Part 15: Nov 3 – Dec 11, ’20

So this is Election Day, November 3, 2020.  We’ve been waiting for this day for four years. Here goes!

11/3/20 — For those of you planning a long evening tonight in front of your TV, here’s what to watch for per the NY Times.  Sounds about right to me. —Judy Marshall Kennedy
* Thanks, Judy!  Frannie Blair

And then began the longest most excruciating wait for Biden to be named our President-Elect. Biden reached 270 Electoral College Votes, but Pres Trump launched a myriad of legal challenges for voter fraud. The hours and the days ticked on.  There was NO VOTER FRAUD. And yet he kept on and on and on until finally APS called Biden the winner three days later.

11/6/20 — YAHOO! Big hugs all around, Liz Webfoot
🤗  Sherry Urner
Pennsylvania comes through☆ 

11/6/20  — Yay for Pennsylvania and all of us great workers!   xxxx Liz   (please remember to sign your name)
👏😁🥂🎉  (anonymous)

11/6/20 —  Here in california, we’re thrilled – like the rest of the west coast, we didn’t figure in the final voting, but the state all showed up as blue three hours after the east coast when our polls closed,and our 55 electoral votes helped!  It’s such a relief after the anxiety of the last week!  Virtual celebrations wished for all.  Dee de Ferranti Abrahamse

11/6/20 —  In Washington (the state), planned “Protect the Vote” demonstrations have turned into dancing in the streets!
Frannie Blair

11/6/20 — Some of us are simply reading and laughing about the laurel chain picture .  Jennifer B-C Seaver 

11/7/20 — We’re (almost!) ALL Happy!!!!! BlushTadaNotesJoy

11/7/20 —

Barbara Hartt Hise

11/7/20 — Ditto to what Dee says!  I live in California but grew up in Pennsylvania so I’m VERY, VERY HAPPY!!  Babbie Baldwin Miller

11/7/20 — Everyone in Canada is celebrating the Biden/Harris victory!
Great job, Dems. And yes, I voted.  Patricia Ure Petersen

11/7/20 — We, too, partied in the street among our close neighbors. We all had Biden signs so the neighborhood was well aware of the “Biden Block”.  Lots of car honks as they drove by. This evening we we eight took our drinks out to the street and expressed in many ways this new found feeling of Joy!  It’s been too long. Here’s to our long lost JOY!  — and Omigosh — how about those speeches! And those smiles!   And then the fireworks which were incredibly exciting, and that wonderful display of Joe and Kamala, each holding a little one, and their families young and old all gathered around.  The entire evening was just so darned heart-warming. Joy joy joy! We have another “Biden Block” party tonight across the street in a backyard.  We are all wearing masks and social distancing.  This pandemic and campaign has brought us much closer to our neighbors.  Good stuff.  P.S. I’m trying different fonts until I find one big enough for you all to read easily without it being ridiculousy large.  This is Tahoma.  Ann Merchant Boesgaard, please chime in. Hugs, Webfoot  

11/8/20 —  HOORAY!!! Yes, Liz, that font is perfect for me.  Sometimes the 2-finger spread doesn’t work on my iPad so I have to get out my magnifying glass.  My eyes are getting old faster than the rest of me.  Loved seeing the fireworks on YouTube.  Ann MB

(Editor’s note:  there were more comments on my font which I am not including here. It’s hard to be celebratory in black and white, so I’m trying to use codes for different colors 🙃  )

11/8/20 — We, here in Michigan are also thrilled!   We celebrated with “champagne on the porch” with friends…outside and social distancing….actually both Friday and Saturday!    So great to see the crowds in DC in front of the White House…think that the when Trump returned from golf and saw that… he might have realized that maybe all those people did actually vote for Joe!!    Thought Kamala was terrific, and so was Biden…he will be so healing….and to see them with their normal looking, loving families was terrific!   It may be a rocky road for awhile, until Trump is forced to give up, but I think we’ll make it!   Hopefully, our national nightmare is almost over!    Love to all,   Betsy

11/8/20 — Dear classmates, I got a call from a dear friend who lives in TX yesterday saying her husband had just rushed outside to report the good news coming out of PA. It was like New Year’s Eve with all of the celebrations and fireworks!  Jennifer Bagster-Collins Seaver

11/8/20 — Amen.  Liz T.

11/8/20 — Do not miss the youtube of CNN’s van Jones.  Marian Moore

11/8/20 — Amen, Marian! Frannie Blair

11/8/20 — Yes, unbelievably moving and powerful.  Liz T.

However, Trump would still not concede, and so the lawsuits and waiting and waiting and waiting continues…

11/10/20 —  Are any of you planning a different kind of Thanksgiving this year due to Covid?   Anything particularly innovative?  We usually have a dozen or so friends, old and new, to dinner, but not this year.  So, I’m trying to think of something different and fun to do, as it’s always been one of my favorite holidays.
Judy K  Judy Marshall Kennedy

11/10/20 — Hi All.   We are planning to have one family on Thanksgiving and one on the Sunday after.   Too many for one dinner!   Not sure who’s doing them yet😅!     We’ve had such gorgeous weather, truly a week-long Indian Summer, that we’ve seen lots of friends on our deck or theirs all weekend.  Celebrating what we hope will eventually happen!  Keep the faith everyone!    Betsy.

11/10/20 — Do a Zoom Thanksgiving or do a small plates buffet and let people sit apart all over your house. Good luck! Barbara B. Farquhar

11/10/20 — Judy, thanks for opening a helpful discussion.  We are trying to figure out something fun, too.  I have a feeling it will be a series of twos and fours getting together, hopefully on our patio.  Hopefully with good weather.  Thursday for the past few years maybe a dozen of us of my family and my sister’s family have gathered together for a brunch at my sister’s senior-living condo’s Community Room.   Then people go to wherever later in the day for Thanksgiving Dinner  — to inlaws or other places. It has worked wonderfully well. I’m trying to think of a special “little” dinner for each of our two to four guests at a time during the weekend.  We have my nephew’s new girlfriend whom we have never met. He lives in Boston and she in Illinois somewhere.  With this working at home, they’ve been able to spend some time together, usually in Boston.  Maybe something on a skewer because it ties in with our old Thanksgiving tradition which I detail in the P.S.   Hmmm   I like this idea.  More at another time when I’ve had time to think. Send in your ideas!  Hugs, Webfoot
     PS. This is aside from the problem, but I wanted to add it because it is such a special time for us.  Normally at our house we have a big beef fondue meal the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That tradition started when we moved to Annapolis in 1972 with my NH sister and her husband and family because on Thursday we always finished in 15 minutes what took two weeks to prepare.  Saturday fondue gave us time to talk and not jump up from the table.  As her kids grew, it changed to local cousins and aunts and uncles here– and from Roanoke, from Milford, PA, and Boston.   There can be up to 20 of us, and we’ve been doing this for close to 50 years.  And over the years we’ve added to the beef: shrimp, Italian sausage, scallops, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, green onions, and sauces. If you can believe it, last year we added tater tots!  And some favorite dessert — pavlova-like meringues with creams and berries.  Anyway, it is everyone’s very most favorite day of the year, and we are all broken hearted that this chain will be broken.  So we are trying to figure it out. People come up from Roanoke and Philly and Milford, PA.  Sadness.  Our eldest granddaughter Kendall will stay in Dubai and come across for Christmas, so she’s thrilled that she is not missing fondue night.

11/10/20 — I am staying put for Turkey Day. My daughter sent me, my Turkey napkin ring (a tradition() and my pilgrim lady cardboard hat and we are going to Zoom our traditional Thanksgiving story of the pilgrims and Indians (excuse me – Native Americans). When the narrator of the story comes to “and the Pilgrim ladies…” I have to say “Mercy Me”. Others wear different hats with different quotes. Great fun. Thank heaven for Zoom, even tho it will be only 5 of us. I grew up with 24 at the dining room table!  Marian Strong Moore

11/11/20 — Muffy, I LOVE your Thanksgiving story tradition.  We could do that on Zoom with some good directions, a good story, and some willing participants.  Hmmm.  Really makes me think (a rare occasion these days.)  Now I have to find a good story that can work.  Anyone have a good story that can be used?
     Since we are now starting to move some things back into our office, finding time to look does not seem probable.  I have vowed NOT to move anything back as it arrived.  We have filled three bedrooms with the stuff from our office.  Okay, so I’ll start with MHC note cards — three different sizes.  All sort of goodies left over from my agent days. Who wants it?    I’ll pack it and mail it if anyone wants it.  Send me your mailing address.  Otherwise it goes OUT!
     Now everyone get back to Thanksgiving.  Please.  I am really bad about changing the topic.  Sorry —  and Hugs — Liz WF

11/12/20 — Hey, Liz. There’s always another chance to be a Class AgentEmoji Don’t throw those away, yet!! Muffy

11/12/20 — Muffy , that is not even remotely funny!  LWF

(Editor note: several back-and-forth emails about Liz’s font — what’s right for some is gigantic for others. Aiyaiyai. Ann likes Verdana, Meg doesn’t know why we should have a problem when she doesn’t.)

11/12/20 — I am absolutely amazed that there has not been any discussion about Trump’s unwillingness to leave office.  I find it all appalling and sometimes I am actually terrified.  I’m assuming you are all quiet because you, too, are deeply troubled.
     I guess if we don’t talk about it, it is less stressful.  I can feel my health ebb as I become more and more scared.   So don’t respond if you, too, feel it is bad for you to keep the conversation alive. Hugs all around, Webfoot
11/15/20 — Need a chuckle?  These might help!
Barbara Hartt Hise
* Loved the humor. Thanks Barb. Dottie Smith Mann
*  Thanks for the much-needed chuckles, Barbara! Frannie Blair
11/19/20 — Thought this was a good way to start the day. 😊
Sue W. Carr 
*  Love this, Wheats.  Good stuff!  xxx Liz
*  Sue,  Tks.  Lotsa fun.  Marian
*  Sue Carr.  As a fellow Anglican I appreciate the Message and the humor.   I’d like to share this with my colleagues but where is this church, so I can cite it correctly.  Thanks,  Meg, Maggie
*  Hi Meg, With a little detective work, I narrowed it down to Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada. At the bottom of the sign there is Dorchester, California didn’t turn up anything so I tried Canada…voila!  They also had another sign…”Thou shall not Covid thy neighbor’s wellness.” Sue
* Thanks for the research I like the new one too. I’ll forward them both to my clergy group  Maggie

11/22/20 — Hi All, We met in the lobby of northern Vermont’s favorite car servicing business, Greensboro Garage, that is in part general store cracker barrel.  I learned Peggy had her own herb farm, was also living alone, and was a decade younger.  We talked about books we were reading and movies we liked, always topics at Greensboro, and agreed to keep in touch via email.
    Her recommendations of documentaries on Netflix prompted me to tackle installing the streaming (time to switch from DVD’s) service on my Roku.  I already enjoy Acorn, Amazon Prime, Xfinity installed by my computer guru.  Now I can add that subscription to my list of pandemic electronic achievements along with changing remote batteries.

     “My Octopus Teacher” brought to mind “The Soul of an Octopus” by       Sy Montgomery, a book many of us read some time ago.
     “Kiss the Ground” a 2020 production narrated by Woody Harrelson is upbeat and and positive.
     David Attenborough is on my “To Watch” list
     Peggy also recommended the series “Queen’s Gambit”  that I started last night and will continue watching.
     Thanksgiving reading will be “iPad for Dummies” and “Gratitude” by Oliver Sacks, a gift from my financial team member who happens to have grown up in the same town, Ridgewood NJ, although much later than I did.  My granddaughter Sara will deliver the traditional feast plate to me after she has collected her family’s portion from her mother who is as always doing the cooking, but the serving and eating will be in our individual homes.  Stay healthy!!! with love and gratitude for so much,  Carol Sweeney Benson

11/22/20 — My son sent this on to me — really interesting.  Cheers —Webfoot
When Trump Lost the 2016 Election
*   Right on!  Frannie Blair

*   Absolutely!  Thanks for sending it, Liz.  Sue W Carr
*   I second that.  Liz Thornton

11/24/20 — I don’t know about the rest of you but I am absolutely delighted with Biden’s picks for leadership so far — and so it would appear, is Wall Street, judging from what’s happening to the market today!  Looks to me as if he’s going for experience and expertise rather than loyalty and political reward — and if that trend continues, I think we’ll be off to a fast start on rerighting the ship come January
     Personally surprised and very pleased that he picked John Kerry as his “Climate Czar,” a new position looking for maybe a better title, but for now, it’s a good name and a very saavy thing to do, I think.  It will put the biggest “issue of the age” — one that is a priority for the the younger generations — into very wise and experienced hands, ones that have shook those of every foreign leader many times and knows his way around the Globe like few others.  You may find him a little long winded and kind of boring, but I’m a huge fan, dating back to the times in the 1960s when I went door-to-door for him in Massachusetts to finally unseat Father Drinan, the then current Congressional Rep — and launch a young John Kerry’s political career just after returning from duty in Vietnam.
     Looking forward to a Happy Thanksgiving, with lots this week to be thankful for.  Dan and I and our friend Lisa and her dog Louie will be spending the day together and you can be sure that we’ll be raising a glass to President-Elect Biden and those surrounding him. Best to everyone on the Chat,  Judy K  Judy Marshall Kennedy

11/25/20 — Thank you, Judy.  I could not agree more.  I wish for all of you a Peaceful Thanksgiviing. Marian Strong Moore

11/24/20 — Omg. Slept so well. Woke up late. CAN BREATHE everybody.  HAPPY Chris Hollister Hila

11/245/20 — I’m watching Biden make announcements of these important appointments right now. They are impressive and give us so much hope for better times. My fervent hope and prayer is that the Republican (probably) controlled Senate will approve them.  
Barbara Hartt Hise

11/24/20 — Very impressive!  I do feel calmer in my soul!  Kim

11/24/20 — Whoops.  That was me, Betsy, who just watched part of the new cabinet!     So impressive, and I feel the same way about sleeping at night!   Also watched the Michigan Canvassers yesterday as the discussed confirming the vote.   Three and a half hours of clerks and those who ran the vote tellIng them how well they thought they had done, especially under the circumstances,  (with human errors of course) but about fifty people on Zoom letting them know that the could confirm with dignity.  Thanks goodness one of the Republicans realized that it was really their job to confirm.  And they finally did it 3-1.  They no doubt will have some recounts, but Biden did win by 147,000 votes in Michigan!   I think it was key in getting the Transition for Biden.   So exciting to have so many excellent minds running the govt in January. Again, Betsy 

11/24/20 — Am with all you happy, hopeful people – amy connard laidlaw – may, however, be permanently estranged from my three brothers

11/24/20 — Yes,  it’s wonderful to hear such good picks!  I like Kerry 0- heard him on a book tour a year ago, and he still sounded good.  I’m delighted about Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, too – I always admired her a lot.  When I heard more about the others he announced yesterday they  sound really good and experienced – and like the number of women in critical positions.  Above all, isn’t it nice to hear someone sane and thoughtful talking to us?  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too – we’ll be on Zoom with our family in Michigan and New Hampshire.  Wish we could be with them in person, but this is the next best thing.  We’ll certainly do a toast to Biden – and with our Michigan family, to their important votes!  Dee  de Ferranti Abrahamse

11/24/20 — Amy, so sorry to hear that. Maybe when they see how a real President leads they will come around. Barbara HH

11/24/20 — Good description of how I feel too, Kim.  I watched Biden’s nomination presentation and could actually breathe better.  Wow, real leaders speaking the right words.  Whew!  Sally

11/24/20 — And how about Tony Blinken’s moving acceptance!  What a history!  When he told the story of his grandfather being the only survivor and running up to the tank and the American black soldier opening up the hatch and his saying his only English words: “God Bless America”.  Tears started to flow as they are again now just writing about it!  
     God Bless us All and best wishes for what will for sure be a happier Thanksgiving!  Gratefully, Kim
P.S. Correction: Story was about his stepfather but it seems the whole family had some amazing and harrowing experiences!

11/24/20 — My friends’ son worked for Biden when he was in the Senate and is delighted that Biden’s choice for chief of staff is his ‘old’ boss. Perry was approached by the transition team but isn’t interested in going back into government work. I share your enthusiasm for the nominations so far and pray that Rubio doesn’t block the Senate confirmation process.  P.S. It’s Tony Blinken whom my friend Perry worked for. I know Perry was impressed by him.
Jennifer B-C Seaver 

11/24/20 — Ditto! I’m very relieved and for the first time, in a very long time, feeling hopeful.  Sherry Welles Urner

11/24/20 — I join in with all of you guys in singing praise to Biden.  We played golf today – our neighbor Karen, Bryan and I.  It was such fun enjoying the outside, the beautiful cold but sunny weather, and the beautiful golf course; and we three felt just so darned happy to think that at last our country is back in capable hands.  Biden is doing an amazing job in choosing his advisors.  Hooray for him and hooray for the future of our country!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hugs,
Liz Webfoot  

11/24/20 — Now it’s pretty silly to get all excited about a new ornament, but my son John & Joel just sent this to us.  I think it’s marvelous!  It’s been hanging on our jade tree, and I laugh every time I walk by.  Hugs all around, Liz Webfoot
* Oh I agree.  That’s terrific.  Where did they get it?  Judy K
11/25/20 — Hey, I just realized that tomorrow is more than Turkey Day.  It is “Turkey Baster Day”.  I certainly will play a tune or two as I prepare dinner: a gorgeous 13-lb turkey dressed to the nines — for us two!   By researching musical graces, I have found a tune to play at the dining table:   “A-B-C-D-E-F-G.  Thank you God for feeding me.”  What slays me is that the first year of our turkey basters at reunion, if you remember back to that wonderful day, we played “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep Have you any Wool”, and “A-B-C-D-E-F-G”.  What a scream.  All you turkey baster players know that you are especially in my heart tomorrow.  Didn’t we have fun!
I have so much to be grateful for.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Cheers — Liz
11/26/20 — Thanks, Liz and a very Happy, altho solo, Thanksgiving to you all.  I hope you find ways to be in touch with family. Love and thanks for all of you.  Marian Strong Moore
11/26/20 — Ditto.  And Liz – what will you do with all that left-over Turkey???  🤣  Liz T
11/26/20 — Happy Thanksgiving everyone. True to tradition and thinking of all of you I just concluded my holiday Turkey Baster Concert. I would have loved to have some harmony but it was a solo this year.  Did it over zoom though.  Somehow I manage to surprise some uninitiated friends each year. Hope you all had fun too.   I am sooooo grateful to have all of you to share our fun and feelings.
Chris Hollister Hila
11/27/20 — My 12 year old granddaughter and I are planning our Grandparent trip this Spring.  Last year got cancelled and this one may, too.  She wants to go during April vacation (COVID permitting).  She wants to see the Doll Houses in the Museum.  
     Can anyone tell me :
A.  Is it worth the trip?
B.  What else is good to do in Chicago in April?
C.  What is a good and reasonable hotel in Chicago?
     Are there other trips you might reccomend at that time of year?
Many thanks,  Marian Strong Moore
11/27/20 — Hi Marion!   Our whole family went to Chicago for my eightieth birthday party almost two March’s ago!     We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel, a really lovely hotel from which you can walk to almost everything!   We saw Hamilton, which was a short walk from the hotel.   There is so much to do in Chicago!   There is the Art Institute which is fantastic, also a walk from the hotel,  the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Science and Industry, Millennium Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Shedd Aquarium, the Children’s Museum…and many more!    And, you can take a boat along the Chicago River (might be a little chilly in April).    And, of course there is the Magnificent Mile of shopping.    Most of these places except the Zoo and the Millennium Park are inside…it might be pretty chilly and windy in Chicago in April…wear your winter coats!    Anyway…hope we can all be vaccinated by April and Covid will not be a problem….if not probably best put it off until summer!     Hope this helps..we love Chicago, it is definitely worth  the trip!    Betsy
11/27/20 — Betsy,  Thank you loads.  You have lifted my “April” spirits.  Marian
11/30 — An interesting moving timeline correlating COVID infection rates with red and blue states.  This should shock your 3 brothers, Amy.  —  Judy K (Judy Marshall Kennedy)

 11/30 20 — That’s fascinating — and the Dakotas with such relatively small populations have such a high count!  Hope you all had nice — if distanced — Thanksgivings! Kim

11/30 –Some of the reason for this is unfortunately the huge Sturgis SD motorcycle rally held there every year, including this one — talk about a superspreader.  Thousands of partying riders with no masks and no social distancing.  Judy K  Judy Marshall Kennedy

11/30/20 —  Fascinating!  Thank you, Judy.  It’s like having a new virtual toy.  I agree that the numbers deaths in the Dakotas are staggering.  I could watch the darn thing all day.
     I made 8 qts of turkey soup today — after first slicing more for sandwiches and sticking little sandwich kits in the freezer.  Honestly, I had forgotten how yummy turkey is!
     We had a lovely family Zoom on Sunday — and it was fun seeing all of us in England, France, Dubai, Massachusetts and Maryland.  I met granddaughter Kendall’s boyfriend who is in Dubai with her.  They met in Madison, Wisconsin, but he’s been with her for several months.  I think the pandemic is pushing relationships forward because so many people can work from wherever.  On Sunday Tucker called from Illinois, where he is with his girlfriend.  I feel cheated at being left out of all of these grandchildren romances.  Not one grandchild had a boyfriend or girlfriend before May, not even in high school.  I’m so thrilled.  
     We put up Christmas lights yesterday.  Now waiting for a wreath to arrive.  We weren’t going to decorate at all, but along with the rest of the country, we need to do something to make it feel like holidays are in the air.  Hugs all around, Webfoot

11/30/20 — I agree with our webmaster. I think it’s important to decorate inside and outside this year.  Jennifer B-C Seaver

11/30/20 — Yes, thks, Judy.  Very interesting.  I’m waiting to see what the fallout from the Thanksgiving travel is.  Marian

12/1/20 — I think this article from today’s NY Times is worth sharing, despite its length, since it has some new ideas and stats which I haven’t seen elsewhere so far.  I did delete photos and ads to try and shorten it — and it looks to me as if it didn’t copy the full ending of the article either.  Reader comments were also interesting, almost all positive — so if you want to read more, just google the title and author of the article and you’ll get a free link to the full article, I believe.     Judy K  Judy Marshall Kennedy.

12/4/20 — Vespers Concert Tonight: How many of us watched?  Seeing Abbey Chapel and hearing the organ brought back many memories!  Remember the processional in our day: “Dost thou remember the prophets of old, how that most wondrous story told…”
How diverse the students are, how gifted!  What a job creating this virtual concert!  Cindy Dennett Yee
*  I missed it – darn it all. Does anyone know if it was recorded and could I see it that way? Babbie Baldwin Miller
*  I missed it too, even though I told myself around 5 pm not to forget it…mad at myself!  Sally
*  Betsy:  I don’t think it was recorded because concert was a fund raiser for scholarships for MHC students – kindness of NY MHC Club. Cindy Dennett Yee

12/4/20 —  Thought you folks should know.

From Hawaii, the only state in the union that is NOT a hot spot for covid.  Ann Merchant Boesgaard
*  😂🤣   Barbara HH
*  Where can I get one of these….. Liz T.
*  I’d love one, too!  Sue W Carr

12/5/20 — Just got this wisdom a few moments ago.  Remember —
Stressed  spelled backward is DESSERT 
Since I’ve gained 10 pounds, I must be stressed though less by desserts than wine and cheese!  Happy Holidays all.  Stay safe!  Kim
*  Love it – I’m doing pretty well on desserts too – we’ve become addicted to cookies. (anonymous)
*  ‘Tis the season to be jolly!  Marian
*  I think you are on to something, Kim.  Jennifer B-C Seaver 

(Note from the Editor:  the pandemic is raging.  Some 200,000 new U.S. cases just yesterday.  Just imagine that number which is steadily growing.  Donald Trump has not yet acknowledged that he lost the election and is cheering on “herd immunity” to contain the virus:  spreading it around to the entire population so they become immune.  Of course that is ignoring those who die as a result.  It is devastating!  It is interesting to me that the chat group doesn’t write about it much — interesting because it’s on my mind all the time.)

12/11/20 —  From Sally Stearns Sullivan by way of Lil Marik and husband:

One sunny day in very late January 2021 an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he’d been sitting on a park bench.  He spoke to the U.S. Marine standing guard and said, “I would like to go in and meet with President Trump.” The Marine looked at the man and
said, “Sir, Mr Trump is no longer President and no longer resides here.” The old man said, “Okay” and walked away.

The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, “I would like to go in and meet with President Trump.” The Marine repeated, “Sir, as I told you yesterday, Mr Trump is no longer President and no longer resides here.” The man thanked him and, again, just walked away.

The third day, the old man approached the White House and spoke to the very same U.S. Marine, saying again, “I would like to go in and meet with President Trump.” The Marine, understandably irritated at this point, looked at the man and said, “Sir, this is the third day in a row you’ve been here
asking to speak to Trump. I’ve told you each time that he’s no longer the President and no longer resides here. Don’t you get it?”

The old man looked at the Marine and said, “Oh, I understand. I just love hearing it.”

The Marine snapped to attention and said, “See you tomorrow, Sir.”

*  Love it!  Kim  (If you’re in touch with Lil and Hugh, send my regards.  We went to high school together.)
*  Hahaha!  Jennifer Seaver 
*  Clever!  Betsy  
*  Bravo!  Webfoot 
*  Kim, I passed along your regards to Hugh.  We have stayed in touch since college, mostly just with Christmas letters.  We did have lunch together many years ago whenI was skiing in Colorado.  But last fall their daughter and family moved to Michigan, and Lil and Hugh drove down to Indy while helping with the move-in to have dinner with us!  It was really great to see them again, very good visit, and since then Hugh has sent all sorts of stuff via email.  Fun!  Sally