Our Atlanta and Asheville Class Mini Reunion in the Spring


A determined group of classmates — Nancy and Tony Butterworth, Carolyn Kiradjieff, Frieda O’Hanlon, Mary Frances Knox, Ann and Gerry Saul, Frieda’s friend, Caroline Shipley, and Brian and I — met in Atlanta in early April to begin an Elderhostel tour from there to Asheville. In Atlanta we observed how CNN operates (see photo above), learned about Atlanta’s history during the Civil War and Jim Crow era, were moved by Martin Luther King Jr’s memorial and exhibits at the National Center for Human and Civil Rights, and were in awe at the programs the Carter Center has initiated under Jimmy Carter’s leadership.

In Asheville we visited the rooming house where Thomas Wolfe grew up (I’m encouraged to read my freshman-year copy of “Look Homeward Angel”) and then the largest residence in the United States, the Biltmore house, gardens, and winery. We learned a lot and enjoyed being together.

L to R:Our guide, Mary Frances Knox, Brian Larson, Tony Butterworth, Caroline Shipley, Nug, Ann Saul, Nancy Butterworth, Carolyn Kiradjieff, Gerry Saul.

60th Reunion Photos



Thursday Night


Friday Night



Saturday morning-Alumnae Parade

Saturday afternoon and evening

Sunday Morning Brunch

Other events


Pacific Northwest, Fall, 2016

From October 31-November, a group of intrepid ’57 classmates had a mini-Reunion in the Pacific Northwest, following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Cruising down the Snake and Columbia Rivers on the Expedition boat, Seabird, were Sheila Langert Schneider, Beth Florance Ries, Nug Nighswander Larson, Frieda Schoenborn O’Hanlon, Susan Long Quainton, Peggy Broomfield Bruton and Carolyn Jobess Kiradjieff (also a few husbands).




They had spectacular weather and unforgettable experiences on the big boat, in Zodiac boats, on jet boats and on land and are saying “if a ‘mini’ is this much fun, imagine how great the ‘maxi’ will be in May”.

Mini reunion-Washington, D.C., October, 2014


Back row: Dave Reis, Dave Bruton, Phyllis Gould Johnson, Franz Schneider, Sheila Langert Schneider,
Nug Nighswander Larson, Carolyn Jobes Kiradjieff, Brian Larson, Gerry Saul.

Front row: Susan Long Quainton, Beth Florance Reis,
Peggy Brumfield Bruton, Ann Strobel McNall, Ann Muhl Saul, Franny Ward Weller, Frieda Schoenborn O’Hanlon,
Carol Johnson Olson.

Absent: Tony Quainton, Frank Weller

San Francisco




Utah – 2011