Communications Strategy

1.  Objectives

There are many different types of communication vehicles available.  This strategy will outline the different vehicles available and when they should be used.

2.  Routes of Communication

Class of 85 Website – This should be used to communicate activities directly related to Mount Holyoke College.  Information pertaining to mini-reunions or class reunions should be posted here.  This is maintained by the Class Web Coordinator working with the Class Officers.  We encourage all Classmates to be an active contributor to our website.  Please feel free to post your comments on the website.  Written material and photos to be posted on our website should be submitted directly to the Web Coordinator at  The Class of 85 Officers reserve the right to restrict posting of inappropriate material.

MHC85 Facebook Group – This should be used by any classmate to post/communicate any news that other classmates would be interested in learning.  Information on job changes, marriages, reconnections with classmates, etc.  Though the Class Officers will be regularly monitoring the postings on this site, they are not responsible for their content but reserve the right to remove any inappropriate material.

Class Letter – The class letter should be sent out annually by the Class Officers to keep the class informed of planned activities.  In order to reduce expenses, this letter will first be sent electronically to all classmates who have an email address on file with the Alumnae Association.  For those classmates who have an email address bounce or for those who do not have an email address on file, a hardcopy will be sent via postal mail.

Class Blasts – These are shorter electronic updates intended to provide information quickly on time sensitive class activities.  These will only be sent to classmates with an email address on file with the Alumnae Association.

MHC Quarterly – The Class Scribe is responsible for these updates.  Please submit your information for the Class Notes by email to the Class Scribe at

MHConnect Social – All MHC Alumni are invited to have their own account on MHConnect which is password-protected group of online services provided by the MHC Alumnae Office.  You may use this account to network with other alumnae, post resumes and job openings, access the Class Notes, and update your personal profile among other activities.

3.  Update Schedules

In order to ensure that communication with our classmates is effective and timely, there should be timeframes associated with each vehicle.  The table below outlines when the vehicle should be used or at least have content updated.

  Annually Biannually Quarterly Monthly
Class website     X  
Facebook       X
Class letter X      
Class blasts     X  
MHC Quarterly Updates     X  

4. Evaluating Success

On an annual basis, the target audience will be asked to provide feedback by way of a survey that will also allow freeform commenting. Statistics can be gathered and measured based on the poll results and help guide us in strategy success and requirements.