Lunar New Year

Welcome to the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!

On January 22, 2023  many Asian countries celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. It is a time for family and friends to gather to spend time with each other, share a meal, and greet each other with lucky sayings.

This year  MHC alums, professors, staff members and students  from all over the world joined together and continued the tradition of  wishing  everyone a happy and healthy  Lunar New  Year in a very special video project, launched by Eleanor Chang ’78,  and supported by the Mount Holyoke Global Alum Alliance and a team of volunteers.

Greetings were edited by Beier Yao ’13 of Boston into a video set to yangqin music played by Bingyao Liu ’19  of Melbourne and shared on social media during the Lunar New Year period.

Mount Holyoke has a truly global alum community where 15% of the alum population is international. The Lunar New Year video greetings initiative shows that the global alums form a cohesive network with amazing strength. 

Watch the video greetings and celebrate with our global alums: Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Watch here  the video greetings produced in 2022 to celebrate the  Year of the Tiger.