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February 16, 2022 —  Your webmaster lives in Annapolis, Maryland, which is in Anne Arundel County.  It is now almost exactly two years since the beginning of the pandemic.  A year ago we thought we were just about finished, and so I stopped these COVID emails.  But in the past year it has become an ugly discussion, sections of the country have gone back and forth about mask requirements, and it has become overtly political.  A new COVID variant which is highly contagious has plagued every state.  After vaccinations, people have received booster shots.  Masked mandates are the norm, but there are still protests.  Schools have been closed for in-person learning, then open, then closed, etc.  This is the morning headline in The Capital, our newspaper.  Life is crazy.  Liz Hottel Barrett, Website Master

Anne Arundel County Public Schools make masking optional starting Friday

Starting Friday, it will be optional to wear a mask indoors in Anne Arundel County school buildings