Navigating the New Website

Old Webpage Screen Shot 1As we get ready to launch the new website, I want to help make the transition easy for those of you who have been accustomed to our old website.

>>Clicking on the “Mount Holyoke Club of NYC” logo will return you to the homepage.

>> Information about the club, its officers, membership, publications and the scholars the club support can all be found under the “Club Info” menu.

>>Under the “Events” menu is a list of the upcoming events for the club (and registering for an event), with separate information for Young Alums and Seven Sisters Events. The new site also features easy to submit forms that for suggesting events.

>>Under “Info on NYC” we are working on compiling some basic information for alums that are new to NYC or coming to the city for a visit.

>>”Connect with MHC” provides some links to the Alumnae Association website that are particularly useful.

>>”Connect with MHC” also contains as a new section inspired by the presentation of MHC student athletes at the Northeast Regional Council in March 2013. The athletics section here will feature the MHC athletes from NYC and will provide a link to the streaming of MHC sports. We hope this new addition will give the MHC-NYC community a new way to engage with MHC Athletics!

>>”Admissions” provides information for Alumnae Admissions Representatives (AARs) from the City-Wide AAR.

>>The last two menu items will take you directly to our Membership and Mailing List forms.

Welcome to the New MHC Club of NYC Homepage!

Photo Credit: MHC Alumnae Association
Photo Credit: MHC Alumnae Association

Thanks to the hard work of the Alumnae Association, they have standardized all of the club and class sites onto a single platform that matches the AA site. We can now bring you even more news and have an easier time staying connected with integrated social media. Several members of the MHC Club of NYC’s Board of Directors attended the Northeast Regional Council in March 2013 and spent a productive weekend with members of the other clubs in the Northeast and hearing from different organizations on campus. They came back with new ideas for keeping the Mount Holyoke community connected through many of the new technologies available. Make sure to check back often as we will be building up this site to better serve the New York City community better!

Vespers 2012

While 2013 is not a Vespers year for MHC-NYC, that doesn’t mean it isn’t on our minds! While we wait for Vespers 2014, we can relive Vespers 2012 with the photos the Alumnae Association posted here.


Below are the Patrons of Vespers 2012:

Joyce Ahrens ’62
Constance Cushman ’68
Mary Davis ’65
Marianne Fouhey ’78
Sharon Gardner ’81
Ludmila Hess ’67
Cynthia Lynch ’90
Tara Mia Paone ’81
Lynn Pasquerella ’80
Adrienne Rogatnick ’88
Susan Saxe ’77
Dena Steele ’74
Marcy Waterman ’71
Margaret Wolff ’76
MaryAnne Young ’81
Jane Zimmy ’74


Janice Abert ’82
Lyn Andrews ’70
Katherine Axt ’01
Lydia Boyer ’10
LaVida Dowdell ’74
Jennifer Durst ’95
Alice Engel ’83
Anna Ginn ’72
Joan Green ’66
Deborah Hall ’74
Judith Hayes ’68
sally Hodder ’76
Michelle Hurst ’74
Bernice Leber ’75
Gretchen Lengyel ’66
Virginia Loughlin ’77
Jainee McCarroll ’93
Linda McElroy ’68
Eleanor McGrath ’74
Elizabeth McHugh ’87
Lynn Mordan ’74
Susan Noonan ’82
Ellen Pace ’81
Betsy Palmer ’76
Maria Pencheva ’06
Linda Phelps ’86
Cynthia Polk-Allen ’74
Susan Proctor ’83
Andrea Rankin ’15
P Brooke Russell-Zaccone ’81
Karen Taggart ’68
Tina Tockarshewsky ’88
Nancy Trippe ’52
Katherine Wickham ’72
Abigail Wolff ’82
Jane Zachary
Julie Zoppo ’87
MHC Club of Boston


Kris Aulenbach ’73
Valerie Barr ’77
Jennifer DeWolf ’63
Leanne Finamore ’15
Antoinette Fornshell
Anne Garonzik ’00
Rachel Gelderman ’96
Karen Hutchins ’74
Jennifer Kendall ’95
Barbara Lemperly Grant ’74
Maria Mandler ’74
Katherine McCormack ’77
Sharon Nelles ’87
Kristen O’Brien ’91
Suzanne Pinkus ’52
Lynette Rizzo ’96
Katherine Rodi ’94
Jeanette Rodriguez
Leslie Smith ’77
Martha Sproule ’65
Michael Stutman
Lisanne Wildauer ’84


Yakut Akman ’80
Elizabeth Anderson ’59
Sonya Aziz-Zaman ’10
Jane Balaguero ’85
Sara Barczak ’98
Katherine Bendo ’71
Leslie Bowen ’74
Elaine Cheung ’09
Margaret Clarkson ’94
Pamela Crandall ’77
Joan Cronin ’64
Mary Ann Deignan ’84
Amanda DeMeola ’01
Cynthia Drayton ’81
Laura Finamore ’15
Diana Freedman ’14
Suellen Galish ’80
Julie Herzig ’73
Marjorie Holton ’74
Judith Johnson ’74
Mary Jane Kirkpatrick ’66
Lesley Koegel ’69
Blue Macellari ’00
Nancy Mathiasen ’77
Gregg McCarty ’83
Elizabeth Mixson ’72
Sarah Mullins
Janet O’Connell ’74
Tara M Paone ’81
Grace Perry ’74
Elizabeth Peterson ’06
Liana Piehler ’93
Chuck Ramsay
Deirdre Riou ’82
Jeanette Rodriguez
Tzena Sarandeva
Carol Stokinger ’74
Barbara Stoller ’74
Melanie Stuart ’14
Sandra Tuttle ’74
John Urschel
Jonathan Walsh
Doris Wurgler ’57
Jane Zimmy ’74
Carin Zinter ’95
Mary Zurcher ’84


Caroline Barnes ’88
Dana Barta ’04
Michelle Cervone ’87
Winifred Connerton ’92
Mary Cooper ’62
Christine Eckstrom ’74
Deborah Farrell ’74
Susan Fier ’76
Kristin Freedman ’14
Laura Garn ’71
Susan Gerber ’75
Elizabeth Gershon ’77
Stephanie Green ’77
Tammy Gruenberg
Holly Hughes ’75
Joan Indig ’74
Kristin Johnson ’15
Lora Kilburn ’86
Sarah King ’90
Carole LaMond
Cara Lee
Suzanne Lugo ’89
Diane Maguire ’07
Abigail Marean ’02
Stephanie Martecchini
Margaret McGuire ’72
Sharyanne McSwain ’84
Curtis Moner
Elizabeth Moore ’87
Lang Ngo ’80
Nancy Platt ’61
Jane Putscher ’87
Margaret Reiff ’89
Grace Shea ’97
Nancy Shera ’78
Carl Solberg
Julie Sorgi ’78
Tania Staykova ’99
Elizabeth Strickland ’91
Mona Sutphen ’89
Melinda Thomsen ’83
Maureen Tracy ’83
Joan Vater ’76
Olivia Vicioso ’16
Louise Wasley ’79
Katherine Winick ’07
Sarah Yoon ’03