60th Reunion Report

Our classmates proclaimed “THIS WAS OUR BEST REUNION EVER!

The campus was lush and lovely when we arrived.  Abbey was our headquarters. Thankfully, Abbey had an elevator, a boon to aching knees and heavy suitcases.  A total of 70 people attended, 51 classmates and 19 guests.  Coming the farthest distances were JANE KATZ CRIST  and NANCY LEVINE ZAKIM from California, BETSY ROOS BEUTHEL  from Washington State, and SUE VAUGHN HIMES and husband Dick from Kansas.

A major change from our MHC experience was the dining scene. The College now has a Community Center Dining Commons, with a wide variety of offerings, halal for example, and many stations for entrees, salads, desserts and beverages. Some of us were nostalgic for dining in the dorms, which was quieter.

On Friday, Sonya Stevens, Acting President and President-elect, gave a State of the College report.  Afterwards there were three “Back-to-Class” Sessions scheduled on diverse subjects, including a Japanese tea ceremony.

Friday evening we were bussed to the Orchards Golf Club for a buffet dinner. The highlight of the evening was an award, presented by the Alumnae Association President Marcia Brumit Kropf ’67 to Paul Weissman, husband of our classmate, HARRIET LEVINE WEISSMAN.  The Alumnae Association award, made him an honorary member of the Class of 1958 in recognition of his extraordinary devotion to the College and the founding and support of the Weissman Center on campus. Also present for the awards were Sonya Stephens, President-elect, and Kassandra Jolley, Vice-President for Development. BONNIE MACHSON COHEN, our Webmaster, presented the results of her questionnaire.  Thanks to CAROLYN CZAJA TOPOR for arranging this wonderful evening.

Saturday morning was The Parade. We dressed in white and sported costumes of red derby hats and a Miss America style “Class of 1958” sash.  Our signs, produced by CHAR SORNBORGER and ANN FULLARTON, read: “We’ve mastered PC’s, Apples, Smart phones – and when necessary, Powered Wheelchairs” and “Senior living ain’t for sissies  – once an amusing quip – Now a reality!”  

The Alumnae Association Meeting followed the parade in Mary E. Woolley Hall. Our class garnered many awards. MIRELLA JONA AFFRON  received the Elizabeth Topham Kennan award.  JOAN MILLER MORAN and DIANA MARSTON WOOD  received the Loyalty Award. We also won the Alumnae Association Cup, awarded to the reunion class with the highest percentage of attendees.

Class Agent ANN JONES DOLBEAR said that our class was a joy to work with because of the consistent commitment of each class member. The class won the Sphinx Award for 80% participation, the highest total during the reunion fiscal year 2018. In total, the Class gave the Mount Holyoke Fund $133,470 in 2018 and $2,821,712 (all gifts to all funds) for the five-year cumulative total. In addition, the Laurel Chain Society included 100 class members.

After lunch on Saturday, we met in the parlor of Abbey for our class meeting. MARY (EDGY) EDGERTON SLOAT, chair of the Nominating Committee presented the slate for 2018-2023.  They are:

OFFICERS:                                                                                                                    President – Betty Koch Baker                                                                                           Vice-President – Joyce Bernstein Klein                                                                  Secretary – Bobbi Bohman Travis                                                                           Treasurer – Ann Lyster Hinchcliff                                                                                  Scribe – Joan Heyman Rosen                                                                                         Webmaster – Bonnie Machson Cohen

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:                                                                                   Mary (Edgy) Edgerton Sloat, Chair                                                                                 MP Cameron Nugent                                                                                                       Amy Weadock Bahr                                                                                                         Carolyn Matheson Hirsch                                                                                          The nominees were elected unanimously. 

  ANN JONES DOLBEAR  and BETSY ROOS BEUTHEL will be Co-Head Class Agents.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to DI WOOD for her ten years of leadership as President of the Class of 1958.  

LYNN JONES OSBORN and MARCIA (MUFFIE) TAYLOR SEIFERT led us in honoring our classmates who have passed away since the 55th reunion.                                        Ann Seymour Bryan,                                                                                                  Helen Leisenring Vaughan,                                                                                        Susan E. McKee,                                                                                                        Priscilla Fletcher Sproul,                                                                                            Antonie Langr Close,                                                                                                  Sheila Maki Korhammer,                                                                                                Ilze Maizitis Olmstead,                                                                                          Elizabeth Bailey Benzinger,                                                                                         Irene Virginia Smith,                                                                                                     Ann Elizabeth Thompson,                                                                                             Nancy Cannon Goodell,                                                                                            Marie Mendelsohn Jenkins,                                                                                        Elizabeth C. Ridout,                                                                                                  Carolyn Fosdick Takahara,                                                                                      Carolyn Hoggan Larsen,                                                                                              Esther Whitmore Craig,                                                                                              Lenore F. Perez,                                                                                                          Joan Mag Karff,                                                                                                  Elizabeth Dana Ford,                                                                                                      Ellen Boles Olson,                                                                                                            Laura Lyall White,                                                                                                      Judith Cain Krok,                                                                                                        Gloria (Glojo) Johnson Powell,                                                                                Matilda Sample Munroe Klaus,                                                                                  Beverly Kidder Strout,                                                                                                Priscilla Bonnell Schumm and                                                                                        Jane Stokes Ingram.

Later in the afternoon, CAROL BISSELL TRUESDELL led an interactive group discussion that asked the question, “Did MHC influence the kind of person you are today?” AMY HERZ JUVILER, MEG CLAYTOR DAVIS, and MARCIA (MUFFIE) TAYLOR SEIFERT were the panelists who shared their experiences. 

Saturday night was at Willits-Hallowell. During dinner Gayle Gerson, VP Admissions, gave us an update on the incoming September 2018 class. After dinner, we were treated to a musical program by Allen Bonde, Professor Emeritus of Music, pianist and composer, and his daughter, soprano Mara Bonde, Class of’1991. Their program, an “Evening at the Pops,” was enthusiastically received.

Some of our classmates had to leave on Saturday, but most of us stayed until Sunday after breakfast. There were mixed emotions – sadness that our return to campus and renewing of friendships was over, and enthusiasm, “So great to see you”, “Let’s get together again soon”, and “See you at our 65th!”, and “This was our best reunion ever!”

Submitted by Virginia Lueth Keith, Class of 1958