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Highlights from our most recent European Alumnae Symposium in Greece, 2019

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European Alumnae Symposia

The 15th European Alumnae Symposium was held on 4-6 October 2019 in Greece and it was a great success, attracting 150 alumnae and guests. Read all the details about it HERE or view the Alumnae Association’s GALLERY to see photos of the event!

Previous Symposia

European Alumnae Symposia have been held in the following cities:

1987: London
1990: Salzburg
1993: Rome
1995: Paris

1997: Amsterdam
1999: Munich
2002: Sevilla
2004: Dublin

2007: Geneva
2009: Oxford
2011: Turin
2013: Warsaw

2015: Leuven
2017: Riga
2019: Athens/ Fougaro

OUR NEXT SYMPOSIUM: Autumn 2021 – Istanbul, Turkey