Myra Small on Israel

 This request for news comes at an unusual time. A month ago we
woke to the startling news that the hundred year border was dissolving
and brutal fighters of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria had taken
large swaths of Iraq. I was preparing to sing Mozart’s Requiem.
   Ten days ago I sang in La Traviata with an excellent South African
tenor whose native tongue is Zulu. This was in the town of Ashdod
which has since been pummeled day and night by rockets from Gaza.
   And last week we managed two spirited performances of Carmina
Burana (in 11th-12th century Latin) in Tel Aviv- without having to
stop because of rockets.
   Surrealistic? I wait to see what comes next
Myra Small            Rehovot, Israel, July 12, 2014

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