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Sheet Pan Gochujang Shrimp and Green Beans

Name: Eleanor Chang
Class Year: 1978
Country of Residence: USA

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

My husband has been the cook since we got married  38 years ago. I am an enthusiastic amateur baker although I usually bake for dinner parties and the holidays only. I call myself a “foodie” not because I cook much, but I like to eat and have a palate that craves and welcomes new and different foods.

Every now and then, when I feel like Asian food, I would try to make something that is totally different than the standard western fare my husband cooks. This recipe is my go-to dish when he is out of town and I need to fend for myself. The dish is wonderful because it is so easy to cook with little to clean up afterwards. The taste is incredibly intense (hot, salty, slightly sweet) as the chili spices in the gochujang wake up your taste buds. Served over rice, you really don’t need anything else for dinner. Well, maybe a dessert afterwards. It is the ultimate recipe for women who don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook. 

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Lynn’s Favorite Fish Recipe

Name: Lynn Meins
Class Year: 1970
Country of Residence: Germany

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

When my grandparents arrived in the United States after fleeing from Nazi Germany, my grandfather asked my grandmother if she wanted a cook or a car. They couldn’t afford both. My grandmother answered that they were now in America and here they needed a car, so she would just have to learn to cook. She always claimed she couldn’t cook very well, but we always loved what she served us. My grandfather was Prof. Frederic Sell, Head of the German Dept. at MHC from 1941-1956, and my grandmother was a German language assistant at MHC until 1967.

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Salmon with Lentils

Name: Jane Zimmy
Class Year: 1974
Country of Residence: USA

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

I’m living alone and getting delivery from various sources – lost weight since my husband left me (15KG) so I try to order fish from my delivery service. Recipe is for Icelandic Steelhead Salmon (but I think any salmon or thick filet would work) – I’ve also ordered more shelf stable items (beans, lentils, pasta, etc) than I could ever use in a year. I found this recipe online and adjusted it for one (and have leftover lentils which I will use today). If you’re serving more just increase the salmon filets. I’m trying to find recipes that take <30 minutes from start to finish (I did the leek and carrot mis en place earlier!).

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