Welcome to the Mount Holyoke Club of Southwest Florida

Hello, Members of the Southwest Florida Club.

This is the season — fall 2022 — spring  of 2023!  We plan to return to normal programming and attendance patterns now that health risks  are mostly passed.  Of course, we will be using sensible precautions.  See the Calendar <click here>, with the understanding that events may be changed as necessary.  I can’t wait!

Over the summer, the Nominating Committee (Dr. Jamie Donnelly ’03, Maria Mandler ’74 and myself) began the work of seeking members for the next Board of Directors, for the ’23-’28 term.  By now you all should have received a phone call and/or email canvassing each of you for your interest in the workings of the club.  We wanted to cast the widest net possible and to hear your comments about the Board, our activities and the club itself.  A listing of Board positions with thumbnail descriptions of duties <click here>.  Thank you for your interactions!  If you have not heard from one of us, feel free to give me a call at 941-637-5921 or via the club’s email mhcswfl@gmail.com.

The current Board has another year to complete its term.  We want to remind you that all are welcome to attend our Board meetings.  The first ever hybrid meeting was last May.  We could gather together in-person on the New College campus (always a delight) or via Zoom to be seen and heard.  You may attend by either method.  Just let me know your intention via my phone above or club email.  You will be granted permission to speak but may not, of course, have a vote

 There are currently also two vacancies on that Board for the remainder of the term (through June 30, 2023), so you could join us early.  These slots are Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair.  You may witness how we work, or come onto the Board in an official capacity — and with a vote.

Finally, our annual meeting will be held on Friday, April 21, 2023 at 10:00 am, at the Sarasota Yacht Club. We’ll have a talk by Dr. William Ashby on his new book, as well as a “meet, elect, and greet”  the new club officers.  It will feel good to be together.

Need a little more Mount Holyoke in your life??  We have it for you!.

Joyce Gleason ’69, President                                                                                                   Mount Holyoke Club of Southwest Florida