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Holiday Eggnog

Name: Georgia Regnault
Class Year: 1964
Country of Residence: The Netherlands

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

Recipe is compliments of the Fanny Farmer Boston School of Cooking, first published in 1896. Since I have been making this eggnog every Christmas since 1968, I must have used the recipe in the edition from the 1965 edition! But it is still offered in my ‘newest’ edition from 1990. This cookbook remains for me the “go to” for basic recipes and cooking hints, even though this 1200+ page paperback is falling apart.

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Boozy Creamy Hot Chocolate

Name: Debra Marmor
Class Year: 1980
Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

Hot chocolate, whipped cream, booze…what’s not to like? We live within a 10-minute walk of the Tower of London. We were part of the army of volunteers who planted ceramic poppies in the moat of the Tower commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of World War I in 2014. We returned as volunteers to help with the installation and performance of the field of flames commemorating the end of that War in 2018. So when this recipe appeared in a Historic Royal Palaces email, I knew it was a keeper. Only wish it was on hand any of the nights we were in the moat!
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