Sheila O’Day Newton (1938-2016)

Sheila’s death notification arrived only recently. She did not graduate with our class, but earned her BFA and MFA at the University of Miami-Coral Gables, FL in 1986 and 1989 respectively. Her last known address was in Pensacola, FL. She is listed with our ‘Deceased Class Members’ HERE. There is no further information to share, however. I am sorry.

A Couple of Recent Mini-Reunions

JJ Johnson Spencer came East to Maine from Westminster CO (Denver area) to visit grandson Tanner for Parents Weekend at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. She caught up with Kate Bracher, and with Jan Herridge Keffer, Deb Kretschmann Taylor and me (Ann Kingman Williams), and respective spouses Dave, John and Bob, for a sumptuous dinner out. Sad that Bob Spencer couldn’t come at the last minute because he was awaiting the arrival of a plumber (whoops!). See photographic evidence HERE.