Part 12: Sep 17 – Oct 8, ’20

September 17 2020 – October 8, 2020

Ed. Note:  The following 9/17 post is a fitting way to start Part 12, just 6 months into actions taken to stop the spread of the virus and increasing tension and division within our society. 

9/17/20 —  Enjoy — xxx Liz WF

* Very funny (anon)
* That is wonderful. Thanks. Barbara HH
* thanks liz; super and I’ve spread it around.  Liz T
* This is totally wonderful!!  Oh my gosh, I thought it was going to be some long, serious-minded documentary when I saw the link, but I should have known that it would  have been one of the most creative shorts I’ve seen yet (only a couple of minutes), coming from you, Liz.  Don’t miss this one classmates,  Judy K

(9/19/20 — Editor’s note:  Judy Kennedy plans our very first virtual Reunion Planning Committee meeting. Our 60th reunion, scheduled for May 2021,  will most likely be virtual.  I am not going to include the details of our meetings because I don’t want to spoil it for the rest of the class.  However, the following email conversation had me in stitches.  The following announcement came from Judy K.  LWF)

* Yes – I will be there.  Cindy Dennett Yee
* Thanks, Cindy, but no need for anyone else to reply yes or no, as it’s a lot of unnecessary emails in our in-boxes at this point.  Just show up on Tuesday if you want to join.  Judy K
* Hi Judy and everyone. You did not mention time of meeting in the invite. What time will it be. Thank you  Chris Hollister Hila
* It’s at 1:00 eastern time.  Betsy
I have it at 2 not 1 which is a problem as I have a 1 already scheduled so when did it change to 1? Ding
* I also had it listed as 2:00 EDT.  Frannie Blair
* It is, has been, and will be from 2 pm to 3 pm on next Tuesday, September 22, 2020.  I will be standing by and ready to “admit” folks to the Zoom room at 1:45 pm if you want to join 10 minutes or so early for some general socializing before Barb starts the actual meeting  promptly at 2 pm, if that is, everything goes smoothly.  Fingers crossed!  Judy K
* It’s in the SUBJECT line.  2 p.m. (anonymous)
* I had it at 2, (11 for me() too, but 1 (10 ) is OK (anon)
* OK – good – see you at 2 (11 for me) (anon)
* You’re right.   It’s at 2. (anon)
* Thank you for confirming the 2 start time.  Talk with you then. Ding

(Editor’s note:  the most hilarious conversation amongst our committee.  

     That very night our beloved and honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.  All of us were saddened deeply.  All liberals and progressives and moderates were stunned.  She was our role model, a wonderful caring soul.

9/20/20 — Jenifer Grant Marx sent me this beautiful poem which seems fitting right now.  Hugs to you all during this scary time.  Love, Liz Webfoot

When Great Trees Fall 
by Maya Angelou… 
When great trees fall,
rocks on distant hills shudder,
lions hunker down
in tall grasses,
and even elephants
lumber after safety.
When great trees fall
in forests,
small things recoil into silence,
their senses
eroded beyond fear.
When great souls die,
the air around us becomes
light, rare, sterile.
We breathe, briefly.
Our eyes, briefly,
see with
a hurtful clarity.
Our memory, suddenly sharpened,
gnaws on kind words
promised walks
never taken.
Great souls die and
our reality, bound to
them, takes leave of us.
Our souls,
dependent upon their
now shrink, wizened.
Our minds, formed
and informed by their
fall away.
We are not so much maddened
as reduced to the unutterable ignorance
of dark, cold
And when great souls die,
after a period peace blooms,
slowly and always
irregularly. Spaces fill
with a kind of
soothing electric vibration.
Our senses, restored, never
to be the same, whisper to us.
They existed. They existed.
We can be. Be and be
better. For they existed.

9/20/20 — Thank you Jenifer. That is beautiful. Barbara Hartt Hise
* I agree.  Jennifer Bagster-Collins Seaver

* Love the poem.  Thanks for sharing it.  Sally
* Maya Angelou always says it best.   So much of how I feel right now is in this poem…When great trees fall….”small things recoil into silence, eroded beyond fear”,  “our souls, dependent upon their nurture, now shrink, wizened”.     And then the entire ending that says that peace will bloom…and then we can strive to be better….just because RBG was such a “great tree” in our midst.      Wow!    I just hope the peace hurries up!     Thanks Liz for sending this!    Looking forward to “seeing” many of you reunion people on Tuesday!     Betsy   

9/20/20 — This poem was written by a friend.  He was former Poet Laureate of Connecticut.  I thought you’d be happy to have it.  Marian

For Ruth Bader Ginsberg (1933-2020)

When we heard the news we couldn’t bear to be
by ourselves – some of us gathered by the hundreds
before the Supreme Court of the land where you fought
so long for our rights, Equal Justice writ large overhead.
We broke spontaneously into Amazing Grace,
knowing you were more than we deserved and now

had lost – you brave, whimsical, richly reserved justice
with a voice like a shofar calling us to rise
to a humanity we so often denied.  Oh Notorious RBG,
you left us aptly on Rosh Hashanah, that day ensuring
special grace for all who die on it, first of a New Year
when despite the bone-pickers converging to rip apart

your legacy, your brilliant opinions and dissents ring out
above the political din.  Those who would replace you
with a merely nominal justice, one truly blind,
not blessedly blindfolded, balancing Right and Wrong,
will soon be forgotten, while you, tiny as a bird,
will sing sweetly in the echoing chambers of history.

       Rennie McQuilkin, former Poet Laureate of Connecticut

9/20/20 — Oh, that is beautiful! Thanks, Marian.  Sue W Carr

(Ed. note:  The very next day, the Republican Party began the process for her replacement, a new Supreme Court Judge.)

9/26/20 — From Freedom From Religion organization, I found much of this  article disturbing. I know you all agree, but here’s a good article from their website if you need some talking points:  FFRF WARNS BARRETT WOULD COMPLETE CHRISTIAN NATIONALIST TAKEOVER OF SUPREME COURT.  Liz WF

9/26/20 — Oh my! How scary. Wouldn’t you think that a lot of Senators, including Republicans, would find her views unacceptable? I’m appalled! Barbara Hartt Hise

9/27/20 — An email today from Progressive Change Campaign Committee (Bold suggests another path to preventing Barrett’s nomination from going through: pour support  -money, phone banking, texting-  into the special senatorial campaigns of Mark Kelly (AZ) and Raphael Warnock (GA).  If they win in November, they would be seated in November and thus deny McConnell the majority he needs to ram the nomination through.  Just an idea.  Frannie Blair

9/27/20 — Have already given to Mark Kelly but didn’t know about Warnock.  That would be a wonderful solution.  Do you think it would work?  Anyone from GA or AZ want to weigh in?   Like Barbara, I’m appalled too!  Kim

9/27/20 — Mitch McConnell would never let that happen. They will vote before 11/3.  Barbara HH

9/27/20 — I just keep giving to all of those swing candidates.  I am hoping that people really are jumping up to donate.  It’s hard to tell how things are stacking up because of the “it’s-a-disaster-if-you-don’t-give” kind of emails we’re all receiving.  
     And now the taxes disclosure.  What a sorry son of a gun Trump is!  It takes me back to some 40 years ago when I was working four part-time jobs, was audited, and discovered I was paying more tax than then Vice President Bush.  Boy, was I ticked!  Biden should have fun with the tax issues on Tuesday.
     We played golf today.  Hooray for exercise.  I just wish I weren’t so pathetic.  Cheers — Liz WF
9/28/20 — I certainly expect he will try to; I also expect dilatory action on the Democrats’ side.  Crossing my fingers.  Frannie Blair
9/29/20 — I am so nervous and anxious!🍷🍷
Barbara Hartt Hise

9/29/20 — Me too!  Sue Wheatley Carr

9/29/20 — Think I may run out of wine🍷🍷
Barbara HH
9/29/20 — I kept yelling at Trump to STOP!    What an awful person.    Biden did well under really unusual circumstances.     He didn’t lose his temper, he was upset when Trump kept yelling on his about his son Hunter… with lots of lies, but he really kept his cool most if the rest of the time.   I think poor Chris Wallace deserves a good stiff Scotch!   Betsy 
9/29/20 —  Can’t imagine watching this two more times. 
Barbara HH
9/29/20 — Totally agree.  The only thing I think was a missed opportunity was to say out loud that the only reason there were so many judgeships left vacant for the Republicans to fill was that the REPUBLICANS WOULDN’T LET Obama appoint any!  It was the REPUBLICANS who did that.  It wasn’t Obama’s choice.  Liz T
9/29/20 — Liz T,  I agree. I was very surprised and disappointed that Biden didn’t mention how Obama was denied his power to appoint Supreme Court Justices and other judges as well.  Barbara HH

9/30/20 — Imagine how rattling it would be to try to remember your point with DT interrupting and bullying!  Can’t understand why moderator failed to cut off mike of speaker not responding!  On the other hand, a lot of the country had not seen Trump in action before.  But one exposure is way too much.  Hope they will mute in future.  Exhausting.  Liz T and Barbara HH are right.  Obama judge vacancies were the work of Mitch McConnell holding up EVERYTHING.  Just like Merrick Garland.  Enlightening on behavior, a wash out on hearing policy.  (My cousin sent me somebody’s Tweet that said, “If you missed the debate, you can recreate it by putting a fork, some rocks and some garbage in, then turning on the disposal.”)  Rocki Hill Hughes

9/30/20 — I’m still awake 2:30 in the morning. Feeling great relief. Contrast between bully and rational human being seems to me to be hard to miss. For 5% who still are undecided. Of course, I watched most of it muted. DT’s red face and weird facial and body poses as opposed to Joe’s pleasant reasonableness was clearer w/out sound. But Biden’s emotions got far enough into annoyance and even anger to keep him real. One of us. 
     That’s how I feel and now maybe I can go to sleep.  Dottie 

9/30/20– Exhausted! I can’t imagine watching these two ‘men’ go at it again in October. I will be curious how the vp debate is handled.  Jennifer B-C Seaver 

9/30/20 — Frankly, I think Biden did better than “just fine” as some of the talking-heads afterwards put it.   I really liked how he leaned in to the camera and spoke to those watching with empathy and passion, and his attempts at fitting in what he would do and change as President were refreshing.  I stayed up late enough to hear the CNN focus group of Ohio Undecided Voters (about 20 people) speak, and it was interesting to me that only 2-3 of them raised their hand when asked “who won the debate,” with the rest apparently thinking that this was a “no win” evening. That said it all to me.
     Equally interesting was the CNN quick poll of pre-chosen people promising to watch the debate (which the moderator openly announced ahead skewed left as a group with something like 38% registered Dems, 36% Independents, and 28% registered Republicans).  “Before” the debate they mirrored that skewing with those for Biden slightly ahead of those for Trump — but “After” the debate, it was a different story — 60% said they thought Biden did better.  As CNN analyst Van Jones summed it up, Trump has been losing ground with suburban women and with older Americans for months, and tonight will make that even worse.  They just don’t like this kind of behavior at all, and will reject it at the polls.  Even Republican analyst Rick Santorum who always tries to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear with Trump (as is his job of course) said that sadly Trump lost a great opportunity last night to show a different side.
     I have to say though that I think that the debate format is totally ridiculous, and we all should demand changes to it in the future, starting with the moderator’s ability to mute the mic and the picture of the person who is not speaking.  Secondly, each candidiate should be able to talk uninterrupted for longer than 2 minutes at a time — maybe 5 minutes and on topic, so that they can really descibe their opinion or their policy in some depth.   Chris Wallace did his best, but frankly, he just wasn’t up to this.  To see a journalist having to beg, plead, and demand  of the country’s  President and Commander-in-Chief that he behave better was demeaning to the highest office in the land and sickening to me.  Judy K

9/30/20 — I think the two moderators for the next debates should demand a way to cut off the person interrupting (i.e. Trump) or refuse to participate. Maybe those debates will have to be canceled. Someone mentioned Rick Santorum said Trump missed a chance to show a different side. Duh! He doesn’t have another side!  Barbara HH 

9/30/20 — I felt anxious, disgusted, horrified and ashamed by our country’s leader ; I really dislike him intently. I was unhappy that Biden got pulled down to Trumps childish level of ranting on a few occasions. I thought his (Biden’s) speaking directly to the camera/at-home audience was very reassuring and smart. I don’t know that I’ll watch the next 2 “debates”…  Sherry Urner
9/30/20 — It was mentioned in a fact-check by the NY Times this morning (online).  They pointed out the denial of confirmation of many (not all) of Obama’s nominees.  It was a missed opportunity by Biden, but I don’t think it was all that important in the context of the entire “debate” (I’m not sure I’d call it that – more like a one sided shouting match).   Have another glass of wine!   Liz T
9/30/20 — Very apt description – made me laugh (something we all desperately need more of).  Liz T

9/30/20 — Hi, guys.  I’m finally able to add my two cents’ worth.  Yes, I guess I kind of agree with everything that each of you has already said.  Trump was just the most disturbing obnoxious big spoiled brat.
     I disagree with feeling sorry for moderator Chris.  He KNOWS Trump well, and he should have been more prepared to nip the bad behavior in the bud.  Saying “please” to a brat doesn’t work, and he should know that.  It was his fault that the whole thing was out of control.
     No matter your arguments, I did not think Biden did a good job.  For Biden, it was good.  For the undecided voter, it was mediocre.  I know that it would be impossible to talk coherently with someone interrupting; but Biden, too, KNOWS Trump.  If he had simply ignored every comment and kept giving his response into the camera, he would have made some headway.   
     Nonetheless, Biden came out on top, and I guess that is what really matters.  I can’t imagine sitting through another one, but I’m looking forward to Harris vs Pence.  She is so cool!  Hugs to you all,  Liz Webfoot

9/30/20 — I don’t have a lot to add – my husband left the TV after 10 minutes – he couldn’t stand hearing Trump, but I saw the whole thing and listened to some of the MSNBC commentary afterwards – I was horrified, as the rest of you were, by Trump’s out of control behavior, but thought Biden did as well as he could facing that barrage.  Commentators I heard were wondering if they would even have two more debates if they’re going to be so out of control , and there was some discussion about why it was hard to change the rules so the moderator could silence the mike if people interrupted.   I also thought attacking Biden’s son was inappropriate.  Everyone in California will get a ballot in the mail, and we can take it to the polling place, mail it in, or take it to an official dropbox.  If you want to vote in person you’ll have to turn in your ballot unmarked.   We plan to walk up to our neighborhood library where there will be a ballot dropbox – it will be there for about 10 days before the election.  Our first general election with this system, and it will be interesting to see how it works, and how quickly they can count the ballots.  I sure hope the next debate is more civil, like the rest of you.  Kamala is a very good debater, as you probably saw in the primaries. Trumps Poll watchers sound pretty scary – I hope they’re not the Proud Boys. Anyone know what the rules are for that?  I don’t think you can just march into an election center and say you are a poll watcher. It will certainly be a frightening few weeks ahead!  Dee
9/30/20 — I do wish Biden would come up with some substantive programs or plans.  On the  other hand, maybe he could, if he could get a word in edgewise.  I do think muting Trump’s mike might work altho, he can be heard from afar!  Marian Strong Moore
9/30/20 — I’ve been a poll watcher, but I’m sure the rules vary from state to state — maybe even from county to county. In Maryland there are 23 counties and Baltimore City, each a voting district.   In Anne Arundel County, each party has two poll watchers (maybe less now with COVID).  They simply watch what goes on.  If they see something that they think might be a problem, they bring it to the attention of one of the judges.  Period.  I’ve been an election judge for years, and it would be next to impossible for any activity in Maryland to be fraudulent.  There are so very many checks and balances.
     I have received my ballot — in an envelope filled with all kinds of safeguards which I find a bit confusing.  There are: Official Ballot, Reply Envelope, Certification of Person Assisting Voter, List of Ballot Drop Off Box Locations, and Instructions for Mail-In Voting
     A bit worrisome.  If I were a first-time voter, I think it would be very intimidating; but I’m hoping the newspaper will explain– not that everyone reads the newspaper.
     We have early voting, election day voting, and large ballot drop boxes are being installed in many locations in the county.  There are camera(s) on them at all times, and they are emptied twice a day.  When early voting starts, there will also be a ballot drop box outside each voting place.  Liz Webfoot
9/30/20 — Ed. Note:  Kim succeeded in making everyone laugh with a bunch of things kids have said.  The chuckles were sorely need for all of us.  Unfortunately, I can not get it on to this website.  SORRY!

9/30/20 — I should put this in the humor column.  Jenifer Grant Marx sent it to me.  Liz WF

9/30/20 — We just started watching Schitt’s Creek and watched a little last night after the horrendous “debate”.   It is so funny…great to just laugh out loud!    Betsy 
9/30/20 — Some concern about what I have been reading, has led me to pontificate
     I don’t assume all states have the same election laws, but I’ve been a Florida poll worker for many years- so here is the deal
     In my voting district Poll watchers must register  Republican, independent, Democrat (Florida options- other states may have other parties) and are assigned to a precinct for service by the Director of Election Services.
     Based on the projected number of voters, registered at each site, that are likely to vote, a rota is set up designation x watchers from each above party (cited above).  The total # of poll watchers is determined by Bard of Elections and must represent all parties in the state. Hours are assigned 1,2,3- most I’ve seen for one person.
     (Now understand that there are those that won’t vote (a %age)  Political clubs might help assign those registered to vote so that there are similar numbers #s from each party plus what in Fl is called no party, or independent)   If more than half of your precinct voters are of Party A, you’ll have more than half of that #of p.w.  assigned, or 1/3 of independents etc.)
     In Florida rules are strict — poll  watchers may not talk to poll workers or to voters.  The exception is any conversation or question must be addressed to the Clerk of the Precinct.  That person will do any follow up to poll watcher’s concern that is necessary.
     The Board of Elections for which I have worked is reluctant to send Poll Watchers to their own precinct. To much  tendency to greet or get involved in conversation with voters, which then distracts staff and voters, which distracts the focus of attention. I don’t know how all states manage poll watchers, or indeed all Fl counties.   But please don’t just get up on election morning and decide you are going to watch what happens at your polling place and dress up and go there.
     After making sure that you had already voted, I would be obligated to call the police and have you removed.   Poll Work is a long day of hard work.  I, as a committee of one, am grateful for poll watchers.  If you really want to do it, contact your Board of Elections or whatever its called and find out the process where you are.  It is a tedious task but important.  Maggie Gat
10/1/20 — A friend posted this on FaceBook. It has the ring of truth for me.  And wow.  I had forgotten about this.  But you know Trump hadn’t.
     I did not write this but it explains a lot about last night.
Joe Biden is a stutterer. Like many others, he has overcome the disability by understanding it and exercising extraordinary perseverance and discipline. If you know and love a stutterer and you watched the presidential debate last night, within minutes it became obvious what was going on. Abusive tone of voice, rapid fire interruptions, zigzagging change of topic, personal insult and humiliation, and family pain are all tripwires that scramble a stutterer’s ability to speak. There was nothing unplanned or spontaneous in the President’s strategy. They prepped him to attack Joe’s disability hoping that by triggering his stuttering they might deceive an audience unfamiliar with the disability into thinking that Joe was stupid, weak, uncertain, confused, or lost to dementia. [We should all be aware of] the subtle but intense struggle against the disability that Joe was winning at the same time he was struggling to advance his positions on the issues in the midst of a rhetorical shit storm.”  Rocki Hill Hughes
10/1/20 — Thanks, Rocki.  Interesting.  I don’t think I knew he was a stutterer, but it all makes sense.  Thanks!   Liz WF
10/1/20 — I knew it and the entire night I felt like I was his Mother . Despite all the chaos , he , as a stutter. who helped himself over come the stutter in HS  without professional help, did well! Bette
10/1/20 — That rings true with me as well…abusive tone of voice,  constant interruptions, changing topics, personal insults and family pain…and Biden handled it all and came out ahead. When you look at it that way, his was an excellent performance!
Sue Wheatley Carr
10/1/20 — I knew he was a stutterer and mentioned it to Bill during the debate. What a painful night for him. Trump was more cruel and despicable than ever and, of course, it was part of his scheme.   Barbara Hartt Hise

10/2/20 —  Hi, friends.  I was surprised this morning to see no posts from our chat group.  Are we sick of the election, of the debate, of COVID-19, of schooling, and whether or not to reopen what?
The good news is that Donald and Melania have tested positive.  Unfortunatley he got plasma immediately and will have only a mild case.  So much for my fantasy….
     I spent yesterday afternoon text-banking for Nebraska, and in between those calls, I’ve been writing more postcards to Pennsylvania (I’m now at 300 to Florida and 300 to PA).  I am terribly upset about Trump’s interference in the Philly polls and his new legislation to try to really screw up the state — all so that HE can challenge the veracity of the election and make the decision as to who wins Pennsylvania.  I fear riots beyond riots.  I went to bed late and woke up early — feel like hell and can’t stop thinking about his interference.  Please let someone figure out how to stop him.
     You Pennsylvania people, what do you see and hear? Thank you all for being there. 
     I sincerely apologize to any Republicans in our group, but it is impossible for me not to keep rambling on.  If some of you are still for Trump, please let us hear why.  We won’t jump on you — we are interested to know why you support him.  Honestly.  Cheers —
Liz Webfoot

10/2/20 — Don’t worry. I along with many of my local friends here in PA are voting by absentee ballot. I turned mine in yesterday. There was even a woman sitting outside the building asking me if I had signed the outside envelope.  We’ll be okay.  Jennifer B-C Seaver, West Chester, Pennsylvania 

10/2/20 —  I hope you are right about PA, Jennifer.  Trump is rigging the election so he can claim the election was rigged. And what about TX where they are closing all but one ballot drop off box in each county? This is just so sickening. 
     Speaking of sick, Trump got his “just dessert”. My fear here, though, is he will have a light case and inform the world it’s no big deal, not to worry about getting it. 

     Liz, to answer your question, I am sick of it all, but I still read and listen to everything and make myself more frustrated by the hour. Unfortunately, it won’t be over on Nov. 3 either.  It helps to know there are a lot of us out there for support and venting.   Hugs to all,  Barbara Hartt Hise

10/2/20 —  Jennifer, I am afraid of what’s going to happen at the polls after Trump had a meltdown and started legislation to doubt everything that might possibly happen at the polls — at least in Philly.  What do your papers say about it?    Cheers and thanks for your support.  Cheers and thanks for your support.  Liz WF
10/2/20 — Liz, i read the Philadelphia Inquirer online version most days. Of course, much of the  news is about Philadelphia, but so far, the early election requests for ballots seems to be encouraging.
Jennifer Seaver

10/2/20 — Jennifer, Have you written/called your STATE rep about HR 1032?  The EVIL bill that would “create a “Committee on Election Integrity” that would give Republicans power to interfere with the election now in progress. This committee could subpoena election officials during the election, seize ballots and ballot boxes, and subpoena postal workers and seize mailbags on the way to the election board. These measures would put the safety and security of the election at risk and slow down the counting of votes.
     Quoted from my State rep, Leanne Krueger. Liz T

10/2/20 — Hi Dorothy! Your ballot was received by the election office on Thursday, October 1, 2020. If there are problems with your ballot, you will be notified by election officials. Questions? To contact your local election office, call (813) 744-5900. To unsubscribe, clickhere.
     This feels mighty good.  Dottie Smith Mann
10/2/20 — That sounds very reassuring. Ours haven’t come yet, but we will mail them back immediately.   Barbara HH
10/2/20 — Here in CA they were so worried about getting the ballots out early that they ended up posting them before the ballot descriptions and candidates’ statements arrived (still not here!) which totally confused many people who were worried that their descriptions had been lost in the mail!  And this is in liberal CA!  Oy!
     I cheered when I read the news about Trump’s positive test but you’re probably right Liz, he’ll get a mild case and then tell everyone it’s no big deal!  Kim
10/2/20 — I got mine last week (Maryland), but I’m not worried about that part of the election any longer.  Waiting to hear from Pennsylvanians!  
xxx Liz WF
10/2/20 — What is this? We haven’t received our ballots yet – just the samples. (California)  They’ll be mailed next week.  Dee
10/2/20 — Maybe it was just in Santa Barbara County (California) that the ballots were mailed out before the information pamphlet but it certainly caused a stir here!  Kim

10/2/20 — North Carolina was the first state to send out absentee ballots.  We received ours on Sep 5.  We filled them out, took them down to the Board of Elections ourselves and received an email from them saying our ballots were received and accepted.  Done! 
Kay Bloecker Nelson

10/2/20 –Hawaii is the “bluest” state in the union, then Vermont.  We have had mail-in only voting for a year and the primary here went very well.  Our ballots arrive 18 days before Nov. 3. Stay safe!  Aloha, Ann

10/5/20 —  Husband Jim and I are currently in the process of moving from a wonderful “snowbird” condo in Vero Beach to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also in Vero – no need to change doctors, church, bridge center, no need to say good-bye to good friends, and we’ll have familiarity with the area.  Problem currently: we’ve had very few “lookers” at our condo during the last 4+ months, which is probably related to Covid and travel restrictions and “an abundance of caution.” We’re sad to leave our beach and tennis community but we know we’re making a smart move; as a friend says, “better to be 2 years too early rather than 2 minutes to late” to transition to the life care community.    Sherry Welles Urner
(Editor’s note:  The vice-presidential debate was aired last night.  About half way through, a black fly alighted on Vice President Pence’s white hair and amused some of the viewers!)

10/8/20 – I got a great pic:

I read online that Flies are used to represent rot, wasting away, decay, death, melancholia.  A fly hovering over a church official or nobleman indicates disfavor with the  king or corruption and dereliction of duty.
What more is there to say?!?!?  Kim
(Ed note:  just about everyone responded that they love this!  Lots of funny responses and clearly it brought us all some sorely-needed joy! The summary is from Jennifer B-C Seaver: )  
NPR reports that the fly which sat on Pence’s head created the most buzz last night.  J BC Seaver
10/8/2020 — Another goodie from South Rocky 8, Susan Griffen Meeker.  Thank you, Susan, for keeping us entertained.   
Liz Webfoot
(As the end of October approaches, the election is just two weeks away. It’s probably a good time to end this section.  Next Part tells it all.  We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.  LWF)