Global Alum Alliance

What is the Mount Holyoke Global Alum Alliance?

We are an ad hoc group of alum volunteers committed to voicing the interests, recognition and engagement of the growing body of alums from or living outside the U.S. The group fosters connections and program activities that connect global alums with each other, the Alumnae Association and the College. Group members mentor volunteers and country leads advise the Alumnae Association and the College on outreach and serve as global regional points of contact for global alums.  

Kim Hunter ’75 – South Asia, Korea, Australasia, MENA
Eleanor Chang ’78 – China
Silvia Maulini ’80 – Europe (MHEAC)
Dr. Ann Blake ’85 – Southeast Asia & Japan
Vijaya Pastala ’89 – India                                                                                                                                          Cynthia Reed ’80 

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