50+ Reunion Book Available

Your 50th+ Reunion Committee is thrilled to send you this link to our Reunion book: http://bit.ly/MHC70-book
Data from our 50th Reunion Survey are available here: https://bit.ly/MHC70-surveydata (a report is featured in the book),
Ellen Cochran Hirzy did a splendid job of editing and designing the book as well as carrying the project to completion. Thank you so much, Ellen, for your completion of this huge task.
Ellen was assisted by this team of classmates:
Robin Collins VanLear
Reunion chairs Barbara Cooke Monks, Yvonne Watford McKinney, and Jane Hiller Farran
Katy Hart
Ginger Macomber
Linda Morehous Goodwin
Nancy Berry Tanner
Louise Hayes Booth
Everyone who contributed personal statements
Ellie Sullivan Beth
Libby Tucker Gould
Yvonne Watford McKinney
Barbara Cooke Monks
Mary Stanley
Directions on obtaining a hard copy will be sent out early in the new year!
We wish you the best of holidays that we can manage under these difficult circumstances and hopes for a time in the near future when we can gather in person on campus! Until then, please continue to enjoy our on-line programming that, thanks to our wonderful Program Committee led by Arleen McGrath Heiss and Helen Disenhaus, will continue in 2021. Watch your e-mail for more announcements!

1970’s “Reunion in the Cloud” Programming is Starting Soon!

To join the meeting and receive a Zoom link, please register by emailing our administrative assistant, Alicia, at mountholyoke70@gmail.com.


Please mark your calendars and join us on Thursday, September 24 at 7PM EDT (details below) for our first virtual reunion program session, featuring Nancy Thorndike Greenspan. Nancy had been scheduled to moderate our Reunion panel discussion on writers and writing at MHC the day after her new book, Atomic Spy: The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs, was published in NY. As the Reunion has been indefinitely postponed, Nancy has graciously agreed instead to inaugurate the Zoom series of “Reunion in the Cloud” programs we will be having until we can re-schedule our on-campus event.
Our second program, on Thursday, October 22 at 7PM EDT (in time for Hallowe’en), features Libby Tucker Gould presenting a discussion of her book, Haunted Halls, on the folklore of American college campuses.
Registration Notifications for these and future events will be sent by e-mail. Please also check our class website, https://new.alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/1970 (also reachable indirectly through http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/) for more information on these and upcoming programs. We hope you will also consider joining the class page on Facebook, Mount Holyoke Class of 70, through Facebook or by contacting Jill Vollmer Blackwood at jblackwood48@gmail.com. Please be sure we have your current email address by checking the on-line alumnae directory at https://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/ so that you won’t miss out on any of our program announcements.
We look forward to seeing you again at these and other programs, and we welcome your suggestions for and offers to volunteer your participation in future sessions.
Barbara Cooke Monks (mailto:bcmonks@gmail.com)
Helen Disenhaus (helen.disenhaus@gmail.com) .
Exactly 75 years ago, on the evening of July 24, 1945, during the Potsdam conference, Truman approached Stalin without an interpreter and as casually as he could, told him that the United States had a “new weapon of unusual destructive force.” To his utter surprise, Stalin showed little interest, replying only that he hoped the United States would make “good use of it against the Japanese.” In the first salvo of the undeclared Cold War, a top British nuclear physicist had provided the Soviets with invaluable intelligence about the atomic bomb program. It would take even more years before the United States knew the trajectory of the post-war order had forever been altered.
Nancy’s book explores the remarkably complex life of Klaus Fuchs. German by birth, British by naturalization, Communist by conviction, Klaus Fuchs was a fearless Nazi resister, a brilliant scientist, and an infamous spy. He was convicted of espionage by Britain in 1950 for handing over the designs of the plutonium bomb to the Soviets, and he has gone down in history as one of the most dangerous agents in American and British history. He put an end to America’s nuclear hegemony and single-handedly heated up the Cold War. But, was Klaus Fuchs really evil?
One of USA Today’s “Books Not to Miss”
One of the New York Times’s Top-Ten recommended books
An Editors’ pick from the New York Times
“Enthralling and riveting” … “particularly thorough and revealing.” The New York Times Sunday Book Review
“Well told, [spy] stories combine the drama of a police procedural (how did they do it?) with the ambiguities of a psychological thriller (why did they do it?). Nancy Thorndike Greenspan seeks to answer both those questions in the very well told Atomic Spy…a deeply nuanced and sympathetic portrait of a scientist-spy.” Nature
“Nancy Thorndike Greenspan’s biography offers a new look at Fuchs’s story, all the more fascinating for its deviations from typical spy-movie script.” The New Criterion
“Greenspan reconstructs the life and career of Fuchs through detailed research and a riveting narrative. The Wire
“Greenspan gives us fresh and fascinating insights.” The Wall Street Journal
“This richly detailed work . . . blurs the lines between courage and treachery in thought-provoking ways.” Publisher’s Weekly
A three-dimensional portrait of Fuchs … more nuanced than previously presented.” Digital PW
“A detailed and authoritative yet equally interesting and readable study . . . From student to scientist to spy, Fuchs is portrayed as a careful and quiet yet passionate man who nevertheless persisted.” Library Journal
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'NESN ATOMIC SPY The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs Atomic Spy: The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs Presentation & Discussion with Nancy Greenspan, Author & Biographer Thursday, September 24, 2020 7:00-8:30pm This meeting will be conducted on Zoom Log-In Instructions will be provided upon registration NANCY THORNDIKE GREENSPAN Viking, May 2020. More at: www.AtomicSpyTheBook.com'



Class Letter August 2020


August 2020


Dear Classmates:


I am thinking of each of you as our country confronts three tough crises: Covid 19, the economy, and race relations.  With the exception of the pandemic, some of this seems way too familiar …and, yes, frustrating, to those of us now in our early 70s.  We will continue to change the world in our own inimitable ways and reach out a hand to you who are suffering.


Still Uncommon After All These Years: Reunion Updates from Jane Hiller Farran, Barbara Cooke Monks and Yvonne Watford-McKinney

Although we have no 50th reunion dates to share, we will be sending a link to a digital copy of our 50th Reunion Class Book in mid-October to everyone who has an email address on file with the Association.  Ellen Cochran Hirzy and others have spent countless hours compiling this book from your personal page submissions and the Mount Holyoke College Archives.   A copy of the book will be given to each classmate who attends our eventual on-campus reunion or will be available for ordering from the publisher for those who cannot be on campus for the festivities.


In planning the upcoming Zoom sessions, we are trying not to cannibalize too much of the planned programming for our on-campus reunion.  We are still waiting for more information on those upcoming, on campus events.  If you have suggestions for topics or volunteers, please notify Helen Disenhaus (helen.disenhaus@gmail.com) or Arleen Heiss (arleenheiss@yahoo.com).  For virtual programming this fall, Nancy Thorndike Greenspan will lead a discussion of her recently published book, Atomic Spy:  The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs on Thursday, Sept 24, at 7 pm EDT via Zoom.   On October 22 at 7PM EDT (in time for Hallowe’en), Libby Tucker Gould will present a discussion of her book, Haunted Halls, on the folklore of American college campuses.  Notifications to prompt you to register for each event will be sent by e-mail.  If you haven’t supplied your e-mail address to the online Alumnae Association directory, please read the instructions at the end of this letter. 


Class Meeting on Zoom!

Our virtual class meeting on June 6 attracted 48 of you and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to hear your voices.  I know we all wanted to really catch up, and I remain hopeful that that time will come next year, but ours was a business meeting to update bylaws, approve the Treasurer’s report and elect new class officers.  Here is the slate of classmates who will represent all of you until our 55th reunion in 2025, along with their email address.  Please reach out to us with your comments, concerns, reflections and ideas!


President:  Ann Richardson Berkey  – ann.berkey@gmail.com

Vice President:  Katy Hart – Katherine.hart@trincoll.edu

Secretary:  Pat Sobers Mitchell – prsmitchell@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Marjorie Gross – marjgross@verizon.net

2025 Reunion Chair:  Libby Tucker Gould – ltucker@binghamton.edu


Diane Mayer Murphy – dmurphy@cminc.com

Ellen Cochran Hirzy – ellenhirzy@gmail.com

Communications/Web Coordinator:  Jill Vollmer Blackwood – jblackwood48@gmail.com

Nominating Committee: 

Barbara Cooke Monks (Chair) – bcmonks@gmail.com

 Jill Brethauer – jillbrethauer@gmail.com

 Charlotte Church – cnchurch@att.net

Head Class Agent:  Susan Ellis – sellismhc70@earthlink.net


Special thanks go to Susan Ellis, Jean Olson, Martha Doolittle McIver and our stalwart, hardworking class agents and leadership gift committee who had such remarkable success in raising funds for Mount Holyoke these past five years.  Our class participation of 74.9% exceeded our goal of 70%; the comprehensive total of dollars raised was $5.5 million!  Thank you so much to all of you who reached out to fellow classmates, made gifts and fulfilled pledges to support the College and the students it continues to educate.



We also voted at our class meeting to keep our dues at the same level as we head to our 55th reunion: $20/year or $100 for 5 years.  As you know from past communication, we need your help to provide seed money for our next reunion, for virtual programming (a Zoom business account), for snail mail domestic and international postage.  While you are reading this, please grab a pen, your checkbook, an envelope and a stamp and send a check made out to the Class of 1970 MHC to our Treasurer, Marjorie Gross, 400 West End Ave., #9-B, New York, NY 10024.  It will help us stay connected!


Staying Connected

Minutes from our class meeting are posted on our class website, along with the In Memoriam list of those who have left this earth too soon.  We will remember those classmates at a service when we are next together in South Hadley.  Also, on our class website, is our class history which I videotaped for the Alumnae Association annual meeting, accessible through alumnae.mtholyoke.edu.


n  Our class website can be accessed through alumnae.mtholyoke.edu or by clicking directly on https://new.alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/1970.


n  Please consider joining our class Facebook page: Mount Holyoke Class of 70 or by contacting Jill Vollmer Blackwood at jblackwood48@gmail.com


Your class officers are developing our communication/activity plans for the next 5 years and hope to see you, either at our eventually rescheduled 50th reunion on campus or perhaps close to your own neighborhood once travel is resumed.  Either way, we look forward to staying in touch with you.  At this point in our lives, we, who have a common educational foundation, can benefit from sharing experiences, ideas, and histories, along with periods of great pain and sadness as well as incomparable joy.  We will be all the wiser for these connections.


In this year when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19thAmendment and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act allowing women to vote, we can best honor the courageous women leaders of those eras by taking the time to vote this fall, whether in person or by mail.  This is our cherished right and our incontrovertible privilege.


I wish you times of peace as well as moments of action and reflection.  Whether you are alone, in family groups or slightly larger social bubbles, I hope you will stay safe.


Best to each of you for brighter and safer times ahead,




Ann Richardson Berkey

Class President




Our temporary e reunion and ZOOM class meeting!

We are still awaiting info on the rescheduling details of our 50th reunion. If you missed the ZOOM AA meeting and our class meeting, here are a few interesting details to give you the flavor:
Our Reunion ClassAward winners:
Medal of Honor: Charlotte N. Church

Achievement: Pam Giles Bailey
Joele Frank
Lila Gierasch

Elizabeth Topham Kennan Award: Julie Solso Guelich

Loyalty Awards:

Helen Disenhaus
Susan Ellis
Diane Mayer Murphy

A link to our Class History , wonderfully prepared by Ann Richardson Berkey, Class President