The Winners

And the winners of the Uncommon Kitchens recipe competition are…

Home cooking – Main dishes             

Emily Arnold ’12 – United States Curried Butternut Pasta Emily Arnold
Meryem Puill- Châtillons ’80 – France           Méryem’s Lamb Curry Mereyam Puill- Châtillons
Lynn Meins ’70 – Germany             Lynn’s Favorite Fish Recipe Lynn Meins
Laura Aimone ’04 – Italy Penne in barca con asparagi selvatici (Penne on the boat with wild asparagus) Laura Aimone in India
Qudsia Ali ’95 – Saudi Arabia Masala Chicken Bread Qudsia Ali

Home cooking – Appetizers and relishes

Elizabeth Taeed ’09 – Portugal    Balsamic Vinegar, Thyme and Caramelised Onion Relish         Elizabeth Taeed with Tea

Home cooking – Baking and desserts

Rossella Di Palma ‘99 – Italy Eggplant and Ginger Jam Rossella Di Palma
Mieke Kamps ’78 – The Netherlands Dutch Alp d’HuZes Apple -Oat Pie Mieke Kamps
Vennie Muenzen ’10 – United States Homemade Dairy-free Banana Ice cream Vennie Muenzen
Corinne Morgan ’13 – United Kingdom Cranberry Orange Sweetbread Corinne Morgan

Haute Cuisine

Virginia Ross ’66 – United Kingdom Crab Soufflé  Virginia Ross

Regional – Traditional

Katrina Strikis ’10 – United States Pīrāgi (Bacon Buns) Katrina Strikis
Sarah Poniros ’13 – United States Yiayia Effie’s Moussaka Sarah Poniros
Aniela White ’05 – Poland Szarlotka (Polish apple pie) Aniela White
Deborah Wild ’97 – Georgia Dresdner Weihnachtsstollen (Christmas Stollen/Cake) (German) Deborah Wild


Laura Campbell ’05 – France Marquisette (Champagne Punch) Laura Campbell
Elisabeth Hansen ’95 – Switzerland Madeline’s Elderflower Syrup Come True Elizabeth and Madeline Hansen

Special Category – Best Pantry /Quarantine recipes

May Chen ’21 – China Mama’s Tomato Fried Eggs May Chen
Laila Kienel ’08 – Belgium Potato pancakes Laila Kienel
Micha Hellman ’19 – The Netherlands Homemade Dark Chocolate Micha Heilman
Suzanne Jansen ‘91 – The Netherlands Healthy Banana Pancakes Suzanne Jansen

All winners will receive a PDF copy of the cookbook “Repertoire” by fellow alumna and cookbook writer Jessica Battilana ‘ 00  (!

Special thanks to the evaluating committee, which included:

  • Victoria Breck ’08 – Belgium – Food blogger – see
  • Marcella Croce ’72 – Italy – Author and food anthropologist – see
  • Kate Old-Magnere ’90 – France – Chef and restaurant owner at “Le Monaco” in Paris
  • Silvia Maulini ’80 – the Netherlands/European Council – (Slow) food lover and teacher of cooking workshops
  • Ellen Whitehead ’11 – United Kingdom – Gin enthusiast and keen amateur baker

Work is now in progress to compile a real “Uncommon Kitchens” cookbook for alums to download or print and plans are being developed to keep our culinary talents stimulated and engaged.  So keep your chef’s whites on and continue cooking!