Communications Strategy, 2020-2025

There are different types of communication options available to the Class, intended for various uses. This strategy will outline different platforms, plus when and how they should be used.  Goals are to be informative, entertaining and engaging regarding Class-related information, with consideration of timeliness, efficacy and streamlined contact.

Routes of Communication:

Class Letter:
Sent annually by Class Officers keeping the Class informed of both planned and upcoming activities.
Distribution via email to all classmates with active email addresses on file with the Alumnae Association; For classmates without an email address, a hard copy will be mailed via USPS as available through the Alumnae Association.
The letter will also be posted to Class social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Class BlastsShorter electronic updates providing information quickly on time-sensitive Class activities.  Distribution will be to classmates with an email address on file with the Alumnae Association, and posted to Class social media channels as well.

Class of 1985 Website: Class of 1985’s home base of information, maintained by the Communications team in conjunction with Class Officers.  Verticals Include:
• General info
• Class officer profiles and contact info
• Communications strategy
• Class By-Laws
• Dues payment instruction
• Reunion info (past events and 2025 info, as available)
• In Memoriam acknowledgements of deceased classmates
• Details deemed necessary/relevant for the Class

MHC85 Facebook Group: For engagement by both Class officers and MHC 85 members. Content posted may be related to Class or college activities, or for classmates to post news or comments. Class Officers regularly monitor Page postings, though they are not responsible for their content and reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts.  News and images posted here may be selected for reposting in our Class Notes in the “Alumnae Quarterly” or on other Class social media channels. 

@85MHC Twitter Feed: Ideal for short Class reminders and updates. Posts regarding college activities should tag both the College (@mtholyoke) and Alumnae Association (@aamhc).   News and images posted here may be selected for reposting in our Class Notes in the “Alumnae Quarterly” or on other Class social media channels. 

MHC85 Instagram feed: A visual platform showcasing class- and college-related photos and videos. Classmates are encouraged to submit photos of vintage-to-current MHC-related images. Communications team is responsible for curating content and comments.  News and images posted here may be selected for reposting in our Class Notes in the “Alumnae Quarterly” or on other Class social media channels. 

MHC85 YouTube Channel (MHC1985): This channel hosts Reunion videos, but will soon serve as a placeholder should the Class decide to host meetings or produce video content at a later date.

MHC85 Tunes on Spotify (MHC85 Tunes): This channel includes a hits playlist from the 80’s to now for inspiring fond Class memories (and dancing).

MHC Quarterly: Class Scribes are responsible for content, and will work with the Communications team to engage classmates, encouraging requests for information and submissions. Class Notes information can be emailed to and

The Gates: All MHC Alumni soon will be invited to join LinkedIn-inspired online platform that serves as a career network for alums, students, faculty and staff for connecting professionally. The site offers a career directory, industry and affinity groups, plus a job board.

MHC Alumnae Association: Classmates are encouraged to maintain and update contact and profile information in this site, reviewing its options for personal and professional engagement.

Communication Schedule:
In order to ensure communication with classmates is effective and appropriate, timeframes will be associated with each vehicle identified above. The goal: informative content minus being bombarded with too many messages. The table below outlines frequency and/or content updates:

  Annually Quarterly Monthly ± Reunion
Class Letter X      
Class Blasts   X    
Website X X X X
Facebook X X X X
Twitter X X X X
Instagram X X X X
MISC: YouTube, Spotify       X
MHC Quarterly   X    

The Class will be surveyed annually as a means of providing feedback and freeform commentary.  Statistics will be gathered and measured based on survey results. The Communications team will assist in reviewing for modifying future communications and approaches.