Madeline’s Elderflower Syrup Come True

Name: Elizabeth & Madeline (Mother/Daughter Team) Hansen
Class Year: 1995
Country of Residence: Switzerland

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

My daughter, Madeline loves the local tradition in Suisse Romande of giving children home made syrup in their water as a festive drink to accompany their meals. She also loves Elderflowers. Several years ago, while recipe hunting, she realised that we could make syrup with the beautiful blooms in our neighbourhood. For some reason or another we never managed to complete the process until this contest!!! We can attest that the little effort and preparation is worth this sweet and refreshing syrup. When it is mixed into water soon after one is rewarded with a wonderful smile!

Madeline’s Elderflower Syrup Come True

Number of servings depend on how sweet one likes their drink! Just mix a little at a time with water until the correct sweetness. Takes approx. several days.


For 2 Liters of Elderflower Syrup, you will need:

  • 10 Large Elderflowers (freshly picked are best)
  • 1 Liter of Water
  • 1 Organic Lemon
  • 50 ml Lemon Juice
  • 1kg Sugar

*sterilized 2 Liter Bottle ready to contain the syrup on Day 3


Trim all green stems (they are bitter) leaving the little white flowers. Wash these well.
Cut the lemon into thin slices.

Put these lemon slices into a saucepan and ad 1 L of water. Bring to a boil, cover and let
macirate for 3 days (store in a cool dark place).

Put through a sieve and mash the flowers and lemon well. Add the reserved lemon juice and sugar and bring to a boil again.

Cook for 3 minutes. Pour the still boiling syrup into sterilized glass bottles and store in a cool dark place to preserve longer. Be careful when pouring the syrup into the bottles. It s a hot, sticky process best done in pairs!

Elderflower Syrup


My daughter printed this recipe from an internet site several years ago.

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