Pre-Reunion Info

This is all the information that was on the website up until reunion:  lists, books, panel discussion, whatever.  Also, I’ve added the website information on class officers from 2011 to 2016.  Now it’s all in the past, so I’m lumping it here for your reference just in case someone needs it.  It’s not too beautiful, but I don’t expect anyone to reference it.  So sorry I missed all the fun, with hugs from Liz Webfoot.

1. Registration:  List as of 4/18

2. BOOK CHOICES from Dee Abrahamse
and  More Book Choices  which were added in April.

3. MOVING FORWARD MAKING GOOD CHOICES, Saturday afternoon Panel Discussion.


Friday, May 20th
5pm – 7pm – Social Hour and Dinner – Buckland Living Room
5:30 – Welcome by President, Sherry Welles Urner
7pm – “So Many Books, So Little Time”
8pm – “Sing Out” – Living Room
Saturday, May 21st
9am – Class meeting – Buckland Living Room
10am – Gather for Parade – Mary Lyons Grave
11am – Alumnae Association Meeting – Chapin
1:40 – Class Photo
2pm-4pm – “Moving Forward, Making Good Choices” – Chapin Auditorium
4:30-5:30 – “Conversations” – Buckland Living Room
6pm – Social Hour – Living Room
Following Social Hour – Dinner
8pm – “Dessert with Lynn” – Dining Room
Following Dessert – Entertainment – Dining and Living Rooms
Sunday, May 22d
9am – Service of Remembrance


Class Leaders through our 55th reunion:

2011 Sue Wheatley Carr and Marion Strong Moore agreed to chair our 55th Reunion in 2016.  In June of 2013, Liz Barrett assumed the job of Webmaster.   Here are the people working hard to keep you informed about what your class is doing.

Class Agents, submitted by our Co-Head Class Agent Peggy Shilling:

Barbara Jabs Lesperance
Judy Starr McLaughlin    
Nancy Niemann
Linda Cowilich Norton
Bette Keck Peterson
Barbara Margulies Rossotti
Carolyn Canney Schauble
Lange Schermerhorn
Peggy Bloete Shilling
Jody Teel Smith
Anne Boultbee Testa
Zane Lauva Washington
Dee DeFerranti Abrahamse
Norma Fowler Aronson
Judy Ashworth
Mary Lynn Caffrey Berry
Carolyn Cromb Brada
Barbara Williamson Bucholtz
Carolyn Davidge Demtrak
Meg Moses Gat
Sandra Svihovec Hewitt
Barbara Hartt Hise
Merle Schiffmayer Hoagland
Mary Ginn Weinland
Nancy Coleman Wolsk
       New class agents:
Judy Perinchielf Welke
Susan Pogue Krock

Many thanks to all of you wonderful volunteers.  With our 55th Reunion coming up, we would like to add several more as it makes lighter work for us all.  You volunteers are usually never recognized and are so important to the College.  I don’t guarantee spelling of all your names.  Hopefully, it is correct.  Peggy

Just click on Peggy’s name to volunteer to help out as a Class Agent.

Our 55th Reunion Co-Chairs: