Uncommon Kitchens

Collections of Recipes by Mount Holyoke Alumnae and Students from, in or in Love with Europe

MHEAC April 2020 - The Uncommon Kitchen

In response to the social distancing, lock downs, and restrictions of 2020 and 2021, the European Alumnae Council held two recipe events. These celebrated the inspiring diversity of culinary backgrounds of Mount Holyoke alumnae and students, collecting over 100 recipes from dozens of countries. All recipes included explanatory backstories, sharing who and what was behind each dish. The first was a culinary competition, and the second a collection of holiday recipes from around the world.

You can get cooking either by exploring the recipes published here online, or ordering your own physical cookbooks from these two competitions. 

➤ View the winners & try the recipes from our Inaugural Edition

➤ View the recipes from our Festive Edition 

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