Part 16: 12/12/20 – 1/19/21

And so we come to the end of 2020, a truly miserable and memorable year.

12/12/20 –You see how I get my priorities straight:  December 11 was my 80th birthday.  It also just happened to be the day the Supreme Court told Donald Trump to take a hike, AND the FDA gave the go-ahead to our first USA vaccine from Pfizer.  WOW What a day!   We can all breathe more easily now and  recover from our celebrations. My day ended with a pack of 50 postcards to Georgia delivered on my front steps.  No time to rest!🙂
     I’m sharing with you a poem that my son John read at the beginning of the day as part of my very special ZOOM celebration from my far-reaching family.  You won’t get the inside jokes, but it is pretty special.  Love and hugs, Liz Webfoot


In the year of the plague that has emptied each room
we sit alone on our asses and fumble with Zoom

2020 makes me want to enter full sedation.
Swirling, swirling down the toilet goes our worried nation
COVID kills all glee and politics are sheer damnation
What cause can there be this holiday for celebration?

I’ll tell you what cause we have:

A beacon of hope radiates from the Queen
Of our hearts on this glorious December one-teen
She brings us the joy of her eightieth year
And finally find we all a good cause for great cheer

She’s the Empress Fondue, truly one of the greats
The Duchess Lasagna who makes her own plates
She’s the Lady of Laughter, feeble-y down-y
The Mistress of Bridge, the Czarina of Brownie

We shout from the rooftops, oh you are the bomb!
Happy birthday to you, to my fabulous mom.

12/12/20 — Happy 80th Liz. You must be the youngest in our class. What would we do without Zoom in these days of isolation from our children and grandchildren?  Thanks for sharing the poem. Lots of fun and love in it. Barbara Hartt Hise

12/12/20 — HBD, celebrated Mom!

I celebrate you too…🎉🎈and I love the “Gifts” to all in 12/11. (anonymous)

12/12/20 — Liz, you beat me by six weeks. I celebrated my 80th at the end of October. Happy belated birthday.  Jennifer Seaver

12/12/20 — Indeed, best wishes, Liz. And thanks for all the contributions to this chat group. . .  At this point, each birthday is special. I will mark the 8-0 next year! Elsa Anderson van Bergen

12/12/20 — Oh, Elsa, how marvelous.   Surely you are the youngest in our class.   When is your birthday?  Webfoot

12/12/20 — Happy birthday Liz.  Love your son’s poem.  Nancy Cox

12/12/20 — Happy Birthday, Lis.  What a wonderful poem.  You deserve all the kudos.  Muffy

12/12/20 — Happy Birthday Liz!   Your son is a wonderful poet!    You did good!    Betsy

12/12/20 — Quinessential Liz!  The “gods” lined up to give you the most perfect memory of events to include in your milestone moment ~ including both a special poem and the postcards’ reminder that there is still much pressing work on your calendar.  Love and hugs,  ~ Bobbi

12/12/20 — How did I not remember that our birthdays are only 2 days apart –2 days plus 1 year, that is, you young thing!  Loved John’s poem in your honor and definitely it was a good day nationally, thank goodness!
     Mine was the 9th and was also a surprisingly lovely celebration starting with Kirsten dropping off coffee, a muffin, and a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream and ending with her bringing by a plate of the best sushi I’ve ever had, a small bottle of sake, and some egg nog.  I partook of it all! (No wonder I’ve gained 10 pounds!)  In between my 2 older grandchildren phoned as well as a number of friends, so I felt well feted, even in near absentia.  Cheers, Kim

12/12/20– Liz, you are to be congratulated. May your first year in your eighties be a good one, hopefully much improved over the last. And
congratulations too on John’s poem – it’s truly delightful and not at
all an easy thing to bring off.  Sandra (Iger Kohler)

12/13/20 —  Hi there 80 year old!  I really really love John’s poem–that is a work of art!  You certainly are Royalty!  And he is very clever!  XOXOXO  Babbie

12/13/20 — Liz, I echo Sandra’s words.  You are such a baby!  Nice to have you joining the rest of us already in our 80s.  And I loved John’s poem.  Liz Also

(Editorial note:  There have been some hilarious  anti-trump videos that are not only side-splitting but brilliant.  Unfortunately, they are too big for me to include in our notes here.  What’s more, it’s not considered appropriate to be political in our chats.  My apologies, but a President like Donald J Trump is impossible to ignore.)

 12/17/20 — I just finished Part 15 of our COVID compilation.  The year is coming to an end and COVID will be with us for another few months, so I guess I’ll keep going.  You will make me feel more worthwhile if you take the time to read some of the more than 60,000 of YOUR words!
     Having just read over the past months of emails, there was one comment that I’d like to reintroduce.  Amy told us that she was cheering on all of us “hopeful” classmates, but went on to say that she would probably be estranged from her three brothers.  There followed a couple of comments.  Amy, I want you to know that I have great empathy for you.  I don’t know how dug-in are your brothers, but I, too, have a family member who is on the other side of this horrible national fence.  It makes it very difficult for the rest of our family to talk freely when he is present.  It’s hard for me to enjoy conversation with him — okay as long as I stay with his topics.  I can’t mention anything that might be controversial which seems to be everything except for sports,  popular music and food.  So Amy, I am sad for you and hope that your brothers along with my son can budge a little and can be somewhat okay with Biden.  I don’t think that that will happen, but I am always hopeful as well as also sad.
     I’m feeling bad about mentioning my son.  It is intentionally personal,  so please keep all names confidential. Thanks.
     OMG – Santa’s on his way and I have done little more than order  online things which run into shipping problems.  Our smaller-than-usual tree is beautiful, but it’s going to be a strangely quiet and lonely Christmas.  Cheers and hugs and a little humbug — Liz Webfoot

12/17/20 — Dear Liz, We do take time to read the 60,000 words, and it gives us cheer. Please keep up the effort and know that we appreciate it. Best, BB – Barbara B Farquhar

12/17/20 — Thanks, BB. It is comforting to know how people feel about it. If you find errors, if I’ve left something out, or if you just don’t like the way I handled something, please speak up.  It’s not written in stone, it’s only written in blood.🤐
     Of course if you like something, don’t be shy to include those feelings, too!👼  xxx LWF

12/17/20 — Love and joy and comfort to all who read this. I too have a problematic relationship, Liz, and am grateful to have cooking and snow as safe topics!!  And love and hugs. Dottie

12/17/20 — Thank you, Liz, for understanding – I do have a sister, three daughters and a couple of son-in-laws who see things as I do and we’re all excited about a new start – just take my brothers on their strengths and look away from their politics – getting used to being alone. No children or grandchildren with us, haven’t seen our CA family for a year, lucky I have Rob and that we get along – amy

12/17/20 — Wow, it does seem that problematic relationships are a sad part of many of our lives.  My two sons do not get along–makes for strained family gatherings.  But on another note, thank you for all your thoughts, observations, sharings. They are uplifting.Best wishes during this strange time. Be safe and well Barbara Freeman Douglass


12/25/20 — Merry Christmas everyone!  We watched the wonderful Xmas holiday movie “Love Actually” last night, as has been our tradition for years.  This has to be about the 10th time we’ve seen it — and I never tire of it — think it has to be the “ultimate” feel good movie, starring too many great British actors to list here (Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Furth, etc.). Judy K Judy Marshall Kennedy

12/25/20 — We watched our traditional movie last night—Christmas Story.  You’re right, we have no class! Sally

12/15/20 — I watched White Christmas! 1954, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and more…So corny but loved the music and dancing. I couldn’t get over all those women stuck into the pointy bras of the era—guess it brought back memories of my pointy bra days. Barbara (Freeman Douglass)

12/25/20 — Just want to wish everyone in the Class of ‘61 a good—though certainly unusual—holiday.  We woke up to a dusting of snow and an outside temp of 10, “feels like -4,” but my sister in Weston, MA just reported hard rain and 59 degrees.  I hope everyone is safe and cozy and well.  I’m sad that we won’t be gathering on campus for our reunion in May;  I guess virtual will have to do.  Hugs all around, Sally

12/15/20 — I am looking forward to our virtual reunion. Merry Christmas!  Jennifer B-C Seaver

12/25/20 — Merry Christmas to all -it’s bright and sunny here in California, with tempertaures cool for us, in the 50s, but we’re listening to our favorite old Christmas cd’s from Chanteclair and British boy choirs. I’m looking forward to the reunion too – and will give you all a warning – Betsy, Ding and I need to get to work on the program. One thing we loved from the last reunion was our book discussions. and I hope we’ll repeat it. Ideas for other program, and people we might want to recognize for career or volunteer work? Meanwhile, enjoy the moment, with hopes for a saner and kinder government coming in!  Dee

12/25/20 — Felice Navidad!   Just zoomed with our Mexican son and his wife and the rest of our family!   I’m looking forward to our virtual reunion also.  It will be fun!   Betsy

(Ed. note:  a blank email arrived to the chat group.)
12/25/20 — Sorry, my puppy walked on my iPad screen.  Maybe she was trying to say Merry Christmas!  Sally

12/25/20 — Wishing all of us a lovely Christmas – and even a merry one if you can!     Sherry

12/25/20 — Must be behind the times but just learned the in-person reunion is off . Not that much of a zoomed,  will need to look for local class mates – amy laidlaw, Fernandina  Beach, FL

12/25/20 — Well, it’s the end of Christmas Day, and for us it was delightful.  We did nothing and saw no one and actually LOVED the day of relaxation, lovely meals, a nice walk, and internet communication with many friends and family. I am grateful for all that we have and enjoy, and I am grateful for our MHC experiences.  It was not at all a bad way to begin our adult lives!  Merry Christmas, and Hugs to all, Liz Webfoot


12/26/20 — Strangest Christmas ever! Just me and one son in new place and absolutely unChristmaslike weather.  But a time to reflect and appreciate what I do have, including you all. In addition to the Reunion being all virtual, the date is now May 21. Save it! Best wishes! Barbara (Freeman Douglass) 

12/31/20 — I want to wish everyone a HAPPIER New Year
Jennifer B-C Seaver

(Ed Note:  My apologies to you readers that a marvelous video of dancing robots couldn’t make it to the website.  Everyone adored it!)

12/31/20 — That video is amazing, Liz.  Happy New Year to all!!  Marian

12/31/20 — Such fun to watch!   I’ve sent it on to others!   An unusual  good laugh to end this very unusually awful year.    Thanks Liz!   Betsy

12/31/20 –And a better 2021 to all!  BB  Barbara B. Farquhar

12/31/20 — Thanks for sharing that Liz.  I’m with Barb — a Better 2021 (it HAS to be, right?) to all!  Kim

12/31/20 — Loved the video, especially the yellow creature. Thanks! With hope and good wishes for 2021 Barb (Freeman Douglass)  

12/31/20 — “Great minds thing alike” Barb. I too was mezmerized by the 4-legged yellow creature. Thanks so much for the share, Liz.
Judy K Judy Marshall Kennedy

1/1/21 — A friend sent this to me, and I thought you would all enjoy it, too.  Frannie Blair
Good Riddance, But Now What?
       Come children, gather round my knee:
       Something is about to be.
Tonight’s December 31 st ,
Something is about to burst.
       The clock is crouching, dark and small,
       Like a time bomb in the hall.
Hark, it’s midnight, children dear,
Duck! Here comes another year!
       Ogden Nash
1/2/21 —  Ogden Nash had it right.   Jennifer B-C Seaver
1/1/21 — Adding HAPPIER 2021 wishes to this thread!    Sherry Welles Urner

1/4/21 — Thanks, Ann.  Maybe he’s not as bad as he sounded yesterday.  It’s time to start holding our breath — aargh. Cheers — Liz

1/4/21 — Frannie, thanks for the Ogden Nash and smile. 

1/4/21/–  Classmates, are you sitting on the edges of your seats as we are?  The telephone call to Raffensberger (Ed. note: Georgia’s Secretary of State) is just so frightening and unbelievable.   Bless that wonderful man.  I keep turning on the telly and listening again.  It’s just one more day until the Georgia run/offs, and soon it’ll be over. Hopefully there is a happy ending.
     In the meantime, I’m  curious to hear from Ohioans.  Is your Governor as awful as he comes across?  I’m appalled.  Hugs to you all.   Webfoot
1/4/21 — I did not see the interview with Governor Mike DeWine on CNN yesterday, which is what I think you may be referring to, Liz, and so cannot comment on that.
     I have lived in Ohio for over 50 years and so have seen both Republican and Democratic Governors. DeWine strikes me as a moderate Republican who is being squeezed by his own party. Four far right members of the Ohio legislature have introduced articles of impeachment against him (and remember that Jim Jordan is a Representative from Ohio), based on his mandate to wear masks and his regulations regarding the closure of businesses. The Chair of the Ohio Republican Party has defended him. He has struck me (a Democrat) as someone who has principles and who usually, although not always, stands by them. While I do not always agree with his positions, I basically respect him.  Anne Fry
1/4/21 — Thanks, Ann.  Maybe he’s not as bad as he sounded yesterday.  It’s time to start holding our breath — aargh. Cheers — Liz
1/5/21 — A strong, articulate, and very concerned Tom Friedman (who I especially like and admire) was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN last night and called tomorrow’s Republican plans a “Legislative Coup d’Etat.”  If I was nervous and scared before, now I’m terrified.  This is no “stunt” as the politicians on both sides tend to say over-and-over.  Trump means this — if he could, he would overthrow the election and stay in power, even if it means fighting in the streets.  These naieve and ambitious Republican Senators have completely lost their bearings.  As Friedman continued to say, “If Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley or Marco Rubio think for one minute that Trump will relinquish the torch to one of them in 2024, instead of to Don Jr or Ivanka or himself, they are as delusional as Trump himself.”   I think this week is “make-or-break time” for the nation, and the only thing I can think to do individually is pray, and I’m not even a religious person in the traditional sense. Judy K Judy Marshall Kennedy

          Merrian Webster Definition of coup d’état :
a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics especially, the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

1/5/21 — Judy, I decided not to watch CNN last night. Now I’m sorry I missed Tom Friedman. I know you adore him and I’m glad that you shared this with us because I hate feeling so nervous and scared and full of dread. You make me feel less alone. I want to open the doors, and run around and scream “HELP!”. I want everyone to be ready on Wednesday for any problems. I just have to hope that they are. Certainly, “they” (whomever they are), are aware of the possibility. Deep breaths are all I can do.
     I just can’t believe that we are going through this. We’re trying not to watch anything today, but I’m sure we will tune into Rachel at 7:00 or 7:30 or whenever she starts tonight. I’m trying very hard not to keep typing and spewing forth how I feel — the feeling which has been growing steadily.
     Thank you for putting up with my spewing. Love you all —               Liz Webfoot

1/6/21 a.m. — Hi, Ann and everyone else.  Of course I couldn’t go to bed!  I stayed up until shortly after midnight when it looked like things were hopeful but we would not be getting much more news.  Couldn’t sleep, of course, and so I turned on the telly again to find that MSNBC had all gone to bed and turned back to CNN.  And voila!  I got the good news that Jon is in the lead and expected to pull it off, and Raphael is declared winner, and we’ll learn more today when they start counting ballots again around 10:00 am.  However, it is now noon and I haven’t seen a change in voter tally.  Nonetheless, I am feeling buoyed and so hopeful that this day will end well.
     Aiyaiyai.  No more voter tallying.  Now we are watching the preparations for the vote count in DC — the National Guard  — the HUGE mobs of angry Trump supporters.  The best thing about all of this is that he’s getting such a bad rap because he’s behaving so badly.  I’m not a Mike Pence fan, but I’m praying that he can stay strong and intolerant of Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the election.  Liz Cheney is proving herself, too  — impressive.  This is going to be a LONG day. Hooray for all of us.  Now what’s next? Cheers and hugs,

1/6/21 — Liz, you were the first person I thought of as the GREAT NEWS came in!   I sure wish they would call it for Ossoff but it is certainly looking very hopeful!  I didn’t sleep much either! But I am so relieved. Here’s to better days ahead!  Kim

1/6/21 — Congress is assembling- all with masks.  Now doing social distancing. Thanks to Nancy Pelosi. Interesting revolution within the Republican Party today. Ann MB

Editor’s Comments:  Little did we know that January 6, 2021, was the day of Insurrection on the US Capitol, an attempt to overthrow our democracy spurned on by our President, Donald J Trump, and responsible for the deaths of 5 people.    There is no way to describe the day, much of which was on television. Trump and Confederate flags were flying high, and the rioters broke into the Capitol to go after the legislators.  It was gripping and awful, and thankfully the legislators made it to underground tunnels before they were found.  There was a huge amount of destruction to the building and to the offices of the legislators, much theft of papers and equipment.  A day none of us will ever forget.


1/6/21 — p.m. At least there is good news in what is otherwise the worst day for our country in our history.  Barbara Hartt Hise
*What good news?
*Democrats won both Senate seats.
1/6/21– I was glad that happened. Jennifer
* Yes! Much needed after the awful mob today.

* I was glued to the TV all morning, not able to believe what I was seeing at the Capitol –  and it doesn’t sound as though the people I was hearing thinks it will stop. What are we coming to in this country? I hope the house and senate can get through their process quickly, and that this will make the Republican objectors think twice about what they are trying to do.

* 1/6/21 — (Ed note:  many forgot to sign, but it’s a rather unusual day.)  What bugs me no end is that Kelly Loeffler says that after they get back to business, she will still continue to object. How dare she!!!! She says it is her duty to object. How pathetic, and what a horrible group of objecters, and what a horrible day. A couple of Republicans came through brilliantly, and for that I am grateful. Mitch McConnell, Toomey, Liz Cheney — all surprised me with their conscience-driven well spoken statements.
     It’s 7:11 pm, and we’re still waiting for things in the Capitol to be cleared out. Boy, I hope they identify and nail some of the offenders. I think Trump should pay for the damage. I found interesting the discussions about removing him from office right now because he is just too mentally ill to stay in power. I think they are right: he is so dangerous. Time will tell… Hugs, Liz WF

1/7/21 —

Remember that laughter keeps us healthy.   xxxx Liz Webfoot

Sue Wheatley Carr

* 😎🤣😎🤣😎🤣
Jennifer Seaver
*  Priceless.  Liz T

and Sue also sent in that same chart of women leaders of the world:  all the sane countries who are able to control the virus.
* So true.  Kim

That’s so telling.  Jannifer

Uh oh! Too late for us to do anything about that😂

I’m concerned that Biden is considering releasing all the vaccine without allowing for 2nd shots. I’m not interested in getting a shot with no idea when the 2nd will be available. In the long run that seems like a waste. 
Barbara Hartt Hise 

1/15/21 –Priceless, but I’m having trouble laughing at almost all of this.  Such trying times.  So much at stake.  So terrifying.  I live close to our State House here in Annapolis, so I will know if there are any threats of vandalism or combat. I doubt if there will be anything because we are such a thru-and-thru blue state.   Hugs to you all —
Liz Webfoot

1/15/21 — If you need to get away from Annapolis,  Liz, you can come to West Chester PA. It’s about a 2 hrs drive. Jennifer B-C Seaver

1/15/21 — Thanks, Jennifer, for the invitation.  (In my mind, I still think “Jiffy.”🤗)  I used to work for Roy F Weston Co., which was headquartered in West Chester — and our best friends lived there, too.  Such a pretty area.  My oldest son lives in Berwyn, not too far away.  We used to go up there every once in awhile.  However, this past Christmastime, we went for only a couple of hours and saw him and grandchildren only on their front porch.  Now we  aren’t going anywhere or doing anything. We have “preregistered” for vaccine for 75 and older, Maryand section 1B.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Hugs, Liz Webfoot  
1/16/21 — I was called Jiffy as a youngster when one of my siblings decided to give us all nicknames. My brother-in-law still calls me that sometimes. My neighbor Dan worked at Weston until he and 3 others started their own firm. It now has 100+ employees.  Jennifer
1/16/21 — Indiana rarely does anything well, but it was easy for us to register for and get our Covid vaccine last Wednesday.  It was open to those over 80, but now it’s open to 70 or 75.  Very easy process fairly near home.  I just hope the second dose will be available when we need it!  It took my brother 3 hours online or by phone to register for his vaccine in Virginia, but he did get it.  No side effects at all for #1 except Charles’ arm was a bit sore.  Second doses are causing significant malaise for 24-36 hours in many, apparently, but then OK.  We will plan accordingly!  Hope everyone can get their vaccine soon!  But all precautions still need to be maintained after vaccination for the safety of everyone!  Sally (Sarah E Gipson)
1/16/21 — Hello everyone. I am announcing my success . After 5 days of constant clicking on my computer I finally landed a reservation for a Covid Vaccination at 12:55 AM this morning.  I think it is absolutely outrageous that federal, state, local governments expect 80+ year olds to navigate the inner workings of the internet in order to get a shot. I think we should try to mobilize AARP to help seniors with this. AARP rakes in so much in membership and insurance they must have the means to get some YOUNGER people to do this for us. What do you think?  Chris Hollister Hila
1/16/21 — Congratulations – and sorry it was so hard!  Yes,  80 year olds should get good treatment!!  (anon)
1/16/21 — We just came back from getting ours here in Long Beach  CA.  It was quite a mob scene, because the governor changed the age from over 75 to over 65 at the last minute, but we’re OK.  We were lucky to get an appointment when we tried earlier this week, and there were still long lines.  But we got them, and are feeling fine so far.  Dee
1/16/21 — I got our covid vaccinations scheduled for this week also, Chris. Our county announced locations and telephone numbers.  Of course you could not get through.  The public health department put a registration form on the internet after their phone line crashed.  I was lucky enough to see it and registered.  I am guessing many did not see it and are frustrated with the process. AARP helpers is a good idea as well as library volunteers. Nancy Cox
1/17/21 — Great to hear all our adventures!  Let’s  hope we all get our shots soon, with no complications!  We’re hardy MHC graduates, after all!  Dee

1/18/21 — We feel VERY lucky to have been given our first vaccine dose a week ago – without any side effects other than a sore arm.  In general, Florida, which of course is densely populated with OLD people and snowbirds, has not made registration for the vaccine easy or consistent, and appointments are available to anyone 65 and older. Multitudes of people are distressed and frustrated with the inability to manage the system and get an appointment. We, on the other hand, were so fortunate to hear about a clinic opening in 3 days time, registered easily, and (tho we had to drive 45 minutes to the next county for the shot,) spent no time in lines, screening was efficient, injection was painless, 15 minute observation was in a comfortable room, and we were home again in 2 1/2 hours!  I hope the same can happen for those of you waiting… Sherry Welles Urner

 p.s. now a little worried about availability for our 2nd dose on Feb. 8.
1/18/21 — Happy for all the good stories – Robert (he’ll be 85 in March tho FL doesn’t care) and I are on every waiting list possible but still no vaccine – his doctor in Ct called and invited him there for his shot! We aren’t that desperate – Amy
1/18/21 — PA hasn’t got itself together in my county. 
Jennifer Seaver
1/19/21 — I thought I had sent this to the Chat but I guess not.  Very helpful description of a nurse’s experience after her second vaccine dose.   I read another persons description, similar but only 24 hours.  And apparently vaccinated people may, in some cases, transmit virus.  Good idea to plan for it just in case!  Sally Sarah E Gipson
       This is a log of the side effect symptoms of an experienced ER nurse in San Francisco.  This covers the 36 hours after her 2nd Covid-19 shot.  I don’t know whether she got Pfizer or Moderna.  She said that knowing people experiencing this, she scheduled it for the end of a shift with a couple days off following.  This sounds like a plan to me. 
Cotton head and mild nausea after 3-4 hours.
At about 16 hours, moderate headache, significant body aches, especially facet joints between cervical vertebrae. Injection site tenderness. A weirdly tender spot on the dorsal aspect of R foot. (A friend thought she had a DVT, and I can see why. I don’t have one, though. No redness or swelling.)
Now, at about 20 hours, persistent headache, responding slightly to hydration. Exhaustion. Cervical joint pain continues and is now descending down thoracic vertebrae and down bilateral upper extremities to the elbows. Basically, like a truck hit me!
Hours 22-23: all symptoms worse (especially headache and body aches), joint pain extended to lumbar area.
26 hours: Everything getting better now.
29 hours: headache is so persistent. Haven’t taken anything yet, but I might.
Also, swollen and tender L-sided supraclavicular lymph node (on the side of the injection)!
36 hours and beyond: mild injection site tenderness and the swollen lymph node are all that remain. Feeling good!
Yay, immune system working!

1/19/21 — Well that sounds pretty yucky but better than the real deal!  Thanks for the warning, Sally.  Would appreciate hearing other stories of side effects from you all after both doses, but particularly the second one. Thanks!  Kim  
PS  You must be a better declutterer than I am, Dee!  I still have my mother’s pearls as well as several strands of my own, and assorted earrings too!  They should look quite fetching with one of my caftans, my garment of choice these days!!

1/19/21 — Just got out my pearls to wear tomorrow to honor our first multi-racial female Vice President.  Hope some of you are planning to do the same.  Here’s a link to an article about wearing pearls tomorrow:  Judy K (Judy Marshall Kennedy)

1/19/21 — Thanks Judy, I enjoyed the article. My usual earrings are my aunt Anne’s  pearl studs which I’ll wear thinking about how important the support of our group is. Dottie Smith Mann

1/19/21 — Thanks, Judy.  It’ll be the first time I’ve worn pearls in I-dont-know-how-many years — will feel festive.  Being so close to DC,  when I look at the maps of what is going on there, I find it simply astounding.  I’ll admit to worry about National Guard look-alikes from those who would do us in.  I will try not to watch TV when they start listing the pardons.  Hugs to you all — Liz Webfoot 

1/19/21 — Great story, Judy!  I’m reaching for my pearls – and forwarding your link to other women i know. Cindy Dennett Yee

1/19/21 — Thanks Judy.  I will wear my pearls tomorrow.  They will add a touch of class to my quarantine jeans.  How very exciting to have a woman VP! Nancy Cox

1/19/21 —  That’s a great idea.  Jennifer Seaver

1/19/21 — Didn’t know about this “new tradition” but I too will get out my pearls! Thanks for sharing this great idea! Kim

1/19/21 — It’s a good idea – don’t have any pearls any more, but could do some other beads.  Dee

1/19/21 — Getting out my pearls!
Barbara HH

1/19/21 — I still have my wedding pearls and will wear them in support of Kamala tomorrow.  BB Farquhar

1/19/21 — Can I wear pearls with sweatpants and sweatshirt?  Sally Sarah E Gipson

1/19/21 — Ditto. Liz T 

1/19/21 — How long has it been since we put on a dress or a suit?  Jennifer

1/19/21 — Pearls for sure!!  Sherry 

Ed note:  Inauguration Day tomorrow!