Salmon with Lentils

Name: Jane Zimmy
Class Year: 1974
Country of Residence: USA

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

I’m living alone and getting delivery from various sources – lost weight since my husband left me (15KG) so I try to order fish from my delivery service. Recipe is for Icelandic Steelhead Salmon (but I think any salmon or thick filet would work) – I’ve also ordered more shelf stable items (beans, lentils, pasta, etc) than I could ever use in a year. I found this recipe online and adjusted it for one (and have leftover lentils which I will use today). If you’re serving more just increase the salmon filets. I’m trying to find recipes that take <30 minutes from start to finish (I did the leek and carrot mis en place earlier!).

Salmon with Lentils

Serves 1. Takes approx. 30 minutes (preparation and cooking)

1 salmon filet (1 portion 6-8 oz/about 175-200 grams)
Green lentils (1 cup/128 grams)
Water (2. ¾ cups/650 ml)
Carrots (2 medium, I used 3) peels and cut into thin rounds
Leek (1) -white part only, washed and cut into thin rounds
Mustard (Dijon or whole grain) – 1 tablespoon/15 grams
Sherry Vinegar/Wine Vinegar – 1 tablespoon/15 grams
Olive oil
Black Pepper
Salt (recipe called for Kosher Salt, I used whatever was around)


Prepare Lentils:

Combine lentils, water, and a little salt (1 tsp/ ) in saucepan. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Cook with lid askew (partially covered) for 10 minutes, stir from time to time. Add carrots and leek, continue to cook about 10 minutes more. Add mustard, olive oil, black pepper and some salt (keep warm, I kept it on the stove with no heat)

Prepare Filet:

I started this process after I added the carrots and leeks to the lentils above.
Season filet with salt. Heat a thin layer of olive oil in non-stick pan (or cast iron – which I don’t have) recipe says use medium high heat – I just set it to slightly below high. Once heated add the file skin side down, reduce heat slightly. Recipe says to cook for 4 minutes but I probably cooked for 6 minutes, then flipped the filet and cooked for 2 more minutes.

Salmon and Lentils


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