Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report      Presented at 55th Reunion Class Meeting       May, 2013

Ann Lyster Hinchcliff presented the following summary of the class’s finances since the 50th Reunion:

Starting Balance: (6/30/ 2008) $16,283.88

Income: $15,370.53

Expenses: $16,059.09

Ending Balance: $15,595.32

Checking Account as of 5/19/2013: $5,568.38

Money Market balance as of 4/30/2013: $10,026.94]

The report was accepted as presented.

Ann explained that it is the policy of the college that class dues are collected through the 60th reunion. Dues continue to be $6/year, $30/5 years. Following the 60th reunion money remaining in the class treasury reverts to Mount Holyoke. At that point the class becomes a Loyalty class, pays no dues and incurs no costs for reunions.