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Holiday Eggnog

Name: Georgia Regnault
Class Year: 1964
Country of Residence: The Netherlands

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

Recipe is compliments of the Fanny Farmer Boston School of Cooking, first published in 1896. Since I have been making this eggnog every Christmas since 1968, I must have used the recipe in the edition from the 1965 edition! But it is still offered in my ‘newest’ edition from 1990. This cookbook remains for me the “go to” for basic recipes and cooking hints, even though this 1200+ page paperback is falling apart.

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Madeline’s Elderflower Syrup Come True

Name: Elizabeth & Madeline (Mother/Daughter Team) Hansen
Class Year: 1995
Country of Residence: Switzerland

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

My daughter, Madeline loves the local tradition in Suisse Romande of giving children home made syrup in their water as a festive drink to accompany their meals. She also loves Elderflowers. Several years ago, while recipe hunting, she realised that we could make syrup with the beautiful blooms in our neighbourhood. For some reason or another we never managed to complete the process until this contest!!! We can attest that the little effort and preparation is worth this sweet and refreshing syrup. When it is mixed into water soon after one is rewarded with a wonderful smile!

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Gløgg (Spiced mulled wine)

Name: Catherine Overgaard
Class Year: 2003
Country of Residence: Denmark

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

You may have heard recently of the Danish concept “Hygge” (pronounced hew-ga).  It’s gained quite a following around the world for its emphasis on living in cozy simplicity.  Hygge involves candles and wood stoves, book nooks and spending time with friends.  It’s about enjoying the simple things in life, really.  Though the concept can be applied year round (think beach picnics in the summer, making dinner with a friend in the fall) it is a must during the dark, very rainy winter months of Denmark. 

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Marquisette (Champagne & wine punch)

Name: Laura Campbell
Class Year: 2005
Country of Residence: France

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

A bubbly, fruity, and light punch perfect for the summer, Marquisette is synonymous with festive family occasions in Southern France for me. This recipe is my French mother-in-law Colette’s, and while it’s very easy to make, it does require some planning ahead. Opening a bottle of champagne or other bubbly wine means we know it’s a special occasion when it’s served. Colette’s family has lived in the Montpellier and Avignon area for generations, and Marquisette is often served at village festivals in summer in the Ardèche, Gard, and Hérault departments.

A regional drink almost to a fault, I was surprised to discover it’s unheard of in Toulouse or Marseille even though the regions are close. Marquisette is delicate and sweet, and deserves to be known beyond Southern France. It’s the perfect drink for a warm evening outdoors with friends and family, dancing under Chinese lanterns while the fireflies come out.

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Yerba Mate Chai Latte

Name: Elizabeth Taeed
Class Year: 2009
Country of Residence: Portugal

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

My husband and I run a small loose-leaf tea shop, stocked with our favourite teas discovered during our four years of travel. Yerba mate is one of them! It is a herbal tea with caffeine levels on par with coffee, but without any bitterness and with a rich, smooth taste. We also fell in love with masala chai during our year in India, so combining the two is an obvious combination.

This is a simple recipe we’ve created ourselves for our tea shop, and although it takes a little time (30 minutes), it’s worth every minute of steeping. While you can change the chai ingredients listed as much as you like (including type and amount), I strongly recommend including turmeric pieces as they turn the milk a gorgeous gold and give that distinctly Indian taste! Lastly, if you can’t find yerba mate, you can of course replace it with a black loose leaf tea.

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