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Szarlotka (Polish apple pie)

Name: Aniela White Staszewska
Class Year: 2005
Country of Residence: Bialystok, Poland

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

In Poland, apples have been grown since the seventh century, and since then they have become a core component of its cuisine. Today, Poland is one of the largest exporters of apples in the world. There’s even a children’s rhyme written by Jan Brzechwa (1898 – 1966) entitled Entliczek-Pentliczek, which tells a story of a little worm living inside an apple who goes to the city to find something else to eat, but when the waiter hands him a menu, there are only apple-based foods like szarlotka, stewed apples, and baked apples!

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