Class Booklet

May 2021.  Here is a list of the names of those classmates included in the booklet, and they are listed in maiden name order.

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Elsa Anderson van Bergen
Judy Ashworth
Sallie S.E. Austin Raleigh
Jennifer Bagster-Collins Seaver
Barbara (Babbie) Baldwin Miller
Marcia Bentley
Frances Blair (Frannie/Fran)
Catherine Bloecker Nelson
Peggy Bloete Shilling
Carol Bloomberg Glassheim
Ann Bragner Lape
Joan Bunting Lennon
Bobbi Childs Sampson
Sallie M Crittendon
Callie Davidge Demtrak
Dee de Ferranti Abrahamse
Cynthia Dennett Yee (Cindy)
Nancy Desmond Cox
Norma Fowler Harvey Aronson
Barbara Freeman Douglass
Cindy Freidman Sutton
Mary Ginn Weinland
Susan Griffen Meeker
Susannah Harris Wilson
Susan Higgins Donnelly
Roxane (Rocki) Hill Hughes
Christina Hollister Hila
Liz Hottel Barrett
Nicki Huttrer Haller
Betsy Karch Wilson
Katherine Kaufmann Snelson
Bette Keck Peterson
Kim Kimball Holmquist
Judith Marshall Kennedy
Peggy McCabe Cruger
Alice McGovern Doering
Louise McLean Peeler
Ann Merchant Boesgaard
Eleanor (Nony) Moore Barr
Lois Quick
Susan Rhodes Brown
Joan Schlosberg Kass
Carol Schwartz Haag
Myra Small
Carol Spalding Bulkeley
Virginia Sparrow Smith
Marian Strong Moore
Sandra Svihovec Hewitt
Carol Sweeney Benson
Ruth Vars Barnes
Rosemary (Robin) Walsh Obrien
Sherry Urner Welles
Sue Wheatley Carr


001 Book


And Judy Starr McLaughlin sent her page in too late to make it into the booklet.  It was so good to hear from her: