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Mexican Squash on a Budget

Name: Sarah Carter
Class Year: 2017
Country of Residence: Ireland

Why is this recipe great? What’s its backstory? 

I recently moved to Ireland to begin my PhD studies. Busy with work and struggling to find the time to go the grocery store, I quickly discovered the joy of grocery home delivery. One time, they accidentally delivered a butternut squash instead of bananas. By the time I noticed the mistake, it was too late. A PhD stipend is not much – and requires one to live frugally, on a budget. I was not about to let any food got to waste. So I dug around in my pantry, found a can of black beans and a few veggies, and – voilà ! The Mexican squash was born. It’s become a regular to cook for dinner – quick to make; very filling; and great for anyone living on a budget!

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