30th Reunion ~ 2015

What a Fantastic Reunion!!  

How wonderful to see so many of you back in South Hadley for our 30th Reunion in May 2015 ~ we had 86 attendees!   Stay tuned to our Reunion page for news and photos, and remember to join the MHC85 Facebook group (if you haven’t already done so) ~ it’s a great way to stay in touch, and

Congrats to our new Class Officers!  

Thanks to the classmates who stepped up for the next five years to keep our class engaged and in touch!  We are so grateful to the women who have served our class well, not only for the last reunion cycle ~ but to the many, many others who have volunteered over the last three decades.    Thank you, Griffins!

HEY!  How you Due-in’?? 

Many of you paid your five-year dues at Reunion 2015 ~ it makes a real difference, and it’s very much appreciated.   But we still need your support ~ if you haven’t yet paid,  you can pay your class dues via Paypal on this site.   Only $85 for five years ~ now that’s a real bargain!


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