2013 Class Notes


November 10 – 13, 2013

of Philadelphia, PA died on October 12, 2013.  She majored in Political Science and received her AB from Mt Holyoke.  Three years later she earned an MA from the University of Pittsburgh System.  Her work history included Development Assistant at the Univ. of PA and many years as a Counselor.  Marcia (Muffie) Taylor Seifert recalls that “she was a passionate follower of the Philadelphia Orchestra and had season tickets for years and years.”  Muffie used to bump into her there.  Virginia (Ginnie) Leuth Keith warmly remembered Susan from  being in her dorm one year.    “When she had a houseplant that was ailing, she gave it an aspirin.  She was nice, somewhat quiet, with a quirky sense of humor.”Susan is survived by her twin sister Sallie (James) Warden of Philadelphia, older sister Mary de Zarn of Winchester, VA., a half-brother, John Bergman of Milwaukee, WI, nephews and grand-nephews.
writes: “Hope others have some noteworthy items, but life here in RI is quiet.  Just walked home from the Bay where I was watching my kids and grandkids race.  Every Saturday is sailboat racing and then English tea  at the Saunderstown Yacht Club, a small club on Narragansett Bay.  Swim with a friend in it everyday at high tide and play bridge, but tennis is on hold for a while due to rotator cuff surgery.  Guess I’m getting to the reading about and watching rather than the participating age.”  Sue  is ” . . .in contact with Louis Engle Dove in MD, and had a great visit with Charlotte Barton Sornborger, here in RI, while driving to MHC for reunion.”
of Nashville, TN, died 8/1/13.  She graduated MHC as a Sociology major and Studio Art minor, “…a joint focus which revealed both her deep love for people and her joyous appreciation of creativity.”  Ann married Bill Bryan in ’59 and soon moved to his hometown of Nashville.  She was described as a “… devoted and energetic participant in her children’s lives, substitute teaching at their kindergarten and volunteering at their elementary school.”  Ann volunteered countless hours to Boy and Girl Scouts, school projects, and the Salvation Army where she served as President of the Women’s Auxiliary for several years.  Ann is survived by her husband, Bill, 3 children, Elizabeth (“Betsey”) Bryan Bass and her husband (Savannah, GA), Mary Bryan Bass and husband and Bill Bryan III(all of Nashville); 2 grandchildren, a brother and numerous nieces and nephews.  A cousin, Mary P. (Paige), was MHC ’83.

November 1, 2013


 of Orange, CT lost her battle with cancer on Oct. 3, 2013. She left MHC before graduating, subsequently getting herBS from Southern ConnecticutStateUniversity in ’77. She was an award winning artist, taught watercolor, and was involved in the formation of the Orange Arts and Crafts Guild and “Art Goes to School” program.  Penny loved children and her love of art, travel, music and nature inspired those around her.   She leaves her loving husband of 40 years, Edgar L.Vaughn of Orange, CT., 3 siblings, daughter Elizabeth “Betsy” Pardee Carlson, son David Gunnar Carlson, 5 grandchn,  many nieces, nephews, cousins, step-chn and grandchn. Always up for a bike ride, tennis or badminton  game, walk in the woods or singingwith others,” her family and friends will miss her warm smile and endearing companionship deeply.”


 was sorry to miss Reunion 2013 but was “feeling swamped with responsibility from the Patricia Wismer Trust. . .”  She has been back to campus and worked with the archivists with a series of scrapbooks Pat created and a  blue production scrapbook  she thought would be of interest to some who worked at Lab Theatre and at dance performances(’54-’58)  Judy recommends a visit to the archives. She loved wandering on campus with a camera “. . . celebrating the old and new looks of that beautiful space.” Judy and Bruce are well and savoring the experiences of their 9 yrs. in Vermont. She loves delivering meals to a group of folks “ very young in spirit for Meals on Wheels. Memory is a muddled thing at times, but the warm days of our college experience do stay strong, and I love reading the Quarterly for everyone’s news, even while I stay a hermit up here.  A grand autumn to everyone.”


Anne Ensworth Whitney tells us about a summer celebration for daughter Emily’s (’89) mother in law (a non-graduating member of MHC ’37) who turned 100  – Ruth Hartshorne   “She lives alone in her big house in HamiltonNY. And is very sharp. She actually graduated from U Chicago because she wanted men in class!  She was thrilled to receive a bouquet from the Alumnae Association. “Now I feel as though I belong to Mount Holyoke”, was her response. Quite a day.”


Connie Godfrey Keller still lives in Cody, WY. as do 2 of her 6 grandchn. She spent a week on a ship on the Great Lakes last summer with a family group – “a great way to have a reunion.” They put almost 4000 miles on their Envoy traveling through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico , Colorado and then home through much of Wyoming.  Spent 3 nights with a daughter and her husband in Casper which meant fun time with their only great grandchild who turned 1 in August. Connie is loving yoga and a therapy pool session once a week, and playing bridge twice a week in the fall and winter. They love going to movies and reading – Pat using an IPad (which helps his eyes) and Connie using a Kindle (because it simplifies the bookload). She and Pat try to spend 2 nights a week at their cabin 17 miles east of YellowstonePark. “Getting our wood supply gives us good exercise.  We also were watched by a magnificent grizzly last week.  They are awesome.”


Connie Lane Nissley shares an update ca. their move from Md.to Seattle in late Oct. our Their daughter, Elinor, is coming from LA to drive us to the NW;.  This means we will be closer to our son, Tom, and his family: (check him out on http://www.jeopardy.com/minisites/battleofthedecades00s/

“Because I have little energy, a Parkinson-like condition,  and Peter has a severe balance problem, resulting in using a walker, we hired a group who have helped us downsize and “stage” our home, which sold fast.  I recommend such help to any elders who have been in their home a long time – in our case, 42 yrs.


and Bill,have been taking a lot of trips,” . . . most recently to Sicily which we found fascinating; next we’re taking a ‘cruise’, actually the local mail boat, along the coast of Norway in January.  ‘It’ll be dark the whole time!’ people tell us  We’ll see.” ..

Posted September 2, 2013


left MHC early and graduated from Goucher in ’58, having married Mort Wolpert during her senior year.  Subsequently she went on to become an LCSW-C.  “I retired for 1 year. – traveled to China and broke my foot – afterward began 3 day/wk, employment at a busy pain management practice and love it.” Sadly, Mort died of a Melanoma in 1972.   Daughter, Gwen, died several yrs. ago of a failed kidney transplant after yrs. of treatment and dialysis.  Daughter, Julie and husband, Brian, live 10 mi. from Marge’s Baltimore coop. They have given Marge 2 grandchn.- Katie (21) is at McDanielCollege and Alex (25) graduated Cornell and wks. In NYC as a CFA at Deutche Bank. Marge enjoys her Book Club, Bridge and a number of volunteer involvements.


 writes about a fabulous trip she and her husband took this past summer.  “We went to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks, following many of the routes Edgy and I had taken in 1958.  It was great to be back in Montana and Wyoming, which I loved then and did again.  Saw lots of wildlife and, of course, gorgeous scenery.  We stayed in White Fish, Great Falls,  Bozeman, Montana, Yellowstone, Jackson, Green Springs and Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Did museums – Indian, Great Plains, Lewis & Clark, Western Art – and art galleries and met some very nice people in the B&B’s we stayed in.  We wound up seeing two sons and their families in Littleton and BoulderCO.  Our six grandchildren there were in fine form and its always great to see them.   All in all a wonderful time, planned beautifully by husband Pat. “

Posted July 28, 2013


passed up reunion this year because of a grandson’s graduation.  AND “on 5/24 my beloved partner of 14 years went into the hospital for the last time and died on 5/31 from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Marcia  Rogers Payson and I had over 14 years together.  Many health problems plagued her but we had no idea the end was this near.  Her energy, tenacity, and joie de vivre were with her to the end.   We shared a number of common interests including our Unitarian Universalist church, many singing groups including our church choir, some women’s choruses, and more recently Harbour Singers, a local hospice choir.  Fun for us included our  kids (3 for me, 2 for her) grandkids (8 for me, 3 for her), playing cards, some traveling until the last year or two, conferences at a nearby UU conference center, and any opportunity to be silly!

I  still have loving kids/grandkids, church and choral communities, 3 months a year of tax work at H & R Block, a pleasant condo, and more stuff(!) than any one or two people could ever need!  And I’m blessed with pretty good health — one new knee, two cataracts, a hearing aid in the one ear that functions, but generally very fortunate in the health department.


writes from a “ . . . small island on lake Temagami in northern Ontario where we and our 2 elderly rescue Brittainy spaniels usually spend 2 months surrounded by water so clear that my husband still drinks the water unboiled.  Our set up is on the primative side – no inside plumbing, water hand pumped into the kitchen sink, outhouse and such, silence except for the occasional motor boat passing by.  The stove and refrigerator run on propane and two lamps operate on solar power. All this is in contrast to our active townhouse life in a retirement community in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  And I have to admit that the contrasting lifestyles make life interesting.

Our 3 children, Stephen, Ted and Helen are scattered from New Mexico to California and Chicago,  Helen’s husband has a new job in Philadelphia so she will soon be moving east.  Helen’s son and daughter are  counselors on the lake so they stop by on their free days.   There are 6 grandchildren ages 4 to 19.  We have a lot of mileage with Southwest.

 Posted July 18, 2013


Gertie’s book, “More Radiant than the Sun: A Handbook for Working with Steiner’s Meditations and Exercises”  is now available. It costs $11.00 plus mailing and can be ordered from Amazon or from SteinerBooks, 610 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA, 01230.

She was invited to give a talk from the book recently at the House of Peace in Ipswich Massachusetts. The House of Peace has been serving people who need it for about the last twenty or more years. I will be giving talks from my book in the coming year, wherever anybody wants me to offer it, including where groups of meditating people who are interested in anthroposophy come together, often in Waldorf Schools on the East Coast or farther West.

The book has an Introduction–“Anthroposophy, A Basis for Meditation” and a closing Afterword called “Fostering Transformation from the Future” both pieces written by Gertie. In between, the book has 13 Exercises from Rudolf Steiner: Three for Meditation on the Self; Three for Plant Meditation; Three Meditations on the Cosmos; and three Meditations on Moral Ideas, with a final 13th meditation known as “The Foundation Stone Meditation.”  Each meditation has a paragraph or two from me, then some descriptions of the meditation by Steiner, and finally the actual piece itself so that anybody can use it in her or his own meditation.”


writes, “What’s new? I’m old! However, my husband still bikes in France and I still sing “scat” and “boogie” with my tap shoes, (now only for grandchildren) but still… fun. .Just sent poems off for publication and am trying to finish an hysterically funny memoir about… being a minister’s daughter. This all proves I’m still here.  Now.. where ARE my glasses?”


writes “Needless to say, the BIG news on my front is the marriage of my son, Karl, to the love of his life, Heidi West on June 21, 2013.  The ceremony took place down by a beautiful river in northern California in the high Sierras at a lovely lodge called the Chalet View Lodge.  In attendance were: ALISON SCHECHTER and Alan; MEG WOODBURY and David and LYNN JONES OSBORNE.  Carolyn Staley, Class of 1952, was also there along with many, many friends and family.  It was a heavenly day and the wedding was perfect.  The newly weds have returned to their home in Philadelphia after a wonderful trip both on the west and east coasts.  They are so very happy as each found his/her soul mate in the other.

Phyllis and I head to the Schechters cabin in Maine on July 21st for nine days, and then back home where several of our family celebrate birthdays in the month of August.


shared: “Roger and I are on MacMahan Island, Maine for our twenty-third summer – a small island community with no stores or cars.  Our children and their families will visit from San Francisco and New York City. This tradition all began when Roger was the island chaplain in 1991 and several other summers.

in January we sold our home of 35 years and moved to a condo nearby – a good change for us.  I continue to be active in parish activities at All Saints’ Pontiac, Michigan. Our wonderful Rector and her partner Claire are Holyoke grads.  We had a very pleasant Mountain Day together last fall.  We are still on the tennis courts hitting that yellow ball!”


reports, ” Dick and I have just had 15 family members at our house over the 4th of July weekend.  Hectic but fun.  Our four grandchildren range in age from 7 to 15.  We visit them frequently in Seattle and Miami.  It’s good that we live in the middle of the country (LawrenceKS).  We were recently in Miami helping Laura and family move there from Winter HavenFL since she started a job with Walmart.  Her husband Jorge became a US citizen in April and we were there to participate in the ceremony.  Next week we’re going on a Grand Circle cruise along the DalmatianCoast (Croatia, Montenegro, etc.).  As long as our health and energy remain good, we keep traveling.  We both still help with the AARP Tax-Aide program doing taxes for whoever comes in the door but mostly the elderly.  That keeps us home during most of the tax season.”


just had a mini reunion at MARTHA SYKES MURRAY’s home in East Hampton, NY, last week with Amanda (Waldo) Latham Craven. “A few days of fun – everyone is  in very good shape, as are everyone’s children and grands.  JANE HOOVER POLLEY, who lives in NYC and Sachem Head, CT. was to have attended, too.

My daughter, Cordelia, lives in Portland, Maine with husband Winslow and daughters Clementine and Daisy – lots of skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer; they have a summer camp on South Port Island, ME. Cordelia is on Architect (Columbia U. Masters)  and works for a large Portland construction company.  Younger daughter Amanda (City Planner Masters from NYU and Landscape Design Masters from Columbia,, is a planner at ColumbiaUniversity.

 My big trip this year is to take my two grandchildren to Montreal for a week; other trips have included Russia, China, Turkey – the usual. “


wrote that, “Instead of coming to the reunion this spring, our big adventure was going on a small ship cruise of SE Alaska’s Eastern coves with our 2 children, their spouses, Thomas’s 2 sons.  First day was our anniversary, June 15.  It was great fun.  Peter and I have limited mobility, but could enjoy the less vigorous offerings and the younger crowd could try the harder stuff!  A few pictures give some flavor.

Posted May 15, 2013


has just released her book about meditation from Steiner Books; More Radiant than the Sun: A Handbook for working with Steiner’s Verses and Exercises. “You can but it on Amazon or see SteinerBooks on line.  I had a good time writing it.

I enjoy retiremenent still live in Middletown near Wesleyan where I can swim at the pool and use the library.  It’s nice to be near friends I’ve known for many decades here.  My four children and ten grandchildren are half near and half far away, but all are dear and fun to visit.


writes from “a beautiful, small village outside of Munich where she has lived for the last 40 years.  A European Alumnae Symposium meets every two years in a different European capitol.  This fall the 12th Symposium will be in Warsay.  “They are MHC graduates of all ages and classes who live permanantly or temporarily in Europe.  I keep in touch with friends from the US but visits there have not been too grequent ever since 9/11.”  Marion has one son and a daughter, ten grandchildren and just recently a great-grandchild has joined the family.


and Alan “…have in recent year taken on a life that involves a lot of going from here to there!  We “winter over” at our Maine cabin in the woods where Alan skis every day and I read a lot, cook, build roaring fires and walk when the show and ice permit.  In March and April we are at our house in Wellesley, in spring we travel in our Roadtrek camper wandering where the spirit takes us, in the summer months we are back in Maine and in the fall we are in Rome with visits to  friends in Paris and Holland.  We get back to Wellesley for Thanksgiving, spend Christmas with our son and his family in Atlanta and then the cycle starts up again!  It sounds a bit nuts but what’s new!

One day we will have to slow down but for now it is GO, GO, GO!”.  Sadly this will keep her away from our 55th.


and Bruce moved to Kendal in Hanover, a Quaker Retirement Community, last July.  “Life is very busy.  It is wonderful to have the Dartmouth facilities so near by.  This means I have access to the Dartmouth Skiway, tennis courts and Ilead Courses.  We are enjoying all our new friends.  Spend three weeks skiing at Snowmass and taught skiing at the Dartmouth Skyway in January and February


passed away last Fall (10/28/12).  After graduating as a French Lit. major, Tryntje went on to get an M.S. from Columbia Univ. and worked as a trainer/Librarian at the N.Y. Public Library.  She also worked briefly at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) as a Librarian and was self-employed as a graphic artist.

In her write up for our 50th reunion booklet Tryntje reported: “At age 52… I became severely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis.”  After coping alone for years and living in various assisted-living communities, she eventually landed in Loomis Village in South Hadley.  Tryntje describes using a computer for journal writing etc.  “…using one fairly fast forefinger…” and reading extensively, mostly French novels and books concerned with brain science.  The deceased report lists two sons, Janes and Niels, a brother, Larkin Hasbrouck, a sister, Jane E. Doncan and a cousin, Alison H. Rudkin, MHC ’68. A deceased aunt, Rosalind H. Rudkin was MHC ’30.


Spent the first three months of the year recovering from double knee replacement surgery.  All went well and she is back on the golf course 2-3 times a week, playing lots of bridge (“like we did in the ‘old’ days).  Feeling very lucky to be up and around and enjoying life in Santa Fe.


Married Rabbi Sam Karff in 1959, lived in Hartford, Flint, Michigan and Chicago and for the last 36 years in Houston.  “It was the very best of luck that I found a guy who is both brilliant and kind in equal measure.  I pursued my interest in contemporary dance by founding a modern dance company in Houston and ran that for 25 years.  Since giving up the dance company I founded a mentoring project for minority high school seniors called “Women on the Way Up”.  The program functions as a weekly class and is essentially an enrichment program focused on the arts, current events, the reading of worthwhile books and sessions with guest speakers, (themselves minority women who have made it).  I raise scholarship money for them and they all go on to college.

On a personal level, I have been treated twice for cancer and though that has not been at all fun, I have come through with complete remission and have been able to resume my life.  The Karffs have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren.


Muffie’s holiday card was bittersweet as mother nature forced them to leave their “Chesapeake Dream” home, fortunately with a buyout offer from FEMA and they’re now in Elkton, MD.  Though still in the process of settling in and making connections, they are still to be close to the bay and closer to Philadelphia and their families.  Son Karl will be married to Heidi in June and move into their new home in North Philadelphia

Posted April 7, 2013


We received a press release from London  announcing Joan Edwards Jonas, “one of the most significant innovators in video and performance art, will create new work for BMW Tate Live Performance Room – a pioneering strand of live, online performances simultaneously seen by international audiences across world time zones at www.youtube.com/user/tate/tatelive .  ” It went online on 2/28/13… “Since the 1960s, Jonas has transcended genres to develop influential work rooted in space, movement, ritual and gesture.  Jonas pioneered the use of film and video in performance, and later began to incorporate fairy tales and folklore, turning away from the camera toward a more painterly, narrative and text-based practice.  “The Juniper Tree”, at the WhitechapelArtGallery in 1979, was Jonas’s first UK performance. “


Peg writes that they ” . . . had a year-long experience this past year that brought home the need for us all to be organ donors.  Our son (49) had had a liver disease for 15 years or so, but had always been able to handle it with medication, until suddenly in December of 2012, the meds stopped working.  There began a long saga, of hospitalization, doctors’ visits and tests,  getting on “the list”, and hoping for a living donor.  The liver is a unique organ in our bodies that can reproduce itself, and our son was at the stage in which he could benefit from a living donor, who gives 2/3 of his liver to replace the recipient’s.  Otherwise, one has to wait, getting sicker and sicker, until able to qualify for a cadaver liver.   Months went by;  neither of his 2 siblings, who were of course willing, qualified, (and no one over 55), and we kept hoping for someone else who not only would volunteer (for a very serious 6-hour surgery and months long recovery), but could also pass all the tests.  Eventually a college friend and roommate heard of Matt’s case through an email chain, volunteered, came from VA to NYC for all the tests, waited through the team eval and week long ‘cooling off period’, and was accepted.  The surgeries took place simultaneously on Nov. 27th, and we’re delighted to say both our son and his donor are doing fine.  Although living liver donation outside of the family is very rare, we all have those cards in our wallets that just need a signature that can possibly help unknown others .  A happy sidebar was the chance to see SALLY CARR while the family spent lots of hours in NY Presbyterian. “


Marilyn regrets that she probably cannot attend our 55th Reunion– “because she is working on a MFA in Poetry!!  She is attending Wesleyan in West Virginia (they live near the WV border), and is really having a good time!”


Tommie  writes: I work for Lindy Property Management Company at an independent living apartment building in Philadelphia for people 55 and older, doing resident services and coordinating activities and events. Have been doing this since 2007 and love it. I still sing a lot, classical mostly. Having sung with the V-8’s and the choirs at MHC I have sung with several groups Since (Singing city, Philadelphia Singers, Oratorio Society in DC) and am now with VoxAmaDeus, a professional group that allows experienced amateurs to sing with. (see voxamadeus.org)

I am thinking about going to Prague with another group this summer. Several years ago I ran into ANNZIE ENSWORTH in the ladies room line at the Berkshire Music Festival in Canterbury, England! Life is good. I meditate daily and have a very rich spiritual life (ecumenical, nondenominational, inclusive) So although I live alone I am never really alone.  It also helps to have two dogs who never cease to be excited and enthusiastic about seeing me.  I love to travel, do crosswords, play bridge, walk and watch PBS.  I never go anywhere without my Kindle.

Son, Scott Wolf, lives in LA and works as a consultant, mostly in Papua New Guinea.  My other son, Michael Wolf, is a partner in an accounting firm, married to wonderful Suzette, a teacher. They have three amazing (of course) kids, two of whom are in college, the third in High school.  A once-a-year visit to NYC is fun for all of us. Oh, yes, I also have a granddog, Tuck, who visits often. Peace Whitman Baxter (1959) continues to be my most amazing long time friend (since 3rd grade) and we see each other often. I also keep in contact with my freshman roommate CINDY CARPENTER McFADDEN and my other room-mate, JUDY PERRY McCAFFREY.  Also Babbie Baldwin Miller and Shianna Whittlesey Kuhn (1961). Judy Rogers Vicary, my little sister at MHC, is my friend on Facebook and I communicate with long-time friend Sally Love (1959).  I just learned about ten years ago that I have 2 cousins who went to MHC…Lady Borton, several years after me and Nina Weston Foster, several years before me.


Kay died on March 7, 2013. Kay married John McCahan in ’59 and soon moved to Phila. where John began Med. School. They settled with 3 young chn. in Weston, MA in ’76 where she became involved in the local schools, the League of W.Voters and the Human Relations Service. In time, Kay’s interests shifted to land use and conservation. She became the town’s 1rst conservation administrator, chaired the Open Space and Recreation Planning Comm. and the Case Estates Review Comm., helped found the Weston Land Trust, was involved in Weston’s adoption of the Community Preservation Act, served on the board of the N.E. Wild Flower Society and was active with the Weston Garden Club. In Jan., 2013, Kay received the J. Ward Civic Award, which read, in part: “Every community needs a Kay McCahan . . . Never shying away from controversial issues, Kay’s steady and effective leadership has paved the way for crucial community decisions about preserving Weston’s natural resources and the rural character of the town.” Her husband, John, a retired geriatrician and former associate dean of academic affairs at B.U., said, She got into issues with both feet and both hands. She didn’t do anything halfway.”, but “If there was one thing that characterized her life, it was her devotion to her chn. and grandchn.” Kay is survived by John, 3 chn., and 5 grandchn.


Nancy Jean died on January 28, 2013 after a prolonged Kingswood writes that  Nancy Jean married George Buskirk on August 22,1959. “I was privileged to be in their wedding and later to have Nancy Jean in mine.  MIMI SOULE was also in their wedding party.  After dental school and army service, George began a dental practice in Holland, Michigan with Nancy Jean managing the accounting.  George died in 1989.Nancy Jean was very active in the Holland community.  She spent 20 years helping with the volunteer tax program at Evergreen Senior Center and was named Volunteer of the Year there in 1995.  She also assisted with the AAUW annual book sale.  In 2005 Nancy Jean moved to Ann Arbor to be closer to her sister, Louise ’61 and her brother-in-law with whom she lived during the last few years of her illness.  Nancy Jean will be lovingly remembered by her many friends.She is survived by her sister and brother-in-law, Louise ’61 and David Peelle, 807 Jones Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105.


Bobbie died on March 2, 2013 She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2011, shortly after many of us had a chance to reconnect with her at an on-campus mini reunion earlier in the fall. DI MARSTON WOOD reminisced about living together in Cambridge for 2 yrs. after graduation, meeting,discussing and deciding ca.future husbands. “Bob was around A LOT.” When Di was teaching in Andover, she often visited them for a ski week-end and Barbie’s delicious cooking! “I always found Barbie good natured and a warm friend in all circumstances.” After their marriage, Barbie and Bob lived in CA where she was a teacher until she had children. The family moved back East and settled in Shrewsbury, MA where she raised her family, spending the summers on Lake Winnipesaukee. More recently, Barbie split her time between their lake house in Gilford, NH and West Palm Beach, FL.  BETTY KOCH BAKER  remembered her… upbeat attitude and her dry sense of humor and subtle wit. . . family was her first priority.” Barbie enjoyed volunteer work, loved to travel, “… was a consummate chef… a voracious reader, an avid walker, and a sharp shopper.” She was an active member of our class and served repeatedly as a class agent, member of the Nominating Committee,Cornerstone Representative, and various reunion roles. Kristin Sullivan, one of her daughters, wrote, “You all meant so much to my mother. She loved Mt. Holyoke and the friends she made there. Thank you.” Barbie is survived by her husband, Bob, 4 children. and 9 grandchildren. Her first son predeceased her.

Posted February 11 – 16, 2013


died on January 30, 2012.  She attended MHC and also attended U. of MD-Eastern Shore.  Joanna lived in Craddockville, VA.  She was a teacher and librarian at Broadwater Academy and co-owner of the Book Bin.  Joanna is survived by her husband, Collins Snyder (P.P. Box 38, Craddockville, VA  23341) and her sons Baird, George, and Henry Snyder.


passed away on September 12, 2012.  She received an AB from MHC and gave a major gift to our class for our 50th reunion.  She lived in Longmeadow, MA and her work history included systems programmer for Motorola Co., Sanders Associates, Inc and Ungermann-Bass Inc.  She is survived by two brothers, Glenn Fish (259 Chestnut St., E. Longmeadow, MA  01028 and Allan Fish.


had “a dream vacation in 12/11 when she took her family, including 6 grandchildren to Israel “in honor of my 75th birthday!” They also spent 3 days in Istanbul.


reports that this has been a wonderful year! The first and most important event was younger daughter, Cricket (Skidmore, ’86), marrying Mike Morris on the Morris family bison farm in Gladys, southern Virginia, on May 19. Besides the bison, Mike has a small plastics extrusion factory nearby; Cricket is working in the Equestrian Department at Averett College.

The next event was that I finally finished my autobiography, after many years of work. Copies went off to family members, and to a few individuals who were named in the book. I am delighted to have it finished, and think it came out very well, encompassing family genealogy, our homes in Brazil, the year in Denmark, five trips to Greenland over 45 years, and all the other details of working and married life. Next I turn to researching and then writing about my maternal ancestors.

The third event is that daughter Barby (MHC ‘5 )and her partner Carolyn are moving to a four acre farm, still in the town of Hillsboro, OR. Carolyn is delighted with a mature orchard of apple, pear, and cherry trees, grape vines, blueberry bushes, and a place for her to start a large vegetable garden and an asparagus bed. Barby’s hope of having an indoor dog training facility has come to pass with a barn on the property. Carolyn is retired, which will leave her lots of time for her gardening and cooking interests. Barby continues as Dir. of Shared Housing for the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Bibi still works as a volunteer in the localbi’lingual elem. School She is starting to look at continuing care retirement centers, “. . .before I have the need for one. I cannot commit to moving until Munchkin, my 18+ year old cat is no longer with me. I need to find a place which would suit not just me, but also Ebony, my 8 year old dachshund, who is enthralled by her home here, with a doggy door and back yard to explore at will.”


and Jerry had a healthy year. They were able to do some traveling, to Chicago(fulfilling Jerry’s dream of seeing the the Cubs play), visits to their families, including 5 grandchn. Ranging in ages from 4-16. Anne sang “The Defiant Requiem” last summer with Berkshire Choral Festival -a tribute to the prisoners of Terezin concentration camp who sang this Verdi Requien 16 ties before most were sent to death camps. Most of their family gathered in RI last summer and they were scheduled to be in Pittsburgh for Xmas (2012) in Susie and Tim’s “new” old house (see the amazing story in the Winter Quarterly).


2012 holiday greeting describes amazing trips including hiking trips to Patagonia and Iceland, a Danube River voyage, and visits to children and grandchildren.


writes that she and Ted have finally begun to travel, taking cruises to the Baltics and the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean.  Bonnie plays bridge, reads, and continues to manage the class web site. Granddaughter, Anna, was Bat Mitzvahed last June and grandson, Matthew, was Bar Mitzvahed in Sept.  Eldest granddaughter, Melissa, graduates from Brown in June, 2013 joining Ted and their 3 daughters in becoming Brown alumnae.


continues active involvement at the Harvard Institute of Learning in Retirement, including leading a course on Art Deco. Her 6 grandchildren. (ages 11-16) live near by “. . . which is great fun.” Travels include Morocco last yr., Croatia this yr. (with SUE SCHULLER VOLK  and her husband, Daniel), and a scheduled trip to Russia in May, 2013.  PERRY BARCLAY SPIEGEL and Peter came to her 75th birthday party last summer. She is in touch with MARGARET (MUD/MARDI) NORTON, PEGGY HOOD AND GAIL GRAHAM THACHER.


Your scribe had an amazing summer with children, and grandchildren.  My daughter and family who live in Israel, arrived mid -June for their annual visit.  After a Disney Cruise out of NY to celebrate their younger son’s March Bar Mitzvah in Israel, we had a joyous celebratory week-end in his honor HERE..  JOYCE BERNSTEIN KLEIN and Danny flew up from Florida to be with us. Daughter and husband flew home. The 4 kids remained with us. In mid-July, one of the 15 yr. old triplets left for camp in Maine and 2 of the kids left for home. Then we had the boy triplet with us for 10 days until he met up with his acrobatics team from Israel for their 2 wk. Tour. Those 2 flew home mid-August. It was just an amazing adventure for everyone . . . We filled the days with the extraordinary and the ordinary . . .many memories created . . .   Fortunately they’re all great at the supermarket and in the kitchen!!!  Even so, I was glad to discover that I could still multi-task and focus on so many simultaneous needs, personalities, schedules, events, keep up with the laundry and still smile at the end of the day!!! This Fall we were able to escape our powerless, cold house during Hurricane Sandy and spend 5 wonderful days in FL with JOYCE BERNSTEIN KLEIN and her husband.


writes that her ” . . . HUGE birthday present this year was the news that our oldest granddaughter Ada Elizabeth Smith is going to be a freshman at Mount Holyoke this fall, accepted on early decision. Of course, her mother ’86; her sister ’85; and her grandmother ’58 are all happy beyond words! Ada will be in Wilder in a triple, which sounds like a great start. Right now, she anticipates becoming a psychologist, though she excels in creative writing. For certain, Ada will enjoy the new dance studio overlooking upper lake. “


shared an amazing story with us.  Her daughter Susie, who lives in Pittsburgh ,has just purchased a house built in 1910 AND it’s contents in their neighborhood.  It was lived in by elderly twins who died in Oct.and Feb..  This is of interest to all of us because……they discovered in looking over the household items that the twins were MHC Class of 1936!  According to the directory of the Pittsburgh Club from 2005, DI MARSTON WOOD  was the Co-Pres. that year and knew them. Anne also found some old Quarterlies, including one from Aug. 1936 which had the announcement of her birth in the Class of 1929 Class notes(her mother’s class, obviously).   While at MHC working on class agent strategy with JUDITH (MISTY) TURINO GIDEONSE  she learned that one of the staff members in the Development Office, Anne Vitoria, an FP grad, had her scholarship funded by one of the sisters.


celebrated her 75th birthday with 2 of her 3 older sisters. In addition to a trip to CA to see family, Meg and Dave took an Elbe River cruise in Aug., Her highlight was 2 nights in Hamburg and a visit with GLORIA JOHNSON POWELL (Glo Jo)  and some of her family.  Meg reminisced about being pregnant with her oldest son, Larry, at the same time as Glo-Jo was pregnant with her oldest daughter- while they were both seniors in Med School!! She sees SANDY KLAMKIN SCHOCKET in Ann Arbor and Toledo. The Woodburys recently purchased a small condo in No. Fort Myers, FL as a winter home. “but will maintain residence in Ann Arbor rest of year.”

writes, “Last November 2012, my sister, Alice Anne Miller (MHC ’59) and I were honored twice.  Our Symphony Hall in Allentown, PA was renamed for our family so it is now officially called Miller Symphony Hall (that honor included our father and uncle and some cousins).
Also in Nov., Alice and I were given a Lifetime Achievement Award on National Philanthropy Day by the AFP Eastern PA Chapter (Association of Fundraising Professionals).
In addition, in June 2012, I was given the Will Shakespeare Award by the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.
In Nov. 2011, I was presented the Charles H. Nehf, Sr. Award, “recognizingLifetime Achievement in Conservation” presented by the Wildlands Conservancy.”
Posted January 25, 2013


Audrey who left MHC her Sophomore year. “…to be happily married” reports that she has.3 children. and 5 grandchildren. She inquired about. Joanna George (Snyder). Sadly, I wrote her back telling her of Joanna’s recent passing (see Winter Quarterly).


was married a year ago to an old friend from Baltimore whom she dated in high school and college. She was widowed and his wife died a couple of years ago. They reconnected through his sister who was living near her in North  Carolina. “So I picked up my belongings  and moved to Bryn Mawr. He put his house on the market and we put our names on a list to move into a retirement community. The house sold, we were still on the waiting list so we put everything in storage and came to Vero Beach, FL where he very fortunately, has a condo. Love it!! We will go back up the first of Feb when we can take possession of our “villa”, get everything out of storage, and return to Vero for the remainder of the winter. Can you believe all this at my age??? Anyhow, I love Vero, the sun, the surf, the restaurants, and, yes, the shopping. If you ever do get down this way we’re at 1150 Reef Rd., #17, Vero Beach 32963. Telephone is 772-492-0227.


is entering her 9th year at the Harvard Institute of Learning in Retirement, chaired the Development Committee, sat on the Nominating Committee, served on its Council, led a course on Art Deco, and will be co-chair of the Admissions Committee this year.Her 6 grandchildren (ages 11-16) live near by “. . . which is great fun.” Travels include Morocco last year., Croatia this year. (with SUE SCHULLER VOLK and her husband, Daniel), and a scheduled trip to Russia in May, 2013. Perry Barclay Spiegel and Peter came to her 75th birthday party last summer. She is in touch with MARGARET (MUD/MARTI) NORTONPEGGY HOOD and GAIL GRAHAM THACHER.


sent a quick note that sounded like most of us!! “ . . .nothing exciting going on here.  Just the usual family, politics, zoning board of appeals, getting up in the morning, keeping warm . . . you know the routine.”


Anne and Jerry had a healthy year  and were able to do some traveling – to Chicago to fulfill Jerry’s dream of seeing the Cubs play, visits to their families, including 5 grandchildren. (ranging in age from 4-16).  Anne sang “The Defiant Requiem” last summer with Berkshire Choral Festival -a tribute to the prisoners of Terezin concentration camp who sang this Verdi Requiem 16 times before most were sent to death camps. Most of their family gathered in RI last summer and they’re scheduled to be in Pittsburgh for Xmas (2012) in Susie and Tim’s “new” old house (see the amazing story in the Winter Quarterly).


Carolyn describes amazing trips including hiking trips to Patagonia and Iceland, a Danube River voyage, and visits to children and grandchildren.


The years since our 50th seem to have flown by so fast.  I have recently moved to DC and if my condo that I left in Waynesboro would just get sold, I would really be a happy camper.  This year has seen me involved in helping out with many family moves:  I moved to DC, my older daughter moved from Coburg to Munich in Germany, my younger daughter not only moved to NC but she also got married for the first time in an exciting wedding on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in DC, my sister moved into assisted living in Vermont and my cousin moved to Baltimore.  In each case I had the happy job of helping with the decorating and picture hanging and organizing, etc.  It is a job I have been doing for 30 years professionally for Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd., and it was really so much fun to be a part of the team of helpers for each family move.  I am still settling into DC and getting used to new doctors, new church, etc.  I work two days a week for Lisa and it is wonderful to be here in DC for that.  Who knows how long I can continue, but I hope for several more years to come.


I have been spending a lot of  my time since mid -April, and now most of my time, volunteering as a Neighborhood Team Leader for the Obama Campaign. I try to ride my bike 3-4 times/week and work out with a trainer twice a week.


This past March, Arthur & I were fortunate enough to visit our granddaughter,Ariana, who was spending a semester at the University of sydney in Australia. We spent several fabulous days with her in Sydney, after which we boarded a ship and cruised western Australia and extensively in New Zealand. It was the trip of a lifetime!

We are expecting Ariana, who is a junior, and eight of her sorority sisters tomorrow to visit us for the weekend- we can’t wait!

Arthur is very involved with a Carousel Project in Lanesborough, MA, near our home in the Bershires. He is an experienced carver who has responsible administrative duties for the project and is also carving some of the 36 horses and 3 chariots. He will also be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hinsdale Library in the Spring.

We record for the blind, usher at many venues, & attend Tanglewood and other concerts.


After a fabulous career in fund raising, I have finally settled in a Newport cottage (not Vanderbilt style!) and have carved out gardens and a fish pond to keep me busy.  After breeding French hounds,the  petit basset griffon vendeen, I have settled on just one – Miss Lucie Luv –  to keep me company.  France seems to be a recurring theme – a trip to Paris with my daughter Amanda Soares (MHC ‘85) and granddaughter  Olivia in 2010, renting an apartment on the Ile St. Louis doing blatant tourist things, and again this fall, spending 3 weeks in a gite in Brittany with 3 bridge playing friends.  Astounding architecture and scenery kept us breathless!  (Could have been the climb up Mont St. Michel!)

I am a volunteer at our local animal shelter, serve on the program committee at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum, and am a board member of Tall Ships America.  The latter is a source of much satisfaction watching young people have an experience on a tall ship and knowing they are forever marked by the sea in the most positive way.

My Brazilian son-in-law, Rafael Soares, now has quite a reputation as an artist with galleries in D.C. and Santa Fe representing his work and some of his pieces in museums.  Son Kit is a fine and restoration carpenter in New Jersey enjoying his first son, Manny, now 5.

I share my MHC experience with my near neighbor, Nel Roberts.  We are both grateful for our years in South Hadley since they prepared us well for our current adventures.