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Ceramic Turtles

Hooray, I finally painted the ceramic turtles I made in 2013.  That’s FOUR YEARS!  Soon they will be on a fence in the back yard.  Oh joy oh joy!  I am completely in love with them. The mother’s name is “Mural” (in Baltimore that is pronounced “Muriel”).  The son is “Monty”, named for Club Monterey, kid’s nickname for our house on Monterey Avenue.  They are sitting on the kitchen table which I designed and which Bryan and I painted.

Sue Carr’s Milkweed Photograph

Sue loves her camera, and here’s a photo of what all the monarch butterflies love, the milkweed.  I (Liz Webfoot) miss the milkweed here in Annapolis, MD.


Sue Wheatley Carr’s Animal Photos

( Editor:  Oh how terrific!)   Enjoy a laugh!

Vinyl Rugs

May, 2014, Liz Barrett

I  spent last month making two vinyl rugs for our newly refurbished patio.   We had some leftover vinyl from a renovated bathroom.  I flipped the vinyl over, cut rugs to size, and painted the designs to go with our blue patio furniture (and green gardens and grass).   I really don’t know whether or not this is going to work.  I used house paint primer follow by latex house paint (you can’t get oil paints any longer).  Then I topped them with a coat of MinWax poly urethane (oil base for durability).  We’ll see how long they last and how well they resist wear.  The rugs measure 3.5 x 5.5 (bottom) and 3.5 x 4.5  (top) for two conversation areas on the patio.   When we get the patio all finished (with new throw cushions), I’ll include a photo of the whole thing.













5/2015 — We discovered that the rugs were scarily slippery when wet — not great for a patio beside our pool.  Non-skid rubber spray worked marvelously well.  6/2017 Here’s a photo I found from 2015 — I have absolutely no idea who the people are nor the event.  It doesn’t look like much fun, but the rugs look terrific.  After three years they are still going strong.

Decorated Table

Summer, 2012.  Liz Hottel Barrett is painting the top of a table that Bryan made for their patio.  Another joint project, we made three tables, all of them glass-topped.


Liz Hottel Barrett’s Ceramic Vase

I’m really proud of my first decent handled vase.  I’ve been working in ceramics for several years but have shied away from decorative pieces because we have no room in our house  left for decoration.   This is a nice place to be able to share my success.  Currently I’m working on a ceramic sea turtle with Mexican designs, but it looks like I won’t be able to finish it until the fall.IMG_1557

Editor’s note 5/2/14:  the turtles are still waiting to be painted.                   Editor’s note 3/28/16: the turtles are still waiting to be painted.
Editor’s note 7/10/16: the turtles are still waiting to be painted.