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Sticky Toffee Pudding

Name: Nadia Babar
Class Year: 2019
Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

Thanksgiving at Mount Holyoke was always strange because I couldn’t go back home to England, as it was too short of a holiday. Every year, I found myself worrying about what I would do over Thanksgiving, but I was lucky enough to have friends who would invite me back to their homes for Thanksgiving, so every year at MHC, I got to experience Thanksgiving with a different family. During my senior year, I spent Thanksgiving with my friend Shannon and her wonderful family in Reading, Massachusetts. I wanted to contribute to our Thanksgiving feast and make something ‘quintessentially British’, so Shannon and I decided on Sticky Toffee Pudding, an extremely classic British dessert. They were a smash hit with her whole family! While we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, I now make them every year for Christmas!

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Schmidt Family Christmas Chocolate Almond Toffee

Name: Barbara Schmidt
Class Year: 1969
Country of Residence: Ireland

Note: This recipe is not being entered in the competition, it is simply being shared for you all to enjoy!

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

This is an old family recipe which for decades the family has made the weekend after Thanksgiving and gives as gifts for Christmas.  It could of course be made any time.  My 96-year-old father used to be the chief stirrer, then, like Jack Nicklaus, progressed to giving the first ceremonial stir, but now he sits and gets to taste the first piece.  For the last number of years I have been in Iowa for Thanksgiving and have been in charge of the project.  It is a labour of love.  We traditionally make 6 double batches which takes an entire day to make with many people helping out.  It takes another day to pack the toffee into lined Christmas tins.  And then there is the delivery.  I am giving the recipe for one double batch with US measurements and temperatures.  It is easiest if there are two people making it – and a lot more fun.  It is a crunchy “hard crack” toffee, delicious but making it is not for the faint-hearted.  Continue reading Schmidt Family Christmas Chocolate Almond Toffee