Happy Birthday, Mary Lyon!

On behalf of the Executive Committee for the Great MHC Class of 1961, I will be hosting an informal Class of 1961 Open Zoom meeting on Mary Lyon’s birthday, Monday Feb 28, 2022 at 4 pm.  The purpose:   to simply get together once again, say hi, and hear briefly (VERY briefly) how everyone’s doing.

To give the open zoom at least some structure in case we’re lucky enough to get a large group, be thinking about how you would answer the following question in just a sentence or two:  If you could simply “click your heels” to go right now, where would you go and why would you like to be there?

If you want to participate, please send your email address to me at judy@whitehorsepress.com between now and the 28th, so I can add you to the official Zoom “invite,” which will provide you with the link to join on the day of.   In the meantime, help spread the word to other classmates who you think might enjoy seeing each other and participating.

Judy K
Judith Marshall Kennedy
(603) 356-6884

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