35th Re”Zoom”ion ~ 2020

The theme for our 35th Reunion was “Be Well” which dovetails with the College’s own program, focusing on elements of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Community and Healthy Life.   This theme will carry virtually throughout Summer 2020 in the form of curated “Re-Zoom-ion” sessions, and we hope you’ll join us!

  • Session I:  Healthy Mind – Coping with the Sandwich Years / Sunday June 14, 2020:
    • Presented by Dr. Betsy Austin
    • Do you feel like you’re getting squeezed in a vise managing midlife, work, kids, and aging parents ~ and all while functioning in this uncertain reality imposed by current conditions?  Not sure whether to scream or put your O2 mask on first?   Join the call for an interactive discussion led by our own Dr. Betsy Austin, PsyD!
    • Check out the Meeting video (pw = 5N!p&AN3) and PDF of the slide presentation: 1985 ReZoomion Session I_ Healthy Mind (Austin)
  • Session II:  The Body~Mind~Spirit Reboot: Tactics to Feel Good, Every Day!  Sunday, July 12th
    Here’s the link to the Zoom session video
    Intro PDF for website
  • Session III:  Sunday, August 30th @ 4pm Eastern: Healthy Community ~ Sustainability & Wellness
  • Presented by:  Marge Anderson and Anne-Marie McGonnigal
  • Sustainability. Wellness.  How do the choices we make impact the environment, our community and our own health?  Join us to share practical steps you can take to leave a lighter environmental footprint and make a difference for yourself and others.
  • Here’s the Zoom session video (pw: x1=Mwj25) and the corresponding PDF:
  • MHC85 2020 Reunion Sustainability
  • Session IV:  date TBA:  Discussion of MHC’s 2020 Common ReadThe New York Times Magazine’s ongoing initiative The 1619 Project.