Subject” line of your email,  please write WEBSITE SUBMISSION

For help, write Liz.  If you include your phone number, she’ll give you a call.