Email Chat Group

E-mail Chat Group

You might be interested in joining the MCH61 Chat List, if you are not already a member.  For years we have been discussing just about everything — trips, travel, medical, politics…  It has been a really great way of staying in touch with everyone — 85 of us.   It continues to be a wonderful support group.  There’s nothing so helpful as a friend —  and a whole mess of them is even better!  And just like at reunions, we find ourselves connected to people we didn’t even know in college.  (Now we have another great way — hooray for our web site!)

To Join:   Contact List Administrator  Carol Sweeney Benson ( to join the MHC 61 e-mail chat list.  Send her your e-mail address and full name:  first name, last name at MHC, current last name.

To Write an Email:  Because the email will not include your name, please make sure to sign your full name .  If you include your email address also, a reader can respond to you only and not the whole group.


Web site vs. Chat Group:  Now that we have our web page, it seems that the Chat Group might continue to be a better way of discussing public topics among ourselves, like politics, lectures, religion, the state of the world, etc.  The web site will be a better way to highlight events in our lives that we are willing to share with each other — trips, good books, accomplishments.  Please share.  We all love to keep up with what YOU are doing.