The Arts

This is where you can put something you’ve written, painted, sculpted, photographed, produced……   It’s a great place to show off a little and let us get to know you better.  After all, it’s hard to really get to know each other when we only have a reunion every five years.

Literary Arts:  Several of us are accomplished poets, writers, editors, bloggers you name it.    Just send some of your writing  to Liz  — with first name, maiden name, current last name,  photo, and a description of what it is.   Please include a date with the description.  Photos always make our web site more interesting.

Performing Arts  is the place for a blurb and a photo(s) of a performance of any sort that you would like to share with us.  We all love to see our classmates on stage or the podium or the pulpit or the ….

Visual Arts is a chance for you to share your latest painting, sculpture, garden….   Again, a short description along with your photo will make it more interesting.

Please  beware of our attention spans.  Always include your full name, and send it to our Webmaster, Liz Barrett.