How do I …

How do I send my news to our class scribe for the Alumnae Quarterly?  That’s easy, just send it to Nancy Cox, our class Scribe.

How do I join the 1961 email chat list?  Send your email with your full name (first, 1961 last, and current last) to Carol Sweeney Benson.   She will add you to the MHC61 Chat List and send you instructions for receiving and sending messages.  There are almost 90 classmates on the list as of the fall of 2021.

How do I get contact info to find a classmate?  Go to the Alumnae Association (which has revised its directory.)  
     If you were previously registered, your user name was changed to your email address and your password remains the same.  Sign in and follow instructions to the directory.
     If you are new, follow the instructions to register.  Contact “support” for trouble.  “Search” and then click on your classmate’s name.  The information will appear. 

How do I reach a class officer with a question or comment?  Our “Class Officers” are all listed in the “WELCOME” section.  Click on a name for a little blurb about the person and an email address.