Our Leaders

Class Agents:  In addition to our class officers, we have all sorts of people helping our class keep together and enjoy our senior years.  In addition to the Class Officers, we have many class agents.  I resigned when I became the web mistress.  

In September, 2017, Sandy Svehovic Hewitt, Co-Head Class Agent, wrote:     A big thank you to all the class agents for their fundraising efforts during the last academic year.  The 2017-2018 year is now beginning, and we have a class goal of $125,000 with 60% participation.  Even though this is another non-reunion year, class volunteers are vital to the College.  Your head class agents  (Sandra Hewitt and Sallie Raleigh) are looking for a few more volunteers to help solicit their fellow classmates.  Remember, many hands make light work!  If you are willing to volunteer, please contact Sandra Svihovec Hewitt at sksvihovec@aol.com.  Thanks.

June, 2021 — That was our final reminder about our giving. Our Class no longer needs a Head Class Agent, so thanks go to Sandra for all of her hard work on behalf of us all.