Class Notes: 2021 and Forward



MARYANNE TRUMP DESMOND  BARRY                               passed away 11/13/23. She received her AB from MHC as a Political Science major. Maryanne later received an MA in Public Law and Government from Columbia Univ. (1/62), a JD from Hofstra Univ. (5/74), and an LLD from Seton Hall Univ. (5/88). 

Many of us remember her from shared Political Science classes, a Summer Internship in Washington D.C. and as a dorm House President our senior year.         

Maryanne was a distinguished judge of the U.S. District Court of the District of NJ. She was then appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals of the 3rd Circuit where she also distinguished herself.

Maryanne received the Sesquicentennial Award from MHC, in addition to numerous non-MHC professional and academic awards.        

Maryanne’s first marriage, to David Desmond, ended in divorce.  She was then married to John J. Barry, a lawyer, from 1982 until his death in 2000.  Maryanne was  predeceased by her siblings (Fred and Robert). She is survived by her son, David Desmond (Lisa), her grandson, Robert (Carly), one great-granddaughter and 2 siblings (Elizabeth and Donald). Maryanne is also survived by her stepdaughter, Barbara Coates and family. 

JANET WRIGHT SCHRIEBER                                              passed away 9/8/23.  She graduated MHC as a Political Science major and attended Free University in Berlin for a year. Jan married Dave Schrieber in ‘60, and they moved to Wisconsin in ‘64. The Schriebers lived in Indonesia at various times between ‘70 and ‘95. Jan became fluent in Indonesian and played gamelan music with a local women’s group. She earned a Masters at the Univ. of Wisc. in South East Asian History in ‘80, and subsequently earned an ESL Certificate.  Jan became an active supporter of the International student community in Madison. She taught ESL to the Hmong refugees as well  as university students in Indonesia. In addition, Jan translated works of Indonesian authors and edited dissertations of Indonesian graduate students at UW-Madison.

She was Chairman of the Madison Alumnae Association and enjoyed tennis, reading and numerous DYI projects.

Jan was predeceased by her husband, and is survived by 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren 

NANCY CURTIS HAWLEY                                                     passed away 8/16/23. She was a Mt. Holyoke NG. After graduating from California State University, Chico, Nancy became a national park ranger spending summers in Denali National Park and Preserve, and winters in Death Valley National Park protecting the parks’ natural and cultural resources. She loved the wilderness and took joy in photographing her adventures, and even had a short story published. 

Among her many achievements Nancy managed 3 travel agencies in Chico and loved traveling the world. Though she enjoyed Europe, Southeast Asia was a favorite destination. She was one of the first Americans to visit China when they opened their doors in the late ‘70s. she went on safaris in Africa, and swam in the polar waters of both the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, taking part in the Polar Plunge two years in a row.

When she wasn’t enjoying the outdoors Nancy was busy ballroom dancing, leading tours as a docent at the Chico History Museum, attending ribbon cuttings with the Chico Chamber of Commerce, and enjoying her large family, which included two sons, three daughters and many grandchildren.

POLLY FLETCHER WRIGHT                                                passed away at her home in Highwood, IL.on 9/30/23. Born in Aurora, OH, she graduated Mount Holyoke College in ‘58, having majored in EnglishLiterature.  Polly moved to Davenport, IA, to teach English at St.Catherine St Marks school, and married Lawrence (Larry) Wright in ‘60. She was a member of the altar guild, the PTA, and an active Class Mother for all of her children.  She was described as a wonderful cook, a skilled gardener, a terrific tennis and golf player and an avid duplicate bridge player.

Polly was preceded in death by her husband (Larry) of 64 yrs. She is survived by her four children and four grandchildren.

JOAN (SMUDGE) HEYMAN ROSEN                                              (your scribe) has much to report.  In August Norm and I flew  to FL for a wonderful celebration of Joyce Bernstein Klein’s  husband, Danny’s, 90th birthday. 

Then October became a time of great joy and great angst.  

Last May our granddaughter was married in Israel by a Reform (not Orthodox) rabbi, and therefore not considered legally married.  So, on 10/08, OUR Reform rabbi married them in NewJersey where we live.  Along with a NJ  Marriage License, they will now be considered legally married in Israel! 

And that weekend, Hamas attacked Israel!

All flights home were canceled. One grandson, a Major in the IDF, was needed  back home. The Israeli Embassy got him out that night on El Al. Three more got home through London, including one in the Reserve who was called up.  It took another 10 days for the rest of the stranded Israelis to return home.

Our angst is great, but the joy we felt on that wedding day continues to support us.  Not only was the event itself so wonderful, but everyone (70, all together!) was so grateful to be together on that traumatic day – nurtured by the rabbi’s words and by the strength and attitude of our Israeli family (“We go forward. Life must be lived”).

As for me, I’m trying to be ‘more Israeli’, live fully here, not to obsess on MSNBC,  and to draw on the joy and profound love we felt on that special day. It’s beyond hard.

SUE STEINBERG ROSEN                                                                 and Arthur  became great- grandparents to a baby girl in October!  Our granddaughter,  Ariana, is a cardio-thoracic surgical Resident in Rochester, NY.

PHYLLIS LEVIN WASSERSTROM                                             Ann Jones Dolbear notified me that Phyllis passed away 9/14/23.  She grew up in the Boston suburbs and attended Mt. Holyoke before graduating from the Univ. of Michigan in 1958. Phyllis met her husband Richard (Dick) while he was a student at Amherst College. They married in 1957 and went on to have four children.

The Wasserstroms lived in Palo Alto, CA for four yearsbefore following Dick to Washington D.C. in the ‘60’s where he was an attorney in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Then they moved to Tuskegee Institute, AL where he had been appointed the first Dean of its new College of Arts and Sciences. While living in Tuskegee, Phyllis ran an interracial pre-school program, and did field work for Tuskegee’s School of Agriculture.

Later they moved to Santa Monica, CA, where Phyllis earned an M.A. in psychology and worked both as a trainer for Vista, the domestic counterpart to Peace Corps, and as a participant in an interracial school project in the San Fernando Valley.  Her desire to support others was a core part of her life. She and Dick later lived in Santa Cruz, CA where Phyllis continued her work in Youth Services and Hospice.  Phyllis is survived by her husband and four children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild

CORNELIA (CONNIE) GODFREY KELLER                             writes that she still lives in Cody, WY  “where I love the Mountain Views from my house, the seasonal changes, feeding the birds who turn out often to be deer!  My son Pat Jr. lives with me which means I can stay in our house comfortably. Win/win for both of us. Having Parkinsons he needs some of my support and having old age I need his!. . . “

 “I became a great grandmother for the 4th time this year. I have yet to meet little Lyle Patterson Okonzak but will soon. Still enjoy playing bridge, and have continued being a member of a wine which has expanded to include daughters and grand daughters.” Also appreciate. “. . . our cabin which is 15 miles east of the East Gate to Yellowstone. My 4 years in South Hadley continue to nourish me.”

PATRICIA  (Pat) GORDON JOHNSON                                  passed away 4/12/21.  She attended The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY and MHC (Non- Grad.). Pat was married to Edward Johnson for 63 yrs.  She was active in the Garden Club of Halifax County, the Colonial Dames of America, Rhode Island Chapter, and volunteered with many organizations in and around Ormond Beach, FL.  Pat is survived by her husband, 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

AUDREY DAVIS TROWBRIDGE                                                       passed away 6/10/20 In Providence, RI. She was pre-deceased by her husband, Edward Trowbridge III.  Audrey was a direct descendant of Roger Williams (who founded Rhode Island  in 1636) and a number of other important colonial notables. In addition to being a communicant of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, she was active over the years in many other organizations and co-owner of Cricket  on the Hearth. 

Audrey was survived by her 3 children, , 5  grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

MARGARET (MUD) NORTON                                                           sent news that she is “enjoying bridge and golf – and happy in my retirement community living.  Grateful for good health.”   

NANCY LEVINE ZAKIM                                                                writes she is “coming to Reunion all the way from California.  Presently I have a granddaughter at Oberlin, at the college and the conservatory where 2 of my 3 sons graduated.  They of course were all musicians.  She is a bassist but loves her work in the humanities.  One of my sons is a professor of American History; the other is a Professor of Comparative Literature.  All 3 have ph.d’s.”.

SUE VAUGHN HINES                                                                       had Covid twice in ‘22 despite being  fully vaccinated and boosted.  “First in January in the Dallas airport on the way home from spending Xmas with the family in Costa Rica.  Again in November when all the family came to our house for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t really sick, no pain or fever, just tired and cold symptoms.  All the family was at our house because, to our delight granddaughter Anna came to KU from Seattle and decided to stay here for Thanksgiving.

Last year we took an opera trip with the Kansas City Opera Guild to northern Italy, mostly Verona and Lucca.  This year in June we’re going to London for operas, sightseeing and gourmet meals.  Then in September, we’re taking daughter Jenny on a trip to Sicily for her 60th birthday.

Dick and I still volunteer to do taxes with the AARP Tax-Aide program.   We’re still in our house but we now hire outdoor maintenance.  We think of going to a retirement community but just don’t get around to it!  We try to stay fit with senior strength training classes and going to the pool.”

CORNELIA (CONNIE) GODFREY KELLER                                     writes that she “still live in Cody, Wyoming where I love the mountain views from my house, the seasonal changes, feeding the birds who turn out often to be deer!  My son Pat Jr. lives with me which means I can stay in our house comfortably. Win/win for both of us. Having Parkinsons he needs some of my support and having old age I need his! My 4th great grand child is due the day after my birthday in February in Palisade, Colorado. Very exciting. I still love my bridge club, as well as the bridge marathon I participate in, my church, my cabin  and my cleaning woman.

BIBI MOMSEN                                                                                 spent a good part of the year finalizing the last of her genealogical biographies, this one of her  parents. She used both English and Portuguese sources, which was a translation challenge as Portuguese ”  is such an intricate and beautiful language. How my mother managed to translate a whole book (Rio in the Time of the Viceroys by Luiz Edmundo) is a great compliment to her linguistic abilities. My father’s work as an international lawyer, and his love for Brazil, included the establishment of many elementary schools through the Rotary Club, and he was awarded the Order of the Southern Cross, the highest honor possible for a non citizen.”

 Bibi hasn’t  been able to return to her in person volunteering in an elementary school, but she is a pen pal to two fourth graders this year. A friend here went to her hairdresser, who asked “Do you know Bibi? She was my daughter’s pen pal last year.” The pen pal exchange is very good for both recipients.

MARCIA (MUFFIE) TAYLOR SEIFERT                                              welcomed  a granddaughter in August, ’22!  “Here I am-this 86-year-old enraptured first-time Grandma!”

DEBORAH WARREN TECHENTIN                                                  passed away 10/28/22. She was pre-deceased by her husband, Jon Techentin. She transferred to MHC AFTER 2 years at Wheaton College, MA  and received her AB  as a Latin major with our class of ’58 .  her work history includes being a clerk at Compere Fabrics and a teacher in Ludlum, MA.

SUSAN FAY RYAN                                                                            writes that she won’t be able to attend our 65th Reunion as she’ll be at Brown for the reunion of her identical, twin granddaughters! Congratulations!

CINDY CARPENTER McCRACKEN                                                hopes to attend our 65th MHC class reunion in May, “. . . but like all of us, it depends on my health when late May arrives.”    She and Duncan have had a variety of health challenges this year, but are doing better. 

They had to attend another family event in ’22 via “FaceTime”, but Cindy is hopeful that they will finally be able to attend planned ’23 events in  person.

SUE STEINBERG ROSEN                                                               writes that she and Arthur have enjoyed visits with Virginia (Ginny) Lueth Keith.  She has moved into Cedar Crest, the senior residence in NJ where the Rosens also live.   I’ve been in touch with Ginnie and she’s planning to drive up to our 65th Reunion in May with Joyce Bernstein Klein  and I, Joan (Smudge) Haymen Rosen  

HILDA BRODY GREENBAUM                                                         let us know  that “a couple of the portraits by 19c.Connecticut Valley itinerant artists from my collection are hanging in the MHC museum along with an 18th century French soft paste French horn (similar to one in the musical instrument collection at The Met Museum of Art)”. She had hooked up with the curator at the last mini reunion  and he took about a dozen objects for the teaching collection. Hilda  suggested a lecture on how the art collection is being used in liberal arts and science classes for our 65th reunion. “The museum report notes that neuroscience has classes in the museum—thus intrigued me.”

Hilda’s  “oldest grand daughter is engaged, five are in college with one in high school in Naples fl and the youngest in sixth grade at the Jewish day school in Northampton, preparing for a 2023 bar mitzvah.”

ALLISON PETERS JABLONKO                                                       writes about her “. . . very busy and complicated  past year.  She ” was delighted to travel back to Europe in September in order to take part in a Symposium on the Art and Science of Visual Communication in Antwerp. After that she returned to her long-time home in Italy in order to celebrate the holidays with her far-flung family: two daughters, three grandchildren, and a 3 year old great-grandson.  In the New Year she came back to her recent home in Keene NH where she is enjoying the oncoming of snow as she continues to pull together her visual research materials on Papua New Guinea.”Sent from my iPhone


CORNELIA GODFREY KELLER       Still at 1121 Salsbury Ave., Cody, WY 82414.  Still belong to AAUW and its book club. Currently reading “The Books of Jacob” by Olga Tokarzkuk. I share my house with my son Patterson Jr. which is good for both of us. He has Parkinsons and I have aging!  I have three daughters in Golden, CO., Casper, Wyoming and Cody.  Almost four great grandchildren and six randchildren .  My family is very supportive. Love my bridge club to which I have belonged for 20 plus years. Also belong to a bridge marathon run as a fund raiser by a local group. Drive around town only. Still attend my Episcopal Church on a regular basis. Fall is my favorite time of the year. That is about it.

SONJA (SONNIE) FOGELBERG JONES                                         moved to San Diego in 1960″ and has lived there ever since (next year it will be 50 years in this house—talk about stuff!).  This summer has been memorable in a negative way (at least I can drive again after 2 1/2 months!) and I’ve decided, with encouragement from my children, to move closer to one of them.  The boys, Kalen and Russ, are in Moab UT and Seattle WA and Julie is in W. Hartford.  I’ve decided that if I relocate, it will be to CT.  We’ve been investigating retirement communities and Duncaster is high on our list.Then the Quarterly arrived with mention of classmates who are already living there!”  So she’s now communicating with Char (Charlotte) Barton sornborger before making her final decision!!

JOYCE BERNSTEIN KLEIN                                                            sent a wonderful  update.  “I officially  retired after more than 40 years as a travel consultant.  I started my career as an economic analyst for Standard Oil of New Jersey but  in 1971 my husband was transferred to Miami and I began to search for a new career.  We had travelled extensively, (my husband was working with an airline,) and I wanted something part-time so I enrolled in a travel agent course and never looked back. I enjoyed the work and many of my clients became good friends

The pandemic changed everything.  My job was no longer any fun.  I became an expert in cancellations. Thus the decision to retire. I am looking for ways to fill my time.  I walk 2 to 3 miles every morning on the beach, breakfast on the beach and then home.  I admit doctors visits for me and my husband consume a good portion of my time. I will decide which community organizations interest me and then on to a new phase of my life.”

SUZANNE STEINBERG ROSEN                                                       Sue’s granddaughter, Dr. Ariana Goodman, a 3rd year surgical resident in Rochester, NY, was married to Chris Hurwitz on May 15th.  It was on the birthday of her mother, Beth, as well as her grandfather, Arthur. We were thrilled to be able to be at the event. Chris works in marketing at Google.  They will be continuing their celebration in September in Florence, Italy, with their cousins and friends.

Suzanne & Arthur continue to enjoy their easier life at Cedar Crest in Pompton Plains, NJ without the  pain of managing a house, although we do miss the culture of the Berkshires.

SALLY CHOATE MOORE                                                                  writes that she and Dick sold their home of 27 years last March and moved to a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Rio Rancho, a small city close to Albuquerque. “We are still settling in but are enjoying the freedom from home upkeep, cooking, and yard work. This past year we have had both joy in welcoming our fourth great grandchild and sorrow in the death of our son Thom, 56, a four-time  Grammy winner.”

GERTRUDE (GERTIE) REIF HUGHES                                            passed away peacefully in Waterford,CT on 1/04/22.  She was born in the Netherlands but emigrated with her family to New York City fleeing the 1940 German invasion.  She received a Waldorf education at the Rudolph Steiner School in New York City and graduatied from Mt Holyoke as a Mary Lyon Scholar/Phi Beta Kappa. Gertrude went on to receive an MAA and MAT from Wesleyan University(1966) and a PhD from Yale University (1976). She taught English for 40 years at Wesleyan and was one of the founders  of it’s program originally called Women’s Studies. In her private life, Gertrude was most interested in and devoted to the study of Anthroposophy, (a spiritualist movement),  and the teachings of Rudolph Steiner. She continued to participate in study groups, lead seminars, lecture and publish on the topic after her retirement.

Gertrude  was pre-deceased by her son Ken, survived by that daughter-in-law, 2 sons and their wives, daughter Lucy (Reunion Class, 1987) and son-in-law, and 14 grandchildren.

CINDY CARPENTER McFADDEN’s                                                  holiday card sadly describes 2021 as a “. . .repeat of bleak depressing 2020. . .”  In April she and Duncan attended a Virginia granddaughter’s wedding “via FaceTime, photos, and an amazing professional video” with only 13 immediate family members present. Fortunately, in July they were able to visit her son, Bill, at theVermont YMCA camp where he is employed. Duncan’s daughter was able to visit from Tampa. For Thanksgiving they were able to celebrate with Bill and 2 granddaughters.  In December, they traveled to Roanoke, VA to attend the wedding of her oldest grandson and saw the  Virginia granddaughters they hadn’t seen for 3.5 years. Yet, “For another year we spent Christmas Day, as planned, by ourselves. No Christmas tree this year but instead our huge Christmas cactus that had belonged to Duncan’s grandmother was decorated with tiny red or silver balls!”

Cindy closed her card by saying:”As aging octogenarians, perhaps the best words we can offer for 2022 is the quote “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing. We wish 2022 will bring many laughs for us all.”

A note from our Scribe, JOAN (SMUDGE) HEYMAN ROSEN         Hope this unbelievable time in our lives still finds all well and coping.   Between a pandemic and devastating, divisive politics, we have to really dig deeply for our “Uncommon Women “ resources!

TEDDY (THEODORA) BERMAN HURWITZ                                       passed away peacefully at her home on 1/26/22 after a long illness. She graduated from Hillhouse High School in New Haven before attending Mount Holyoke College for 2 years where she was the recipient of the Catherine Benton Thayer Lathrop Scholarship. Teddy then attended New Haven State Teachers College, received her MEd from Southern Connecticut State University and worked early on as an elementary school teacher. In 1958, she married Dr.Sidney Hurwitz, a pediatrician in the New Haven area. .Teddy and Sid were a dynamic duo and lifelong partners until the end.”!

Teddy was predeceased by her husband and is survived by their 3 daughters, Dr. Wendy Hurwitz of New York, Laurie Hurwitz of Paris, France, and Alison (Kelly) Kroll of Charlotte, NC; and 4 grandchn.Teddy and Sid were a dynamic duo and lifelong partners until the end.”!

SUZANNE (SUE) STEINBERG ROSEN                                           Sue’s granddaughter, Dr. Ariana Goodman, is getting married in May. “She is a 2nd Year CardioThoracic Surgical Resident at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. Her fiance works for GOOGLE and is a wonderful chef, which makes life so much easier for Ariana, who works long hours.” Sue and Arthur, who moved back to Jersey from the Berkshires to be closer to their children and old friends & relatives, are enjoying an easier life in an independent living community, Cedar Crest, in Pompton Plains, NJ,  She keeps in close contact with Mollie Keith Foti who is still living in Hawaii with her husband, Phil, along with a “gaggle” of children and grandchildren.

ARDYTHE E. EDWARDS                                                                 died August 1, 2021. Her >> daughter, Kristen Vehill, provided the following information. She earned her MSW from Loyola Univ. In Chicago in 1977 and worked as a school social worker. She especially enjoyed working with young kids.”
“Horses played a major role in her adult life—she owned horses & became a member of a mounted drill team when my family lived in Texas, and they later owned & operated a dude ranch in northern Colorado from 1990-2006. After the ranch (she moved to a Del Webb community an hour outside Chicago (where I live) where she became involved in dance & bridge, ultimately square dancing and/or playing duplicate bridge almost every day. Thank goodness for online bridge!!” Kristen added: “She sure loved her years at Holyoke and had more friends from her years at Holyoke than any other period of her life. I’m so grateful to have met & spent time with the best of her Holyoke friends, and to have done a turbo-tour of the campus several years back.” She is survived by three children, two granddaughters,


CHARLOTTE (CHAR) BARTON SORNBORGER                            reports that she continues to love her life at Duncaster where they moved 2 years ago (a life care residence in Bloomfield, CT, and near their son). Marty is now in assisted living, but she visits every afternoon. MHC Classmate Carolyn Jacobus Fowler   lives just down the hall from her at Duncaster, and they are on several committees together. 

 CAROLYN JACOBUS FOWLER                                                       writes,  “I have been working with my fellow neighborhood councilor, Charlotte Barton Sornborger , as we, along with one other councilor, work to integrate new residents into our Duncaster community. This has been a challenge during Covid restrictions. Last evening we hosted a dinner for eighteen recent new residents in an effort to welcome these folks to our neighborhood. Charlotte has been a most reliable partner in this project.  We are also part of a group of four who have dinner together in the dining room Mon. nights where we share a lot of laughs!

Back in August I joined Hugh and Diane Packard Williams  and Jack and Pat Chilton Bennett for lunch in Hanover, NH. It was good to be back together again, sharing our news and remembering days gone by.

DEBRA KOFF FREEDMAN                                                              passed away 11/10/21 at her home in Lantana, FL  Debbie graduated Phi Beta Kappa/Magna Cum Laude from MHC.  While there she created the first interdepartmental major linking English and the Theater Arts programs. Debbie married Ned Freedman of Springfield, MA. on holiday vacation of her senior year! They lived and raised  their 3 children in Longmeadow, MA. Her love of theatre continued throughout her life. As a print, television and film actress, model and spokesperson, she was the voice and face of many products and companies throughout New England.  She was also a producer, director and writer with several award-winning documentaries under her belt.  Active in charity work, she was the local host for the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon for 10 years. If that wasn’t enough, she also founded Roundabout Theatre, a 5-women Reader’s Theatre company who took their productions all across New England for a decade.

Debbie and her husband Ned designed and built several of their residence and vacation homes together, Her talent and skill in interior design led to her opening a successful residential design practice, DKF Design (09/86 to 12/16). She was a Reunion Gift Caller and chaired Reunion Costumes Committees.   Linda (Taffy) Taft Litton, a classmate and long time friend, writes of her sadness:  “I am struggling with the recent loss of my dear friend and classmate since junior high school. She was a unique, bright, talented, successful woman who was actively living on borrowed time due to health issues. I miss her.”

Pre-deceased by her loving husband Ned Freedman and her brother Zale Koff, Debbie is greatly missed by her daughter Tabi Freedman, her son Eric Freedman, his wife, Lori and their 2 sons, and her daughter Marissa Queen, husband Jeffrey and their 2 sons. 

JANET OSTRICH PETRICONE                                                        passed away peacefully on 10/15/21. She was the first person in her family to attend college, completing one year at Elmira College before transferring to Mount Holyoke College where she graduated in 1958. Jan met her future husband, Bob, on a blind double date during her senior year.  Her professional career included WGBH television in Cambridge, MA., and Crown Zellerbach in San Francisco, CA before marrying and residing in Los Angeles, CA, Toronto, Ontario, and Farmington. Jan and Bob had one son in Connecticut and the other in Canada, before settling in Litchfield in 1973. Raised and educated in New England, Jan was a devoted Red Sox fan. She loved attending numerous games at Fenway Park and spring training in Florida. Jan was a great friend to all animals, from her many beloved pets to the raccoons, squirrels and bears who frequented her home in the woods. She studied birdlife through participation in the local Audubon Society, annual hawk watches in Litchfield, birding in Arizona, and even an intrepid trip to Antarctica to visit penguins. Jan’s other travels took her throughout the U.S., Europe and Central America, and to many cherished summers in Tuscany and winters in Boca Grande, FL.

“Jan will always be known for her kindness, optimism, humor and tenacity. Her commitment and love for her family lives on in those who will treasure her memory and continue her legacy by Iiving their lives to the fullest.”  She is survived by her husband of 59 years, F. Robert Petricone, her children, Michael Petricone and wife Laura Rawlings, Stephen Petricone and wife Laura Cramer, and 4 beloved grandchildren.”

JUDITH MOORE FRISBIE                                                                 passed away 09/04/21 at  Friendship Village in Bloomington, MN after prolonged, multiple illnesses. Judith grew up in St. Louis, MO and attended MHC where she majored in English Literature.  While there, Judith served as associate editor for the school newspaper and business manager for the literary magazine. Having received her MSW at Univ. of Pittsburgh in 1960, Judith worked as a social worker at the Univ. of Chicago Med. School and at Washington Univ. Med. School in St. Louis where she met and married James Frisbie in 1964. After many moves for her husband’s training and military duty they made their home in Needham,  MA (‘73-‘09).  Judith began writing short stories, working as a finalist for Suburban World Press and later as a reporter. She became editor of the Dover-Sherban World Press in 1987, stepping down in 1994 because of  illness. Your Scribe found her wonderful entry in our 50th Reunion Class Booklet from 2008: “Current concentration of efforts – global warming, homelessness and keeping in touch with far-flung family.”  Judith is survived by her husband, 2 children, Carl Daniel Frisbie and Margo Palombi, and by 4 grandchildren. 











CORNELIA (CONNIE) GODFREY KELLER                               writes that she still lives in Cody, WY “where I love the Mountain View’s from my house, the seasonal changes, feeding the birds who turn out often to be deer!  My son Pat Jr. lives with me which means I can stay in our house comfortably. Win/win for both of us. Having Parkinsons he needs some of my support and having old age I need his!. . . “

More recently (7/6), Connie adds, “I became a great grandmother for the 4th time this year. I have yet to meet little Lyle Patterson Okonzak but will soon. Still enjoy playing bridge, and have continued being a member of a wine which has expanded to include daughters and grand daughters.” Also appreciate. “. . . our cabin which is 15 miles east of the East Gate to Yellowstone. My 4 years in South Hadley continue to nourish me.”

SUSAN FAY RYAN                                                                       had her book published in January of this year and won two awards at a competition sponsored by FAPA, Florida Authors and Publishers Association.  It was open to all of North America and the English Speaking world, but the book is a bilingual children’s book written both in English and Spanish. It has two equal titles: Thaddeus, Keep Your Eye on the Ball !  and  Tadeo, Mantén El Ojo en la Pelota !  It will be the first in a series which will target third graders in English – Spanish 

Her oldest granddaughter graduated from Harvard in May with a COVID ceremony held at her Florida condo. There was no in-person graduation. She will attend law school in the fall. 

VIVIANE MONIER JAGUIN                                                                passed away on 4/23/20.  Viviane received her AB from MHC with our class and received an LIC from the Paris-Sorbonne University in 5/64. She taught at Education Nationale from 10/65 to 10/04.  Viviane  was pre-deceased by her husband, Andre Jaguin and is survived by a daughter, Armelle Jaguin, and a son, Cedric Jaguin

LINDA TAFT LITTON                                                                         has “moved to Cleveland (. . . still getting settled and oriented) to follow my oft expressed advice to live near family in your more senior years for help when and if needed. My daughter and her husband, both physicians, live in Shaker Heights—their boys are essentially out of the house. I have purchased a 2 br condo in a minimally caregiving facility. Views from my 9th floor balcony are suburban rooftops. You can see Lake Erie from across he hall.

Sadly, I have left behind all my friends from 1970 onward from including a great Bookclub and especially my significant other who is financially committed to his gated village. Unfortunately the direct Cleveland to Harrisburg flight no longer exists and it is an all day schlep to fly via some southerly hub, or a 6+ hour drive. The move did facilitate my gracefully resigning from a few arts boards and committees which I wanted to leave to the younger folk.”

MARCIA (MUFFIE) TAYLOR SEIFERT                                               writes: “Basically, I am fine – working hard on putting together a photographic archive of family history. Have scanned over 400 pictures and have found some fascinating ones.  Example: several pictures of my Great-grandfather who was the private secretary for John Ericsson, the man who invented and had built the MONITOR- the ironclad boat that defeated the Confederate ironclad – the MERIMAC Civil War. Also have resumed working my hobby-needlepoint and am enjoying that.

After many years, I heard from Bets (Betty) Feldman Silverman who lives in So. Orange NJ – ironically the town where I grew up!  Have also been in touch with LYNNEynne Jones Osborn  and will see her on the way to Maine. Have also spoken with Anne Ensworth Whitney.  We are going to Maine, which is an annual event, to spend a week with Alison Rhoads Schechter  and her husband, Alan.

ALLISON PETERS JABLONKO                                                       is feeling hopeful; “As spring comes to Keene, NH, in fits and starts, I’m celebrating that my daughter has been with me for the entire year of lockdown as she couldn’t return to her job in Brussels. We made the most of this precious time together. . , .  I look forward to the unfolding of summer as we truly get into the ‘Biden years’ and, hopefully, new inspirations and effective actions to deal with climate change.”

JANE STERLING                                                                             passed away 2/23/21.  Jane was an active alumna of our class serving in a wide variety of capacities (Nom. Comm., Reunion Chair and caller, Class Agent, etc.). She was a beloved 2nd grade teacher  in Westfield, NJ for 30 years. Though continuing to live in her childhood home in So. Orange, she enjoyed spending summers on Cape Cod and working with the Cape Cod Sea Camp. Sue (Steinberg) Rosen roomed with her for three years and describes “. . .a fun-loving personality and a kind heart.”  Sue added  that “ Jane was a wonderful friend, always helping those in need. (She) was a skilled cook and baker,…enjoyed entertaining, as well as hosting her many friends when they visited her on the Cape. Jane will be missed by her partner of 20 years, John (Askling, Sr), as well as by her many friends, including my husband, Arthur, and me and our children, who fondly referred to her as ‘Aunt’ Jane.”

SANDRA (SANDY) KLAMKIN SCHOCKET                                        died 2/16/21 after a catastrophic fall, following many years of increasing dementia. Following her MHC graduation, she spent a semester at the University of Vienna and later earned an M.A. in counseling from Rutgers University. Sandy gathered life long friends wherever she went, and despite the tragic loss of her husband Jay and son Barry in ‘94, she continued to live a full and interesting life.  Besides writing a memoir of her loss (My Life Closed Twice, 2003),  she continued to engage in many activities, moved to Toledo to be near her surviving family, became a proud Toledo Museum of Art docent, (even writing a history  of the docent program), sang in her Temple’s choir there, and actively  participated in the lives of her 2 granddaughters.

Your scribe saw her at MHC events when she lived in Mountain Lakes, NJ and again, when we each had a son starting freshman year at Yale.  She received many awards, and some will remember our 50th Reunion.  Her surviving son, Andrew, came in from Ohio and surprised her ON STAGE when she received the Alumnae Medal of Honor in ‘08  (which was in recognition of her extensive service to our class as alumna president, decades of fundraising and organizing events.).

Donations may be given in her name to “The Sandra Klamkin Schocket Class of 1958, Scholarship Fund (EP6281)” at MHC (

ELIZABETH (BETTY) MARVIN CELIL                                              We’ve heard  from Jennifer Bryson-Alderman ‘92 that her mother, Elizabeth (Betty) Marvin Cecil, passed away 12/04/20 of Multiple Myeloma. Betty started MHC as a member of our class but took a year off to work with the Episcopal Church in Alaska. Upon returning, she graduated with the Class of ‘59.  For more information, see her obituary in the Class of ‘59 Class Notes.

SUE STEINBERG ROSEN                                                                  writes: At the end of October, Arthur and I moved from the Berkshires “back home” to NJ. We are living in an  independent living community in Pompton Plains, NJ,close to Wayne, where we lived for 40 years.It feels very familiar , and we are so comfortable,in our down- sized apartment.  The move was probably the hardest thing we’ve had to do, but we got a lot of help from our kids and grandchildren.

Our older granddaughter is in a CardioThoracic Surgical Residency in Rochester, NY, the only woman in the Program. Her younger sister is back in CA, after graduating from college there, and is working for GOOGLE. Their cousin, who lives in Colorado, will be starting college in the Fall.  

MARCIA (MUFFIE) TAYLOR SEIFERT                                               shared the following (cut and edited): “As you know, I moved to NJ in 2018, leaving many friends behind and it’s been a challenge to make new ones and keep in touch.  All of the activities associated with the community have been canceled and people are very reluctant to get together.  Our Book Club meets outside on two patios across from one another . . . So, what have I done at this challenging time:?  For a long, long time, I have wanted to put together my family history for Karl and his family. . . . have scanned over 400 pictures for the archive, so he has a digital file . . . .After all, when I “kick”, he will hardly want boxes of myphotos!  . . .   I have added commentary to many pictures, especially those from my childhood.  How else would Karl know who that 8 year old girl, fishing from row boat tied to a dock at her Grandparents’ summer home, was his Mother!  It’s been fun to reminisce . . . .In my narrative, I have a completely separate section for MHC.  I have printed the logo, used some of the pictures of the campus, and mounted pictures of our classmates which help tell the story of what MHC has meant to me over the years.  As you may know, I have been a needlepointer for many years now. .. during COVID, I have resumed this hobby and am thoroughly enjoying being creative again.  As far as activities go – bridge (how I miss THAT), golf, dining out (which I don’t do very often but would like the option to do so), getting together with friends and family, going to stores – all are either non-existent or limited.  I do the grocery shopping with mask and gloves.  Phyllis’ grandchildren come over -always with masks – and play outside.  They don’t come into the house.  That is hard on them and her.