Where We Go

PLEASE SHARE WITH US.  Tell us where you’ve been and how you got there.  And send photos, please.  Thanks!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes anywhere.  It’s been two years since I wrote the following post on September, 2017.  Since then we have sailed around and visited various Greek Isles, fallen in love with Athens and the Agora, gone to Paris several times, to London several times.  Would someone else please share! 

September, 2017, Liz Hottel Barrett had a marvelous trip to Greece, sailing in the South Ionian Sea with some friends on a beautiful 48′ custom-designed sailboat.  What a vacation!

March, 2017, Sallie Austin Raleigh sent this photo of  time in Dubai with her granddaughter.




July 2016, from Dottie Mann:
I am ending 28 days in a studio apartment in Rockport MA. I can walk downtown and to a sweet little beach where it is too cold to swim, of course. In the fifties. But walking the shore roads and paths is heaven. Being cool enough to sleep with the breeze caressing my back is what I have dreamed of and what I knew as a child. 

Food is wonderful, especially lobster rolls, lobster ravioli and haddock chowder.    My sister Bonney lives walking distance away and shows me wonderful places. We play card games at nite and ignore politics

Wonderful concert space overlooking the ocean. Google Shalin Liu Performance Center and you’ll see what I mean. World class piano and string quartet concerts. Two Metropolitan Operas in simulcast. And Chanticleer this Friday, a renowned men’s a Capella group.  Excellent play retelling Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner at Gloucester Stage.  Two good movies, Trumbo about blacklisted screenwriter and The Infiltrator about nabbing drug lord and money launderer bankers in 1980’s in Tampa.   Reading Annie Proulx’s Barkskins about 300 years of lumber business on our continent. And just found definitive book on granite industry here on Cape Ann.

Love the UU here. Energetic, thoughtful people. Beautiful church dating to early 1800 ‘s.  Rev Susan Moran and our Rev Pat are equally good inspiring leaders.

Sounds busy but I’m not. Lots of quiet, reflective time   After this I go to NC and Michigan before heading home. See you in September!

Love, Dottie the happy wanderer