Class Notes

2020 — I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rocki for her excellent work as Scribe and for helping me get our Class Notes up to date over the past years.  It was a real struggle. Thank you for your help, Rocki!  I will be sorry to see you leave.   xxx Liz
2021 — And now we welcome Nancy/Desi.  How much we all get from the work of our Class Scribe!  Thank you to all of you who have helped our class by being our Scribe.

2021 Winter

2020 Summer.  Because of the pandemic,  the summer of 2020 was virtual — see “Class News” for a virtual Quarterly

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These are  your deadlines.  Send your news now:
January 25  (for the spring issue)
May 8  (for the summer issue)
August 8 (for the fall issue)
November 8 (for the winter issue)
January, 2021 — Class Notes are under the care of our Scribe, Rocki Hill Hughes ,  who lives in the DC area.   They will soon be under the care of Nancy Desmond Cox, our soon-to-be Scribe.  Please write her with your news to help make her job fun.  We all know it’s a big pain to have to beg for information, and we are all so grateful to the person who volunteers to be our Scribe.