Minutes from 55th Reunion Meeting

Class of 1958     

55th Reunion Class Meeting Minutes       May 25, 2013

President Diana Marston Wood called the meeting to order at 1:50 p.m. (using a gavel created from White House wood; the gavel was a gift to the class from Anne Ensworth Whitney.) Di informed us that 47 classmates had returned for reunion and the class applauded those who had travelled the farthest: Jane Nilan Davis from Washington state, Jane Katz Crisp and Nancy Levine Zakim from California.


Secretary’s Report

The minutes of the 50th reunion class meeting were summarized by Lynne Jones Osborn. The summary was accepted and it was agreed that the full minutes will be posted on the class website.

Treasurer’s Report

Ann Lyster Hinchcliff presented the following summary of the class’s finances since the 50th Reunion:

Starting Balance: (6/30/ 2008) $16,283.88

Income: $15,370.53

Expenses: $16,059.09

Ending Balance: $15,595.32

Checking Account as of 5/19/2013: $5,568.38

Money Market balance as of 4/30/2013: $10,026.94]

The report was accepted as presented.

Ann explained that it is the policy of the college that class dues are collected through the 60th reunion. Dues continue to be $6/year, $30/5 years. Following the 60th reunion money remaining in the class treasury reverts to Mount Holyoke. At that point the class becomes a Loyalty class, pays no dues and incurs no costs for reunions.


The class held two mini-reunions: the first in 2010 had 12 attendees and 22 attended in 2011. Other informal reunions were held off-campus. The mini-reunions on campus gave people the chance to attend a variety of classes and interact with current students. Those attending found it a great experience. Di requested volunteers to join a small committee to help run a mini-reunion for Fall 2014. She said that reunions run Sunday-Tuesday and attendees stay at Willits-Hallowell.

Reunion Gift Report

Anne Ensworth Whitney and Misty Turino Gideonse, Reunion Gift Co-chairs first gave a moving tribute to Sue Fresh Anderson who served with Misty as co-chair until her death in 2012. They then recognized, and asked the class to acknowledge, the team of class agents whose work led to our outstanding results.

The Class of 1958 achieved an unprecedented triple win:

Sphinx Cup for highest participation – 85.2%

Lion Cup for highest total dollars raised – $123,310.00

Legacy Cup for highest total dollars raised in last four years plus reunion year – $2,834,060.00

Retiring agents were named and thanked.

Laurel Chain Society

It was announced that this new group has been created by the College to recognize consistent, long-time donors. The class has 138 members in the society and this number includes 76 lifetime givers who have contributed for 50 years or more. Of these 11 have made a gift every year since graduation.

Mary Lyon Society (Planned and Deferred Giving)

Anne Ensworth Whitney, Chair., reported that 35 of the class are members, having named the College as beneficiary of their will, trust, retirement or insurance plan. This year, the College adopted a new policy to allow alumnae age 70, or older, to document their bequests which would allow the estimated bequest amount to be added to the total of class giving to the College. Three class members have documented their bequests and this has added $535,000 to the total Class of 1958 giving.

Endowed Scholarships

Two classmates have established endowed scholarships. One donor wishes to remain anonymous. The second is a gift of $100,000 from Sandra Klamkin Schocket to be used to support young women from Connecticut. Sandy said she had long wanted to make such a gift to give others the opportunities opened to her and she was particularly inspired to move ahead with the gift when she heard President Lynn Pasquerella speak of her own academic journey. We were especially honored that President Pasquerella was present at our class meeting when Sandy make this announcement.

Class Communications

Joan Heyman Rosen, Class Scribe, spoke about the class notes in the Quarterly and the class Website run by Bonnie Machson Cohen. Joan noted that there are sometimes problems with consistent deliveries of ‘blast’ emails and asked that we contact her and the Alumnae Office if we know of any problems. All mailings will also be posted on our website. In response to a question about obituaries, Joan explained the policy that they are posted on the website when official notice is received from the College.

The correct web address is: https://new.alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/1958

Honoring a Classmate

Amy Herz Juviler expressed her concern that the College has not honored the lifetime judicial achievements of Maryanne Trump Barry. After extensive discussion it was agreed that Amy and Lynne Jones Osborn work on a statement for the class officers to consider. The statement follows:

The Class of 1958 is proud to acknowledge the lifetime achievements of our classmate Maryanne Trump Barry.  She served as First Assistant Attorney General of the Stare of New Jersey and for many years she has been a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  She personifies the personal and intellectual qualities that make an outstanding judge.  The sustained high quality of her work reflects the lasting values she received from her education at Mount Holyoke College.

Therefore, we urge the College to grant her appropriate recognition for her outstanding professional accomplishments.

Nominating Committee Report

Marcia Taylor Seifert, Chair, presented the slate of officers for 2013-2018. The slate was accepted unanimously.

President:                 Diana Marston Wood

Vice President:         Joyce Bernstein Klein

Secretary:                 Barbara Bohman Travis

Treasurer:                 Ann Lyster Hinchcliff

Scribe:                     Joan Heyman Rosen

Web:                        Bonnie Machson Cohen

Head Class Co-Agents: Ann Jones Dolbear, Amy Herz Juviler

Nominating Committee: Amy Weadock Bahr, Mary P. Cameron Nugent, Mary Edgerton Sloat


Reunion Co-chairs, Betty Koch Baker and Barbara Bohman Travis were thanked for all their work on the reunion. They, and the class, thanked all who worked on the various tasks of reunion: Carolyn Czaja Topor, Anne Fetterolf Fullarton, Marcia Taylor Seifert, Mary Edgerton Sloat, Charlotte Barton Sornborger, Kate Myrick Diamond, Patricia Chilton Bennett, Hilda Brody Greenbaum, Lynne Jones Osborn, Joan Heyman Rosen, and Misty Turino Gideonse.

Di gave gifts and thanks to Betty Baker and Bobbie Travis as reunion Co-Chairs, Anne Whitney and Misty Gideonse as Co-Head Agents and class officers: Ellen Boles Olson (outging VP), Ann Hinchcliff, Lynne Osborn (outgoing Secretary) and Joan Rosen.

Service of Remembrance

Marcia Seifert and Lynne Osborn conducted the traditional service in memory of the eighteen classmates who have died since our 50th reunion.


President Diana Marston Wood adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Jones Osborn, Secretary