2016 Bobolink Project Update

Carol Benson shares with us information about the Bobolink Project.  Here is an update to Bobolink Project supporters.

Last year, you were part of the Bobolink Project team that helped protect 549 acres of grasslands in Vermont. With that action you helped an estimated 550 young Bobolinks successfully fledge, and simply put, without your help those Bobolinks would not have survived. The Bobolink Project has demonstrated this can work, and you were part of that success. We can continue to expand on the success of this work, and directly influence the future of nesting grassland birds – but only with your help.

In 2016 we already have 320 acres of land pledged by interested farmers, and we expect to receive more bids from farmers in the next weeks. As in previous years, the amount of land we can protect, and the number of baby Bobolinks we can produce, is directly related to your continued donation.

Here is more on the Bobolink Project. http://www.bobolinkproject.com/

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