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MHC85 30th Reunion Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the hunt! To begin, please send an email to with your list of team members/classmates. There will also be a sign up at Reunion, but you won’t have the headstart ūüėČ

  1. Give your team a name (to help us keep track of points).
  2. Please keep your group to no more than 8 classmates.
  3. One classmate may participate virtually (not attending reunion) on each team.
  4. Save this email to send photos to.

The team with the most points overall wins, provided you earn some point in each of the following three categories:

I. Memorabilia: 5 points each

(Note these are photos of objects, not objects themselves.) No duplicates except t-shirts.

  • Junior Show program¬†
  • Used MHC spiral notebook. (Bonus 2 pts if it shows the course name and number on the cover.)
  • Parade¬†costume/accessory from a previous reunion
  • Any Pangy poster from 1981 to 1985¬†
  • Freshman welcome mug with green MHC logo¬†
  • Any printed weekly calendar from 1981 to 1985
  • Commencement program 1985
  • Dorm T-shirt (multiples allowed, but must be different dorms)
  • MHC keychain with the “old” logo (circa 1981)

II. Divide & Conquer Р5 points each

Classmates take and send selfies from the following locales/with the following people. Each must be by a different team member. Remember YOU must be in the photo.

  • Stinson Room, Library (not the main reading room)
  • Talcott Greenhouse
  • PO Boxes in Blanchard
  • Natatorium (aka pool)¬†
  • College Archives
  • Art Gallery by Albert Bierstadt‚Äôs Hetch Hetchy Canyon
  • With a professor (bonus 5 pts if from our era)
  • With President Lynn Pasquerella ’80

III. Group Activities– 10 points each

  • Video your entire campus group (minus 1 virtual member) singing the MHC drinking song
  • Photo of your entire campus group at Mary Lyon’s grave
  • Video of you entire campus group jumping into the college pool
  • Photo of your entire campus group next to a Five College Bus

Deadline to email your photos/videos is 5pm Saturday.  Results will be announced at Saturday’s class dinner party.

About Julie Sponagle Reiff

A history major with a concentration in French, I spent my junior year in Strasbourg. I lived in Safford, Buckland (3rd floor, go Tri-Bucks), and 1837. Since graduation I have spent most of the last 30 years at a boarding school, editing the school's quarterly alumni magazine and handling most of the school's other communications. I am now working full-time on a novel.
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