Festive Edition 2020-2021

Uncommon Kitchens: A Collection of Special Recipes by Mount Holyoke Alumnae and Students from all over the World

Following the success of our first Uncommon Kitchens cookbook in 2020, the Mount Holyoke European Alumnae Council, cooperating with the Mount Holyoke Global Alumnae Engagement Group, reached out to our international network asking for festive recipes from all over the world. The objective was to create a new collection of mouthwatering culinary gems, gathering recipes and dear memories belonging to all the different seasonal and festive traditions cherished within our international community.

Uncommon Kitchens Festive Edition Cover

Our Festive Edition includes  43 recipes from alums and students living in 15 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. The recipes include traditional family dishes, extravagant culinary adventures, and creative interpretations of old classics.  These culinary creations offer us a unique and wonderful way to celebrate our international network and to enrich our Uncommon Kitchens collection.

Enjoy the recipes online or order our physical Festive Edition Uncommon Kitchens Cookbook and celebrate our diverse and multicultural network!

Red Napkins_Uncommon Kitchens Asian Edition