2011 Class Notes

2011 Class Notes


and her husband flew to JOAN (SMUDGE) HEYMAN ROSEN’s before the Class Mini Reuinion. The 2 husbands “hung out” for a few days while Joyce and Smudge (your scribe) went off to South Hadley together.


celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary in June. Their three children invited the extended family for a week-end of dinners and brunches in Ann Arbor. About 50 attended with an age range of three months to 78 years.


Passed away on October 9, 2011. ANN (THOMPS) THOMPSON writes of Judy’s work on the Fundraising Committee for our 50th Reunion despite already dealing with what would later be diagnosed as the early stages of ALS. Thomps saw her again in March ’11 and though communication was becoming increasingly difficult, she talked freely about the challenges of this horrendous disease. Judy was an avid swimmer and cyclist, and during the past 15 years especially enjoyed multi-week touring with her sister in various places.

Even after her diagnosis, Judy pushed ahead and went on a bike trip to Italy with her sister,Jan, who told Thomps that it was actually easier for Judy to ride her bike than to walk. She worked out for many more months with her personal trainer and attended spinning classes.

When talking on the phone was no longer possible, Judy stayed in touch via iPad. “She was surrounded by all her family, and her final moments were very peaceful…” Judy is survived by her husband, Peter, three children and their spouses, grandchildren, a great grandchild ande three sisters.


Linda Joyce Boon died on April 12, 2010. Her husband, Jan Boon, had predeceased her in 2005. SARA ALBERT BRONSTEIN lived with Linda in Lakeside sophomore year and continued contact over the years. Sara describer her as “…a plucky gal who didn’t let her illness slow her down.” Linda’s entry in our 30th Reunion Booklet says she “…retired as a publisher’s rep in 1997.”

An obituary in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution describes Linda as a “…remarkable, generous and spirited woman.” loved by family and friends. Linda is survived by her children, Joanna, Suzanne (and her husband, Mark), Marissa and James as well as 5 grandchildren.


Ruth Gerard Poley is one of the 25 congregants who received their food handler’s licenses so they could prepare and serve food for four or five hours on an occasional Sunday to benefit their temple. The volunteers make authentic-tasting New York deli foods such as coleslaw and chopped liver. Ruth’s husband, Neil, slices the meat just before serving

Posted August 6, 2011


Marcia (Muffie) Tayler Seifert’s 2010 Holiday letter describes an incredible “trip of a lifetime” to Tanzania. Not only were the game drives “ . . . beyond out ‘wildest’ expectations. . . but the greatest impact was the people of Tanzania.” They visited a Maasai village, an art colony, a school, an “amazing community established to help those with hearing, sight and physial disabilites(where) some 300 residents, learn a trade and contribute to society with their craft skills.” A future Class Notes will bring us up to date on Muffie’s more recent trip to Turkey – made even more amazing ” . . .by being in a Muslim country when they took down bin Laden!” Erosion continues to threaten their property, but so far it’s still stable and safe.


Carol A. Simpson Sherman died 4/6/11 . After receiving her AB from MHC, Carol received her MAT in 1970 . She taught Math in the Westfield, NJ Public Schools and at John F. Kennedy High School in Somers, NY. Her husband, Dr. John D. Sherman pre-deceased her. Carol is survived by sons, John Christopher Sherman (455 Hope St., Åpt. 4F, Stamford, CT 06906-1330), Robert Delano Sherman and his companion, Brenda Rivera (5672 Sandtrap Ln, Allentown, PA 18106-9569) and 6 grandchildren. Contributions in her memory to the Amer. Cancer Society, 30 Speen St., Framingham, MA 01701 would be appreciated


This photo was taken on 6/24/11 across from the greenhouse on the MHC campus. L-R: LYNNE JONES OSBORN, ANNE ENSWORTH WHITNEY ,EMMY BOYCE WHITE, ELIZABETH PHEAR McMILLAN. It was the end of a wonderful 4 day mini-reunion we enjoyed at Elizabeth’s home in Stuyvesant NY. It was a real hen party as her husband David went to a motel for 3 nights!! As you can see, the weather was inclement, but the joy was not. We reveled in the similarities from our college days – our hairstyles (though different in color) are the same and the tailored clothing we wore then we wore now. And 3 of the raincoats are LLBean. As you can see, we did some shopping at the Bookstore – who can resist? (Answer – Emmy)



I became a “Bat Mitzvah” in April. This is a traditional rite of passage in the Jewish faith that usually happens at the age of 12 or 13. Along with 8 other women, Ruth spent a year at weekly lessons with her Rabbi delving into the faith’s history, traditions and ethics, as well as the study of Hebrew. Learning more about her religion was an important part of the b’not mitzvah process, but we also learned a lot about themselves. As is custom, we had a service project: Wechose to tutor women in the Fayette County Detention Center who are working to get their GEDs. Going into the jail was “way out of our comfort zone.” But during our weekly visits we came to see how our help was making a difference, hopefully helping the incarcerated women to set a different path for their lives. “It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us who participated. I am continuing to work in the jail where, believe me, I am getting at least as much out of the experience as the women I’m tutoring. For more details, you can go to: http://www.kentucky.com/2011/05/14/1739848/non-traditional-students-become.h

Posted June 6, 2011


Barbara Karnan Vaterlaus, a resident of Orinda, CA for the past 47 years, died on 1/10/11. She received her B.A. from MHC in 1958 and her M.Ed. from St. Mary’s College in 1987. Raised in Mass., Barbie moved to San Francisco after college where she met and married Robert Vaterlaus, her loving husband for 40 years before his death in 1999.. While their 2 sons were young, they lived in Australia for 3 yrs. where Bob managed a subsidiary of Kaiser Aluminum. MHC classmates remember Barbie as a “wonderful person” (JUDY KWEETKIND LEYEY) , “always gracious and charming” (MARY ‘EDGY’ EDGERTON SLOAT), with a “wonderful smile” (JUDITH “MISTY” TURINO GIDEONSE). SANDY KLAMKIN SCHOCKET always admired her musical talent”, and reminisced about co-writing the No. Rocky Outing Club song with her.

Senior year dorm-mates (Torrey) remembered “ . . . Barbie sitting on the piano bench and harmonizing with me”.(PATRICIA “M.P.” CAMERON NUGENT). She was described as “vivacious, kind and beautiful both inside and out” (GERALDINE “GERRY MATTHEWS GILMARTIN). LINDA “TAFFY’ TAFT LITTON writes, she was a fellow member of the V-8’s and “. . . was an energetic, upbeat young woman whose enthusiasm was infectious. . . . I can still see her marvelous embacing smile and hear her positive encouragement. For a very short but poignant period of my life, she was a treasured asset.” Barbie taught English and Special Ed and received the Teacher of the Year Award from Acalanes Union School District in 1988. After her retirement, she continued to be an avid reader and puzzle solver, to work in various teaching capacities and serve on several leadership boards until shortly before her death. Barbie is survived by 2 sons, Robert and Richard (R. Vaterlaus, 9 Gonsalves Ct, Alamda, CA, 94502)


died on January 15, 2011 after a courageous battle with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The following was gleaned from the San Francisco Chronicle, 1/23/11. If any class-mates knew her personally, please contact Smudge at joanhrosen@aol.com with your comments – especially regarding her years at MHC.

Gretchen grew up in Boston, attended Abbot Academy(now Andover) and Mount Holyoke College, eventually moving west to complete college at UC Berkeley. She married Albert W. Smith in 1958, After raising her 4 children, Gretchen became a CPA, practicing in Alameda County for more than 20 years. She will be remembered for “. . .her strength of character, intelligence, creativity and sense of humor”, overseeing numerous cooking and art projects with her 6 grandchildren,, and her enjoyment of wonderful meals, wine and lively discussion. Gretchen “.. was a fierce competitor who never lost a family card game – which served her well as she and her companion of 5 years, Jim Canty, competed in bridge tournaments, each earning Life Master in 2008.” She is survived by her 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Gretchen was a resident of Piedmont, CA for over 45 years.


and husband, Norm, spent a February week in Florida with JOYCE BERNSTEIN KLEIN and her husband, Dan. On Sunday, 2/20/11 BONNIE MACHSON COHEN and her husband, Ted, drove down to Hollywood Beach from West Palm Beach and the 6 met for Brunch on the boardwalk. The weather was glorious. The beach was beautiful and bustling – but mostly, the 6 talked and talked, walked and talked, and time flew by. They made sure to top off their 4 hours with Haagen Daz cones and more talk . . . A wonderful MINI Mini Reunion!!



sent a copy of a recent magazine interview in “World of Adventure – Globe-trotting across the world keeps Nancy Hawley’s youthful spirit ready for adventure.” After leaving MHC to get married in her sophomore year, Nancy finished her degree at California State University at Chico in 1988 – cheered at commencement by her 5 children.

A nature, hiking, outdoors and photography enthusiast, she has worked in the travel industry in a variety of capacities: supervisor of an agency, tour leader in remote areas of the world, investigating’ different locations so she could give her clients an honest review. Nancy spent years as a Park Ranger and tour guide in Alaska at Denali National Park. She volunteers at Gateway Science Museum, California Waterfowl Association and Bidwell Park.

She’s involved with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and also volunteers with the Chamber of Commerce, M C’s large events and gives talks on travel or Alaska. To read more about her adventures (including competing in the Mountain Mother Contest in Talkeen, Alaska- part of the city’s Moose Droppings Festival!!) go to http://www.paradisepost.com/ for Northern California Publication’s annual ActiveAdultLiving: Seniors on the Go. 2010-11.

Nancy is semi-retired and describes herself as ” . . . single and still working in jobs away from home which provide travel and adventure.” Spare time is spent ballroom dancing, hiking, swimming and jogging. She is blessed with 9 grandchildren and her mother, a Vassar graduate, who turned 100 in Sept. 2010.


wrote: “Blessings to you and your family for the New Year. There isn’t a whole lot to say. All three of my children have relocated to Amherst/Hadley so all 8 grandchildren are close by. We are truly blessed. #8, Adam David Vigderman, was born on Oct. 30, 2010 in time for Halloween and we are getting ready for the first Bat Mitzvah in March of 2012. We will celebrate our fiftieth anniversary, God willing, with a two week Seville to Venice [Columbia U. alumni ]cruise–fifty years of vacation we never could take rolled into one biggy! “


writes that she and her husband ,Peter, ” . . . have been keeping busy in retirement with volunteering, mostly at our UU church. I, also volunteer in activities related to my career choice, teaching k-12 science–I teach for the MD Dept. of Natural Resources about topics related to the Chesapeake Bay; volunteer at the Invertebrate exhibit at the National Zoo; and do water quality monitoring by identifying the macroinvertebrates at a county stream site.

We also enjoy traveling– 2x a year to visit our children in LA and Seattle and to other places, mostly with Road Scholars. ( i.e. Costa Rica, Glacier Nat’l Park and Germany, Austria, etc.) . . . our current claim to fame right now is that our son, Tom Nissley, was the winner on Jeopardy for 8 straight shows in December and, as a result, we have discovered how many people out there enjoy watching Jeopardy!


writes from Snowmass in Colorado where she is teaching children skiing. “A training session this week had me in the bumps and going through trees. This is what children like to do. Bruce and I had a grand time in Costa Rica prior to heading west in early December. I tried zip lining in the cloud forest which was fun . Bruce celebrated his 80th birthday in Drake Bay on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica . . .”