Letter From the President

November 2023

Dear Classmates!

As the Fall foliage season comes to a close, and we enter the Holiday Season, it is again time for my class letter. The highlight of 2023 was our 65th Reunion last May. Although reunion was small with twenty-five classmates and seven guests, we were enthusiastic and had a weekend filled with a variety of activities and events. We were especially pleased the outgoing Interim President Beverly Tatum and the Incoming President Danielle Ren Holley both came to Willits-Hollowell to visit with us during happy hour. 

During the class meeting of the 65th reunion, and as required by the Alumnae Association, the class treasury was closed. The class voted unanimously to donate $13,500, the balance of the treasury, to the Harriet and Paul Weissman Center for Leadership. The Leadership Center has three main programs: 

The Leadership and Public Service (LAPS) program is for students who want to address pressing critical problems facing the world through public service.      
The Speaking, Arguing and Writing (SAW) program mission is to empower leaders who think critically and creatively and who write and speak persuasively, and
The Community Based Learning Partnership (CBL) program is for students, faculty and staff to work in many communities with many different types of community agencies and organizations.

Most of us felt that it would have been wonderful to have had this resource on campus back in our day!                 

A copy of the 65th Reunion Report, prepared by Marcia Seifert Taylor, can be accessed by clicking on the blue text/link that follows: 65th Reunion Report

Sadly, we have lost six classmates since my last class letter:   

Viviane Monier Jaguin, 4/23/2020

Patricia Gordon Johnson, 4/12/2021

Nancy Curtis Hawley, 8/16/2023

Phyllis Levin Wasserstrom, 9/14/2023

Polly Wagner Wright, 9/30/2023

Maryanne Trump Barry, 11/13/2023

My very best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving, a Blessed Holiday Season, a Happy New Year and all the best in 2024!


Betty Koch Baker

President Class of 1958

Email: elisabethkbaker@comcast.net –

Cell: 321-501-1715